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NOTES O FOOTBALL. [By WANDBRES.'J From all parts of the country complaints are made ,f the bad weather that was experienced on Satur- day, and in many places i-everal important matches had to be postponed. Those teams that decided to play off their fixtures did so under great dis- advantages, and the state of the ground rendered good play impossible. Newtown did not escape the storm, and the Can- nings" presented anything but a cheerful aspect wLen the LU'ddloes and Newtown teams took their t.]ace on the ground, in the second round of the Welsh Cnallenge Cap The heavy fall of snow and meet ha made the turf quite heavy, and with a bit- terly cold wind blowing from the north-east it was discouraging to attempt any fine play. Tho visitors had put a strong team on the ground, and they ee med determined to die game. There were some good players among their farwards, and 1 have no doubt bnt what we shall hear further of them in the faiure. Liai.id'oes tefim pos^ses al the characteristics of good players not lacking in dash, (\n,1 with splended sns'airdL'g powers all thy n(-ed j" ft little, poiit-h. and tbi* o-i-i best, be obtained | by havi g a closer and more frequent acquaintance with t-ams th it ulay a tbo-ough combination g,mie. As regards Newtown, i*. cn safely be paid fiat each IUIII pUyed hi. part, and played i j" the bn t of bis ability There were eouia WHO feit inci n" quos- tion the result of the game until t, e home for ar,1,4 hai scared the third ({()al; but to hose Who hav 9tood ind v, tched the team oa previous occasion there v. 8 o tear whatever leiuec ia^ the fiic.-h,—in rtict. it u a- pxp--c4ed that the dsf'-at w mid have nvi ,,r ïI; 01 t.bi- 'h" ""):1 d have "ee" no tw opinions if the weather had more favourable. Newtown lacked the support of Townaend, and they were alho without the assistance of Rees, both of whom generally iet one kc.ow they are about, and who invariably play a good all-round game. I hear th it Rees is retiring. While tnis course is somewhat to be regretted, we cannot forget that he leaves the foo' ball field with a sound reputation as an ho est player, a d as one who at all times did his best for the cub. I, is to bo hoped that Towneeud will soun be abie to take his usual place in the team. While referring to the maich, I hope the officials of the Newt,- :Iui) willpirdon me calling their atten- tion to the want of accommodation for the repre- se .rativ^s of the Press, and to allow me to suggest that some KI of arrangement should be tnld, wh -reby the ,Ipor ters would be enabled to take note. under oarer fr m the tuul aixi Know. On Monday evening, at the Now Inn, Newtown- Mr C. C. Jones, Lion Hotel, was presented by Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones, on behait ot tiie lootball players of Newtown, with a handsome silver-mounted pipe and case on the occasion of liia marriage. I see that Oswestry have what they call a Trades Charity Cup Competition, in which most of the trades of the town are represented. Newtown is not so bar. ren of football players amongst the shop assistants and other craft that the same course could not be adopted. The results, no doubt, weuld be highly satisfactory, as in addition to bringing out yoanjf players, it would seive as an excellent training school. It was rather hard lines on the Aberystwyth team, after being defeated by the United at Oswestry, tv be kept iu the train nearly all night, while a furioua storm was raging. But such was tneir luck. They left Oswestry on the return journey at 7-35, and reached home at four o'clock on Sunday morning. The engine broke down at Glandovey, and it was some time before another arrived from Aberystwith, wheroj the driver had to be called up and a fire lit in the engine. Less than eighty miles in eight honrs is rather tedious travelling. The Welshmen had the same complaint to make as other teams, and say thac they would have had a, better chance against the United, if the ground had not been in such a bad state. But what's the use of crying over spilled milk. The international match of Wales v. Ireland will mo-st probably be playei t SAansea on February 24.. The draw for the third round of the Welsh Cup COill etition, which touk place last week, resulted as follows :—First division Flint a bye. Second di- vision Westmineter Rovers a bye. Third division Oswestry v. Newtown, referee, Mr G. H. Jones, Shrewsbury. Fourth division Cardiff or IronbridtJ* v. Shrewsbury Town. The first-named in each in- stance has choice of ground, and the ties muet be played on December 9th. Wellington Town have scratched to Shrewsbury Town, consequently the latter will have to meet lronbridge or Cardiff. The following clubs are exempt until the clubs left in the preliminary rounds arc reduced to fourWreihan* (holders), Chirk, Druids, and Llandudno Swifts. From this it will be seen that Newtown have to meet the United at Oswestry. This will not be the first time tuat a Newtown team has stood upon the Oswestry ground. There have been m.tny hard battier fought out there, and Newtown rarely cams away without giving a good account of tnemselves. X shall look for something more than a good account* whon they puy off the tnird lound. At a meeting of the Welsh Council held at Wrex- ham on Wednesday evening it was decided co sus- pend J. W. Jones for the season. Jones, it seems, was a registered professional for Brymbo, and bad been pla) Ing for Wrexham without having obtained his transfer or reinstatement. At tha same meeting at which the above interest- ing decision was arrived at, the Council agreed to hand over the sum of X14 to the Cardiff team, Lt order to clear off their expenses in visiting Ironbridge on the previous Saturday. The game was not played in consequence of the weather (we shall never hear the last of the weather), and so it had to be post- poned. t The following may be of interest to lovers of foot. ball. At a recent meeting of the Management Com- mittee of tha Footbail League held at Manchester, it was resolved to recommend to a fall meeting of the League that .£140 per year be the maximum allowed to be paid by a League ciuo to a player, and that not; more than 20 j per week be paid durintr the summer. Further, that no club pay more than .£10 bonus, and -that only to players who have not bjon registered with the League; that in the event of a player de- siring his transfer, an.1 his club agreeing to the same, the amount to be paid for such transfer should be fixed by the Management Committee of the League. For any infringement of these rules the club will be fined X200, have six points deducted, and be liable to expulsion. The draw for the second round of the Wednesbury Charity Cup took place last week, and was a. follows —Salop division: St. George's (Wellington) v* Shrewsbury Town, Horsehay Albion v. Ironbridge, Whitchurch v. Market Drayton, Wellington Town v. Newport. The matches are to be played 00 or before December 30th, the first-named exub having the choice of ground. In the. second round of the Welsh and Border Counties "0:Jp Competition th-i matyh hot,emr Shrewsbury Town and Wellington X w» did not come off in conaequenoe of the weather, and the latter have since scratched. The same fate befell the match be- tween Cardiff and Ironbridge. Oswestry appears to have had a comparatively easy win over the Aberyst- wyth team, scoring seven goals to two. A hard struggle for supremacy took place between West- minster Rovers and Bcymo, tne former erentnally winning by three goals two. The o her match was that between Newtown and Llanidloes, when the lat- ter were defeated y four to one. Although football does not appear to have become very popular in Radnorshire, I am please J to notics tnat Rhayader and Builth Ciubs are a; ill in existence. Either of these clubs always received a hearty wel- come at Newtown, and which was cordially leturned to visitants over the hills. On Saturday the second elevens of these teams played at Builth, when Rhayader won by two goals to none. Llandrindod have formed a club, and arrangements are being made for holding some excellent matches. FIXTURES. WELSH SENIOB CUP. December 9 Third Round January 6 Fou, th Round February 17 Semi-Finai ^arc^- Se ni-Final Mar<>k26 WELSH JUNIOR CUP. December 16 .Second Round January 27 ^ar"h 1° Semi-Finals APri114 Final INTERNATIONAL MATCHES. February 5 Match February 24.Wales v Ireland, in Wales rjar^ Wales v England, in Wales March 24 Wales v Scotland, in Scotland SHROPSHIPE LEAGUE. The Matches take piace on the ground of the Krst~ named Ciub, unless stated otherwise. December. 2-Wellington v. Newtown. Market D.aytnll v. St. George's. IroubridgH v. Shrewsbury Town. 9—Market Drayt .o v. Heretord. Newport v, Whitchurch. Wellington v. Ironbridge. 23—Ironbridge v. Newtown. Whitchurch v. Wellington. Shrewsbury T,)wn v. St. George's. Oswestry v Newport. 26-Shrewsbury Town v. Hereford. Newtown v. Ironbridge. St. George's v. Oswestry. Newport v. Market Drayton. 30—Hereford v. Oswestry. St. George's v. Whitchurch. Shrewsbury T:i.\n v. Newport. ♦