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FOOTBALL, WELSH JUNIOR CUP. WELSHPOOL v. OSWESTRY REBERVII. Played at Welshpool on Saturday. There was a IXTSV number of spectators present. The iiayor, E. O. Janes, who was received with cheers, kicked the bal. oil lor the visitora. The leather was soon transferred into the rMtom' quarters. In less than five minutes a corner was given for the homesters, but Daniels cleared. I-Inghes securing the ball, passed neatly, and in attempting to score another comer was given, which resulted in a scrimmage in moatb of vOaL and of Welshpool drawing first blood. From the kick-Off some good combined play on the left wing for OsWcfltry, caused the home backs work, Davies clearing beautifully. Hands was given against Pool, but Pryce cleared. Hollowftf getting the the leather well in front, p d to H igh'-f, who gave a long shot, which resulted in another corner. Thomas, from the kick, placed the ball in the month of goal, and is the melee, the ball went through off their own side. After even play the home te *m made a capital run on the left wing* and in centreing, Holloway placed the ball near the goal, and the third point for Pool was registered. The visitors pressed, and were given hands, from which White had to 0*0 his hands. From a throw in, Oswestty managed to secure a corner, kicked by Arston, but the ball was qnickly out of danger, and Thomas and Jarman made a pretty run up the field. A corner was given, and the ball was hea.ded through the posts by the Welshpool forwards. Nothing further resulted, tbe game standing at half-time four goals to none. From the kick-off the homesters attacked, but were re- pelled by Daniels, who cleared. A fonl was next siren tor Oswestry from Jones, but no advantage ensued. From tile" goal kick Allan made a neat run down the wing, but Davies cleand in grand style. Heath securing the ball, paa-td to the left wing, and Jones and Austin did some neat plav, the latter player scoring number five. From the kick-off Oswestry got a look in, but Davies cleared. Parry did neat work, and passed to Gooderidge, who, with a good kick, sent the ball past the backf. White missed the ball, Oswestry thus scoring their only goal. From now to the call of time in drenching rain both teams played, Pool winning by tivar goals to one. The following were the teams Welshpool: Goal, C. White; backs, T. Astley and H. Davies; half-backs, lV. Holloway, G. Pryce and R. Heath right wing, T. Thomof and C. Jarman left wing, T. Jones and T. Austin; centre. 8. Hughes. Linesman, Mr H. Smith —Oswestry Hcaerves Goal, J. Davies backs, T. Daniels and F. Lewis half-backi, W. R. Taylor, E. Llovd and E. Arston right wing, D. Parry and A. Allan; left wing. B. Roberts and T. Godmdgej- centre, H. Arston. Linesman, Mr T. E. Jones. Referee, Mr W. H. Evans. CAERSWS v. WROCKWARDINE WOOD, This match was played at Newtown on Saturday in conywc- tionwith the first round of the Welalk Tnnioi Cap. The weather was boisterous, rain falling in torrerta, and fWs, xw doubt, accounted for the small attendance. Caeraws wos the toss, and kicked down hill and with the wind. Caerswi rushed the ball into the visitors' goal, but Gittins cleared. Shortly afterwards "hands" fell to Caersws, but nothing came of the advantae. The "Rocks" did a smart rau the left wing, and Gaubt sent in a hot shot. Hantptos relieved with a good kick, and Churn, getting possession, ri* turned, the ball going off Morgan through the posts. A few minutes afterwards a second jroal fell to the same aide, mainly through the efforts of Gauht and Millward. Give and take play ensued, after which Watkins made a pretty run up the field, and for a time the Wrockwardine goal was in danger, Lees, who throughout played an invaluable game for his side, having to use his hands on several occasions. A corner ultimately fell to Caersws, but Price kicked outside. At half-time the game stood' Wrockwardine three goals. Caersws none. On resuming the visitors gained a comer, from which they narrowly escaped scorinsr, and immediately afterwards, iron a good run down the field, Jones kicked over for Caersws, Although the latter team played with great pluck and com* mendable gameness they were never able to get on even terms with their opponents, whose defence was really good. After' kicking an off-side" goal, Wrockwardine were credited with another point, the ball again going through off Morgan, Ultimately the game ended in a victory for Wrockwardine by five goals to nil. A word of praise is due to Hampton, at back, and Watkin, a yOuth of about 15 years, and who gave' evidence of becoming- a very prominent player. Mr 0. C. Jones acted as referee. The following were the teams :-Wrockwardine W. Lees, goal; A. Gittins and T. Poole, backs; T. Kinsey, E. Bid- dulph and S. Crump, half-backs, ricrht wiug, L. Howells and J. Biddulph; left wing, Ganht and Millward; centre, 3• Churn.—Caersws: Goal, Bradley; backs, Hampton and Morgan; half-backs,. Jones, Jones and Spoonley; centre, E. Watkins right wing, J. Bradley and M. Price; left wing, P. Price and B. Jehu.