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CAPTAIN AND MRS. HUMPHREYLA WEDDKMJ REJOICINGS AT ATTFCRMULE- In connection with the marriage of Captain C. M. S. Humphrey. ot Garthmyl Hall, and Mrs Chad- wicit, oi Dolforwyn Hall, Abermule, which cere. mony was performed in London, on the 14th inst., great rejoicings took place at Abermule, on Wednes- day. Bo ILix Capt. Humphreys and his bride are well known ana greatiy enteemed by the people living in the neighbourhood, and it was felt that the occasion of the wedded couple's return home should be made a day of fe- tivity A committee was formed, com- posed of Messrs Samuel Miller (The Court), E. R. Owen, W. Jones (Trwystllewelyn), J. H. Stephens (Abermule Inn), John Evans (Liegodtg), Benjamin Hixgms (burner, vv Pugn (Luggy), Edward Prit- chard (Hod House), H. H. Owen (Berriew), W. Alk-op (Garthmyl), R. Proctor (Garthmyl), W. Andrews (Garthmyi), W. Jones (Garthmyl), Charles Jones, Ricnard Evans (Abermule), Owen (butcher, t!ot riew), a.nd Alfred Thomas (Garthmyl). The secre- tariai duties wore performed by Mr J. Evans, and tho duties of treaauier were underiaken by Mr J. H. Stephens. These gentlemen all worked hard, and the general airtmgenients of the day were admirably carried out. The weather in the early part of the I day was not all that could be desired, but during the afternoon it remained fine, although cold. There was a large attendance ot children, mccompanied by their parents. Tue day's proceedings opened with luncheon, which was provided at tne Abermuie Inn, when host Stephens exhibited capacity as a caterer. After the meal was concluued, a procession was tormed outside the railway gates. The Newtown Excelsior Baud, under Mr J. Manuel, marched at the head, and was followed by the committee-men and school children, contingent* of the latter coming from Berriew (boys and girls), Fron and Dolforwyu. To a lively march the procession wended its way to Dolforwyn Hall. Shortly after their arrival Captain and Mrs bum- phres walked on to the ground, and were received with enthusiastic ciieers. Mr W. J onis (Ti y wstllewelyn) then read the follow- ing addiess to C.¡;t, and Mrs Humphreys We, the tenants on the Garthmyl Hall Estate, neighbours, and trieuos, arc a-sembled to congratulate you on the occasion of your marriage, and to welcome you home (cheers). Iu order that the very auspicious event may long be remembered by the youth of the district in which yourself and your estimable wife have long resided, we Lave invited the children in the schools and the people of the neighbourhood to join with us, and have provided sports and good cheer— (hear, hear)—which we hope they will enjoy, and re- member in years to come the very plea,ant day they spent in welcoming home Capt. and Mrs Humphreys (loud cheers). We wish you both leng life, great happiness, and every blessing this world can bestow upon you. As the day has turned out fine, we hope you both will honour us with your presence at the sports this afternoon (cheftrsl. Mr SAMUKL MILLER said he should not like this opportunuy to paos without bearing his testimony to the esteem and respect in which Captain and Mrs Humphreys were held. Since Mrs Hnmphteys had been a resident in that part of the oounty she had made her society a pit asure to all (cheers.) She had come amongst them, and always uao a bmile to be- ocow ak,U a uueuiy to pass, and it was with the utmyct pleasure thai he bore testimony to her kind- ness, and it sva-i with great cordiality that they wel- comed her and her jiutbaud home (loud oheerd.) They uad always t,. Mrs Humphreys an acquisi- tion to the cjumj. and they all heartIly wished her long life a..d happiness. Tney trusted she might be 1 pared to reside am ngst them lor many years to come (renewed cheer.) As to Captain Humphreys, he nijgti- sty lie tino known his family si..ce he was a boy, and as the worthy Captain was a hunter, he Was always very popular in that neighbourhood. they tuna, rea ;o tueai their best wishts, and from whas he could Juugcl he should say there was every probability of tut-u- spending a very happy life, and he hoped it would be a long one (cheers.) Three rmging cheers having been given for Captain anu Mir3 Humphreys, Cuptain HUMPKiiEis said he could not think of wOIda to adequutejy express himself for their great kinuness, but ho nop^d they would accept hIol sincere thanks and those of Mrs Humphreys for the great trouble they had taken on that occasion. Ha hoped the afternoon would prove fine, and that they would thoroughly enjoy tnemselves, from the old st down to the youngest (cheers.) The proC'aoion tn, n re-formed and proceeded to a fieid si'.uated iif-ar Do forwyn Hall, and in which a large and spacious marquee was erected. Tea was provided for all comers, while the children ran races and played gamea. During the afternoon athletic and horse racing took place, the results being as folio wi:- HORSE RACES. Race for horses, 15 hands and over.-1, Mr J. H. Stephens, Abermul." Lady Fishbourtie 2, MrE. R. Owen's, Garthmyl, Maid of Honour." Galloway race, for horses under 14-2.-1, Mr Lewis Tones's, Newtown, "Mill-stream"; 2, Mr Samuel Mil.er's, The Court, Doctoress." Trotting niatch.-I, Mr Tom Pryce's, Bettws Hall, "Bess"; 2, Mr i<1. ii. Owen's, Garthmyl, "Flying Dutchman." Pony race.-I, Mr Samuel Miller's "Forrester"; 2, Mr E. R. Owen's Stiver King." Donkey race—1, Mr E. R. Owen's Robert tha Devil" 2, Mr S. Miller's Conservative." ATHLETIC. 440 yards flat race.-l, T. Bird, Berriew; 2, T. Jones, Froufraitli. 200 yards race.-I, F. A. Owen, Garthmyl; 2, L. J. Owen, Gatthuiyl. 100 yards race.-I, F. Cookson, Garthmyl; 2, John Astley, The Revel. The sports committee was composed of Messrs E. jit. Owen, Samuel Miller, junior, J. H. Stephens, W. Jones, Trwystllewelyn, -Owen, butcher, Berriew, W. O. Pugh, Luggy, and Benjamin Higgins, Berriew while the tea was superintended by Messrs H. Owen, Berriew, Edward Pritchard, Pied House, W. Allsop. Richard Williams, Abermule, and W. Jones, Garth- myl Hall. The guests were admirably waited upon by Miss Stephens, Abermule Inn, Miss Miller, The Court, Mrs E. R. Owen, Mrs Jones, Trwstllewelyn, Mrs Owen, Berriew, Mrs Pritchard, Pied House, Miss Pritchard, Tanyfron, Miss Hill, Llywnycrwth, Miss Higins, Berriew, Mrs Evans, Llegodig, Mrs W. Pugh, Luggy, Mrs VViLiams, Abermule, and Mrs Charles Jones. During the day the Excelsior Band discoursed good music, and the festivities wound up with a danca in the marquee, a specially boarded floor hav- ing been put down for the occasion.



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