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THE WEEK'S NE IVS. A five-storeyed factory in Square-road, Halifax, was gutted by fire, and the damage is estimated at from X10,000 to £ 12,000.. Alfred Lockley was brought up at the Preston Police Court charged with attempting to murder his father by shooting him with a revolver, and was remanded. The death is announced at Dolguog, Machyn- lleth, of Mary Anne Charlotte, widow of the late Judge William Beresford, of Haf od-Neddyn, Car- marthenshire, in her 75th year. On behalf of the Welsh Union of Women's Liberal Associations, the president and secretary have written to the Irish members thanking them for their votes on the Local Government Bill in favour of female suffrage. At the Chester County Court, an architect re- covered £ 10 damages against the London and North Western and the Great Western Railway Companies for injuries sustained to his hand by the closing of a carriage door. Mr C. T. Sampson, the shoe manufacturer who first imported Chinese labour into Massachusetts, has left his entire property, amounting to X100 000. to benevolent objects, chiefly in con- nection with the Baptist denomination. The Rev. Benjamin Thomas, of Narbeth, Pem- brokeshire, died on Monday. He was editor of the Star of Wales, the organ of the Baptist denomination in Wales, and was widely known throughout the Principality and elsewhere. The Chief Constable of Carnarvonshire reported to the Standing Joint Committee that as the result of the recent licensing sessions there was a decrease of six full licensed houses and an increase of two grocers and one refreshment house licence. Unless there is a heavy rainfall speedily the Leicester Corporation will, they say, be compelled to prohibit the use of water for manufacturing purposes, which will throw thousands of people out of employment. The supply affects over 200,000 people. An original character has passed away in Mr David Rowland, of Pennal. He was a staunch oil Methodist, and it was he who created the now well-known saying that Mr So-and-so is a splendid man on his knees, but what kind of a man is he on his legs ?" The Barcelona police made an important dis- covery on Tuesday night. They entered a house in which an Anarchist club held its meetings, and found therein materials for the manufacture of bombs, together with a large quantity of Anarchist literature and correspondence A despatch fr-m Major Forbes at Balnwayo, reports he complete bieak up of the Matabele army. Lobengula has been deserted by nearly the whole of his men, and it is very probable t at the detachment of the Chartered Company forces which has been sent in pursuit will capture the fugitive cbief. On Wednesday evening the collection boxes in the Ronun Catholic Church of St. Winefride, Holywell, were broken open and robbed of their contents. The cburch doors are open throughout the day, and it is believed that the thief slipped in at dusk. One of the boxes broken into was in the sanctuary its If. The members of the Flintshire Standing Joint Committee discussed at some length the action of the authoriti, a who called out the military in view of possible riots in the districts affected by the coal strike. Eventually a resolution was passed in favour of the power to call out the military being vested in the Joint Committee. A farm lad was recently fined .£5 by the Pen- rhyndeudraeth magistrates for setting a net on his mttster's land?, presumably to catch hares. It was not alleged that the lad had slaughtered a single hare. I wo pounds of the five has already been paid, and the Home Secretary has remitted the rest, with a notification of his opinion that the costs should not be enforced. At Leicester Assizes John Richardson, labourer, was charged with attempting to murder his niece, Elizabeth Richardson, at Hindley. The prisoner attacked the young woman with a coal pick in- flicting terrible wounds on her head, and placing her life in great danger. Richardson escaped, but was eventually captured. He was found guilty, and sentenced to 15 years' penal servitude. A number of men convicted of robbery with violence were sentenced at Liverpool to short term3 of imprisonment and to be flogged. Mr Justice Day said in one case that he had thought z, of sending the prisoners Into penal servitude, but he did not see why they should be kept at the expense of society. One man was sent to prison for four months, and to be flogged twice, receiving twenty lashes each time. At the Hereford County Court, Richard Adams, innkeeper, and Mary Ellis, servant, were bued for the value of a five-pound note, which John Davies, haulier, had tendered to the servant in payment for a drink. She. not having seen a banknote before, thought it was an ordinary piece of paper, threw it on the fire, and it was burned. Judge Lea knew of no legal decision in such a case, and reserved judgment to look up the law. Mr Acland &ays that under the Welsh Inter- mediate Education Act, Churchmen are free to establish private hostels al their own cost. Such a hostel was established by Churchmen for ztudents at the University College, Bangor, and there is nothing to prevent their doing likewise for pupils at any Welsh Intermediate school." This declaration disposes of an important point as to which much uncertainty has been felt through- out the discussions on the county schemes. At Liverpool Assizes Mr Justice Day sentenced seven miners to three months' imprisonment each for rioting at Haydock during the recent coal struggle. All the men pleaded guilty. His Lordship said the prisoners had taken part in the not to intimidate and punish men who were simply doing necessary work at the pits. It was shocking that these men should be molested by ruffians. Attacks of this kind were dangerous to society, and he was bound to show that the law was strong enough to protect people from such outrages. For many years past now the Lariboisere Hospital in Paris has contributed its quota to the manufacture of cigarette pipers for the Parisian capital. It appears that the cotton wool and lint, after being used in the wards of the institution, were regarded as the special perquisites of the servants, who sold them to manufacturers of the particular industry to which we have referred. This proceedings, which has now been put a stop to, was carried out sub rosa, and it may readily be surmised was never widely known, or perhaps consumers of Parisian cigarettes would have been fewer in number. At the Liverpool Assizes Henry Timms, 29, was indicted for the murder of his father at Barrow. The prisoner's father and mother were quarrelling in their bedroom, and the prisoner ran upstairs and stabbed his father, killing him instantly. There was no evidence of provocation or anything to justify the use of the knife; and Mr Justice Day plainly intimated that the jury ought to find the prisoner guilty unless they believed his assertion that the deceased ran upon the knife." The jury found the prisoner guilty of man- slaughter, and Mr Justice Day marked his opinion of the case by sending him to penal servitude for fifteen years. The influenza epidemic in Blackburn is shown by official statistics to be of an alarming charac- ter. The borough medical officer has communica- ted with mill owners throughout the town, and replies so far show that of 16,978 workpeople, 1,447 have in three weeks been prostrated. Assuming this experience to apply to the rest of the mills and the town generally, it would appear that 10,000 persons have suffered during the period named. Public and other offices have their business seriously hampered. In many many cases the disease is attended with delirium and fatalities are frequent. 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