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LLANFYLLIN. BOARD OF GUAKDIANS, THURSDAY.—Present Messrs. Wm. Roberts tin the chair. C. R. Jones and J. Jones (ex-officio), J. Ryle, R. Richarde, T. Roberts, J. Hughes, J. T. Williams, J. Ashford, E. Humphreys, C. Jones and J. M. Jones, with Mr. W. A. Pughe, clerk. The Master reported that they had again been in trouble with the water supply, but that the leakage had been found and put right. A report was read from Mr. A. C. Humphreys-Owen stating that he had visited the Workhouse in order te aid himself in getting information in reference to the Aged Poor Commission, and he wished to thank the Master for his courtesy. Mr. F. D. Ward's estimate for drawing up plans and specifications for the proposed alterations at the Workhouse was accepted. Several circulars from various Unions bearing on the Local Government Bill 1893 were read and left on the table. C.E.T.S.—The first meeting of the season in con- nection with the C.E.T.S. took place in the National Schools. There was a good attendance and Maggie Junes, Miriam Bromley. Lizzie Jones, Polly Williams, Eva Edwards, M. E. Watkins, Gladys Holmes-Evans, Lizzie Ellis, R. H. Ellis, M. A. Evans, Polly Hughes, and Mary Williams took part in the entertainment. Miss Amy E. Davies Jones presided at the harmonium, and the Rev. C. F. Roberts took the chair. TEMPERANCK.—A temperance meeting was held in the Wesleyan chapel on Sunday evening when a suit- able address was delivered by, the Rev. Joseph Owen, who also presided. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Griffiths, of Tyntwll and the Rev. J. Evans, of Birmingham. WESLEVAN CHAPEL.—A conventional meeting' was held on Friday, when there was a good attend. lance. The Rev Joseoh 0#en presided. Amongst those who addressed the meeting were Messrs Robert Jones, London House; David Lloyd and R. Roberts, Rhosfawr. In the afternoon tea was provided, the following ladies kindly presiding at the tables, viz. Mrs Pierce, Mrs Joseph Owen. Mrs Jones, Post Offije; and Mi*s Edwards. Mr Thomas, Jones Po ft Office, superintended the whole .ef the arrangements. SMOKING CONCERT.—A most successful smoking concert was held in connection with the Llanfyllin District Conservative Club on Friday evening week. Mr R. Perry presided over the meeting, and Mr N. B. Edwards performed the duties of accompanist in his usual efficient manner. The following contributed to the enjoyment of the proceedings Messrs James Lee. David Jones (Penybryn). John Peel, C. Lee, R. G. Perry, Watkin Lloyd, A. Oldroyd, J. Rees Davies, Wm. Evans, Wm. Lloyd, Fred. Lloyd, Jos. Foulkes, Edward Rogers, T. Jones, and D. C. Jones (Brook- side). Votes of thanks to the Chairman and accom- panist having been passed, the proceedings were brouerht to a close with the singing of the National Anthem. RURAL DEANERY UNION.—On Thursday the members of the committee of this Union met ? Llanfyllin. to discuss the vrogramme for the fesc: va»t to be held in June, 189t.. The Rev R. Trevor Owen presided, and there were present—Tbe Revs D. Jones, Llanrhaiadr J. Williams, L'antvvddy.r J. W. Thomas, Bwlchvcibau; J. Allen Jones Llwy- diarth and C. F. Roberts, secretary. Tho arrange- ments will be altered. and instead of the festival consisting of two services there will be an English service of the usual festival type in the afternoon, but the evening will be occupied by Welsh singing and by a meeting of a aomoetitive character. DOLFOR. One of the best entertainments ever given here took place cn Wednesday 22nd inst., the object being to raise funds to erect a new cloak-room for the girls' department of the school, in accordance witlcthe order of H.M's. chief Inspector of schools,. W. Williams, Esq. Wm. Francis, Esq., Belle Y-ue, kindly brought up bis exaellent concert company, and gave a capital selection of vocal and instrumental music, which was thoroughly appreciated, the encores being numerous and enthusiastic. Most of the per- formers were old favourites, who always have, and always deserve the heartiest of welcomes. The chairman was C. Kershaw, Esq., who was most flatteringly received, as was also Mrs Kershaw who kindly shared the arduous duties of accompanist with Mrs Tanner-Francis. The long programme was most efficiently rendered. The principal iterrs being 'Shipmates,' by Mr G. G. Trow, in which this old favourite basso was heard to advantage: 'Tell me gentle stranger,' duet, Miss Barratt and Mr Francis encored quartette, Home, sweet home,' scored song, My heart and thine,' Mi-s M. Evans, encored: piano solo, Mra Kershaw; trio, 'My iady, the Countess,' encored, Miss Pritchard's contralto voice being heard to perfection Oh, that we two were maying,' Mrs Tanner-Francis ana Mr Trow. This was sung in good style. Soner, Barney O'Hea,* Miss Barratt, encored song, Fiddle and I,' Mrs Tanner-Francis, with violin obligato by Mr Jones, encored; duet, I'd rather Dot. Miss Barratt and Mr Francis, encored duet, Buy a broom,' Misa Evans and Miss Birntt. encored; comic songs, 'You do, you know you do,' ittid 'Ju-jrh,' Mr EvAn Jones, encored. At the close hearty votes of thanks and cheers were given to the chairman and perfonsuBiS for their gratuitous services for such a charitable work. The managers owe a double amount of gratitude, this, being the second soneert that a.8 been given gratis by Newtown friends for soncol funds. BKRRIEW. PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL.—On Thursday last a meeting of t-ie Band ft Hope waa held at the above UIMCI. Mr John Thomas, of the Pandy, occupied tne chair. The Chairmin, in his >emarke, said that he was vry pleaded t:' occupy the chair at a Buid of Hope. For inanv years h, had tried; noderate drick- i-g, but noty for son- time he had been a total ab. -titiuer, and he f-un j he latter bet e in every re- spect. He found < o d.Si ju'ity in put ";g- up bin horse -it t public hor.Be. H" did not suffer in point of hea-th, nor was toe less able 10 ca-r, on his farm •vork. The present, state of the Church and society ea-ljd upon all i people to become total ab. t).inerq. Moderate Irinkers wre always doub-ful ebarac, ers. The projratnm^ was varied and interest- ing, performed by Missus Sally an i Mary Davies, Mi.-s< s F.va,s. Crow Hall, Misses Eva. s, The Be!an, Misses Annie J Gittins. Lilly M<itthe«g, and Maggie Rowlands.— Tne H-v. John Davies also aadie.-sed the meeting, a.nd .Üd that the 8to-y of drunkenness from the ti.iie of Noah until the present day was 8r very sad one. Noah when drunk placed himself in a position to be mocked by his son. That is he case to-day; the drunkard is ridiculed by his own obildien. Mr Davies. gave the tradition relative to Noah's vineyard He said that many people came to see the first planted vineyard, and among them the devil, with four animals—the lamb, lion, monkey, pig—and sacrificed them to the vine, hence the differ rent effects of wine upon man. It first quietens him like the lamb, then rouses him like the lion, after- wards mischievous like the monkey, atid, lastly, he wallows in tne mire like the sow. The object of the Band of Hope is to teach the children to avoid all this. The motto of the Band of Hope is Avoid it, pass riot by it, turn from it and pass away." Miss Jenny S'ephcns accompanied on the barmoniuw. Votes of thanks to the chairman brought the meet jug to a close. LLAWRYGLYN. LITERARY S CIETY.—A neeting d the L-t^rary Society w&R bel! on Wednesday evening l*-t,k. the Old Calvinistio Methodist Cbapul, when a ducate took place on the subject Where is it m^ot advan- tageous to live in the town or the cour. ry?" The debate was introduced by the reading of two par era on the ubjoet by Messrs R. Jonea. Boifanawydd (far the town), and Mr Thomas Morgan, Alltgejb. (for the country). A lively di^enssien fblt<<wed in which the following members tonk part, nwHely. Mea-r-i Edward Ashton, Maesyblawd, Mr W. J. es, I Graiizweia, Jno. Jones, Llechwedd, (f"l" t' toN n), Messrs R, Jrnes, Tyriyrwtra,John fvapp,Fr-,ir-fawr j J. Evann, Waingittin (for the oountry). Vpon a division it was fouud that 3ri vqtqd to: tU- town, 1W4 40 for the country.