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NEWTOWN. The death is announced ot Caroline Ada, daughter of Mr Richard Morris, smith, alter a long and painful illness. EVANGELISTIC SERVICES.—These services com- menced at the Wesleyan Chapel on Sunday last, conducted by Mr and Mrs Evans (sister to Gipsy Smith), and will continue throughout the week. In "the eveninir the cha.pel was crowded. LECTURE.—On Mondav 1-st at the Welsh Methodist I chapel, the Rev D. Lloyd-Jones, M. A., of Llandinam, I delivered one of his now famous lectures, on a popular scientific subject.. The subject on this occasion was the "sun." Mr T. Parry Jones occupied the chair. There was a good attendance u,n,i the lecture wat much enjoyed. "PRESENTATION TO THE REV. F. M. HAMILTON. — At a meeting of the committee held in the vestry of Sc. David's Church on Tuesday evening last, it was decided to present Mr Hamilton with a hand- Mmflly fitted travelling bag and an album containing a flllllist of the subscribers. The presentation is to take place in the Newtown National Schools on Thursday evening next, at 8-30, and all the sub- scribers are expected to attend. PRESENTATION.—Oa Monday evening, Mr W. ii. Pryce-Jones, on behalf of the members of the New- town Football Club, presented Mr C. C. Jones, of the Lion Hotel, with an English briar silver-mounted pipe, with amber mouthpiece. On the silver mount- ing was the following inscription: Presented to Mr U. C. Jones, by past and present players of the Newtown Football Club, on the occasion of his mar. riage, for his past services in connection with the Club."—Mr Jones replied in a few suitable remarks. OUTBREAK OF FIRE.—A fire broke out at the house and shop, known as" Bell Shop in the occupation of Mr John Farrell, Commeroia.1 Street, on Saturday night about six o'clock. Within a few minutes of the receipt of the call, the firemen had the hose reel out and at work. The fire originated in the chimney, a quantity of burning soot falling down into the top bedroom, setting light to a chest of drawers. Some little delay was caused owing to the firemen not been able to get at the seat of the fire, and it was only after climbing to the top of the roof and putting the branch down the chimney that the outbreak was extinguished. The damage done was not great, and was principally due to the water thrown on the flames. Two MUSICAL EVENINGS were given in the Victoria Hall on Thursday and Friday by the talented Flood-Porter lady quartette. The programmes in- cluded instrumental solos, duets, and quartettee, the instruments used being the flute, piccolo, violin, Icello, pianoforte, and mandolin. Vocal selections, voaume dances, and recitations were also given. Nearly every item (including the recitations) was encored, and the compliment was well deserved. It would be invidions to mention one of the quartette st,the expense of the others, but special mention must be made of the artistic performances of the violinoelloist. The entertainments were of a decidedly superior and elevating character. MTLFORD KOAD LITERARY SOCIETY.-The weekly meeting of this society was held on Wednesday last, when a very interesting and instructive lecture was given by the Rev T. E. Williams, Baptist minister. on National Education." The lecture was divided into three parts, viz: (1) Elementary, as taught in our Board and National Schools (2) Intermediate, as taught in our Grammar Schools (3) Higher Educa- tion, as taught in our Universities. The lecturer showed the advance that Universities had made -during the last ten or twelve years. Mr Hugh Da vies presided, and a vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Davies and seconded by Mr Richard Jones to the Rev T. E. Williams. There was a good attendance. PRESENTATIONS.—A very pleasing incident oc- curred at the New Church-street Board Schools on Friday afternoon, when the Misses McBurnie, on the occasion of their leaving, were presented by the teachers and scholars with several handsome presents. -In,tho girls' school the children had divided them- selves into two sections; the upper portion present- ing to Miss Mina McBurnie an elegant satchel, and the junior division a very pretty ink-stand. Miss .Annie Jane Watkin and Miss Cissie Edwards made the presentation for the senior girls, and Miss Anne -Gittins for the juniors. Miss Dolgarno, on behalf of -the teachers and scholars, expressed their regret at parting with such valued assistants, at the same time --presenting Miss McBurnie with a jewel-case. Miss •McBurnie suitably acknowledged the gifts. A similar programmetlwas carried out in the infants' school, where Miss Daisy McBurnie was the recipient of a handsome jewel-case, card-case, vase, and photo- frame. The Misses McBurnie carry with them the best wishes of all connected with the school. LECTURE AND ENTERTAINMENT.— On Thursday -evening, a lecture and entertainment was given in theoBaptisb Schoolroom. Mr Geo. Morgan occupied "the chair. The subject of the lecture was "The Island of Madeira," which was given by Mr T. Parry Jones, J.P. The Chairman, in his opening remarks, intimated that it was the intention to hold such meet- ings throughout the winter. He was very pleased to jee so -many present, but he saw a great many who ,did not, belong to the Band of Hope or the Girls' Social Union. Now he thought that if all those boya who were present would make up their minds to go to the Band of Hope and all the girls to the Social Union, it would be greatly to their benefit. The lecture, which was interesting as well as instructive, was then proceeded with, lantern views of the differ- ent places being thrown on the sheet by Mr Douglas. Previous to and at the conclusion of the lecture the Excelsior Glee Party rendered with excellent taate the Sailors' Chorus," Lutzow's Wild Chase," and The Comrades' Song of Hope." Mr John Pritchard ,gave a banjo solo, "Jenny Hales," and in reply to a loud enoore lIIang II 0, dem golden slippers." Miss Woolley and Miss Minnie Thomas contributed a solo each in a very,pleasing style. Mr S. Trenchard sang The Old Kentucky Home," with banjo accompani- onent, the Excelsior Glee Party taking up the chorus. At the conclusion Mr Doaglas threw a number of -hutnorona slides on the sheet, which caused the little ones much amassment. The usual votes of thanks -were passed, and the singing of the Welsh National Anthem concluded the proceedings.








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