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.-=- Awarded Gold Medals, 1892-93. BATTLE'S flKw SHEEP DIPS Guaranteed to be the Best Dips in the Market. FARMERS ARE INVITED TO TEST BATTLE'S AGAINST ANY OTHER DIP AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. BATTLE'S IMPROVED POWDER DIP PREVENTS THE FLY STRIKING THE SHEEP. SEND FOR TESTIMONIALS, &c., FROM BATTLE, MALTBY AND BOWER, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, LINCOLN, LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS DIRECT FROM THE MILLS.—Newest Styles in Tweeds, Harris, Homespun 1 Oil Meltons, Beavers, Serges, &c. Fiehiup, Shooting, and Hnntinsr Tweeds a Speciality. # Vw s w I Also, Hcmespnn, Clan Tartan, and Serge Costume Cloths for Ladies, specially wovet in all the Latest Novelties. 50 PER CENT SAVED BY AVOIDING INTER- ffJii? iF* ft MEDIATE PROFITS.—Travelling Rugs, Shepherds Mauda, Blankets, Flannels; I lffif r I" 1Shirtings, Knitting Yarns. &c. Do your Shopping direct by post, thus obtaining I S=»l»*ILrVr| Goods of acknowledged Excellence at First Co*t. Patterns Free. (Name this paper.) jitl Parcels paid. Ill WftftT CURRIE> M'DOUGALL k SGOTT, L&NGHAUGH MILLS, GALASHIELS, N.B- M* « V wli« NOTE.—Farmers and others can have own Wool Made into any of the aboTe at Redneed Prices 178 We Pay Carriage of Wool and Fini8hed Goods from and to all Parts. ASESTS WASTED. LATHERS FREELY IN THE HARDEST WATER HI AT THE B^T S O Pk. P P^^SES. J.ARG EST SALE OF I lb. TA B f, ETS IN THE V/OKLI>, F* A f^V A re-production of THE SPLENDID PICTUI-IE, ™]T* I! I C5 HtAU "THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE" I fl I O (Thdamou." Matchless Cleanser" Show Card), will be sent, in good gilt frame, ctlr-iage pail. to any lfcrward, with full name and address, 150 Matchless Cleanser Soap WRAPPERS (Taftiae -pp- in RED and BLACK only;, addressed to Joseph Watson and So wtatehall Soap Works Leeds Wrappers will not be accepted unless poataga 13 fully prepaid. ALLAN LINE A..I¡.A. l. 1. Royal Mail Steamers TO 9141TED STATES & CANADA. ukar oanrract with the Canadian Govarnment for v«y?uie« of the Canadian Mails.) FROM LIVERPOOL. CMTCOLIAN For Halifax and Portland.Nov. 30 IREAV For St. John's, N.F. and Halifax.Dec. 5 For Halifax and Portland.Deo. 14 UMEAGE For St. John' N.F. and Halifax.Dec. 19 LJMEDIAN For Halifax and Portland Dec. 28 FARES FOR WEAN PASSAGE. iafcoti, 10 to IS Guineas; Second Cabin, £7 78. Steerage, X5 5s. lbeawb Tickets to all Stations at Special Rates. Anngwe itre landed on the railroad wharf anri Mrfsnrd from ship to train without any moon- aimeo and expense. The company's special con- abor ecooBipaBiee West-bound passengers. %^T N«T«.—This Line provides the chaapost and 4 esmreaient route to all parts of Canada. athobd, the North-west Provinces1, British imabia, aDd the Western States of America. wp through ratee to Australia a -d New Zealand CJP K-, Vancouver, and Honolulu. W fcans to Settlers &Bd Homestead Certificates dog to fit-) Government Free Grant Lands of 160 «. t TOITRTSTS, SPOKTSMEN, and others.— wi Trip Tickets oombining excursions to Niagara a, fee uroiiderfal scenery and Sporting District" at Itcckj Mountains and British Columbia, aM a plw-is 4IJt interest in United States and Canada. giiinii i T of tours on application. tgMiak de:p. new reports and all the latest pa mmii pcwm r-hSetB free. tixcdC sasrvicfts fv,ra Glasgow to New York anJ low Amd ?Viiiidelphisk ail the year round. '•Upou n application to ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., James Btreet, LivsHvot t PARK & SON, Print ore, The Cross, Nowtown 2L. KiOKAHDS, Horsemarkei, Yovvlowr. JOHN KINSEY, Marble and Stone Works, Llandimm. LOT. WAJLTEES, Wellington Hotel, Welshpoo?, Welshpoo?, IDAVTD JEHXJ. Auctioneer, Llanfuir. MORttlS A SON, Drapers, L lanirilces. W. H. SMITH, 82, Park Avenne, | Si 0»T7P[4t"V. { I Wonderful Medicine. j i- .L't k, :L" À.): ■EEC HAM'S PILLS | u nsifsrsaUy admitted tc be worth a Guinea u j lax for n.iliou and Nervous Disorders, snch ac < id and Pftia i. P, tize Stomach. Sick Headache, Gi l- Rnd Sweliin? after Meal*. Diazine?* I 0n>wmK**3? Cold Chills. Flushings of Heat, Loss AppatiN»* Shortness of Breath, Coativene*?, ■■wf act'1 on the Skin, L'isturbfd Sleep, fdferl i.rt,tl' and ill tiervous and TremHin? t afiocus, etc. The first dose will eive reli«)f in r itgf mffin' Bel"Y nff{r¡;r s tarrcstly -uvited f -y 1; of these snd they will be ac- j rtadiff-s-X? t.; bf) if NORTH A GUINEA A BOX, Tfeas^* f "ti age- the,on Pills nre i-ivaluabie. few of them carry off ali h a1.: .tlilGal¡ ,.), that ia reqnired. No remale Hhonif] t £ urn, There is no medicine to be founo fe 'Rv»,.(»S, Pills for removing any cbstruo- r y of the system. If taken accord- ,&lie ii.- An apven with eacH box, they ,il' -agt<ire' of all ages to our,] and robust j t. t; been proved by thousands who j 2ied tl- and found the benefits which ars gd 5M. stoaiacb, Impaired Digestion, and all dacs ei Liver, they act like magic, and a will i. found to work wonders on the most I efanfc in the human machine. They I gttotm tW wfltolo muscular system, restore the taai ctKcwaaoD, bring back the keen edge of ap-I anil r.IHS6 into action with the rosebud of a 1M "'tt')(e physical enorgy of the hnmatl J. Them are FACTS testified coninually by -weof y,ii -.I^eaes of Society, and one of the best valae* t. lie Nervous and Debilitatedness. iv,, PILLS have the Largest Sale of air. Afe& the World. eectva"s Magic Cough Pills. iiemeav fl.,r C-onghs in general, Asthma, Bran. JBBBctict* Hoarseness, Shortness of Breath, ,am& Oppression of the Chest, "VVhoezing M'.anid wativalled. They are the best oCnwi tbe public, and will speedily remove 8W! ov (^^resfion and difHculty of breathing i nierkta- 'rire the patient of re',t. Let any a g;?<e n^SCflAM'S CulJGH PILLS a trial, bs uvv, v»t«at Cough will in a aiicrt time be TWd- -pare,i only, and Sold Wholesale and Retail, bi Thot-as Beecham, St. Helens Lan- tiLtn Eoso Is ljd., and 2s 9d. each. lbya.ll nn"t8 Patent Medicine Dealer "wkesya. t—Ctdi i-rwetirttM! are given with each box. c17 wil°inten(J t0 Marrs Ighl SHOOLD SEE „ I I THE MAGIC MIRROR. SS S K,C!g»3ii'It may ccccern them. Important Al K '4^4 to al1 in 'he211111 Happiness sss-ared by its bright reflections, i, van «Til to ail who possess it. Free per past ADDRESS; 43, Fitzaun SQUARE. SH £ FHELD> EW BREAKFAST-SUPPER. p s s GStRTEFUL—COM FORTING. C 0 A ftOlltl(« W-ATER OR MILKl MONEY~IMMEDIATELY LENT FROM X10 TO X5,000 AT LOWER INTEREST THAN OIHKRS. TO Ladies and Gentlemen, Nobiemen, Clergymen, Schoolmasters, Clerks, Officers, Gentlemen's Servants, and others in good situations, Farmers, Gardeners, Carriers, Trade men. Cab proprietors, Shopkeepers. Lodging-house Keeper?, Private House- holders, and others, on their own security, without bondsmeg, on Note of Hand alone; repayments arranged to suit borrowers' own convenience; all communications strictly private and confidential; no genuine application refused, and honourable and straightforward transactionil gitarant- ed.-Intending borrowers are invited, before applying elsewhere, to call or write to actual lender, a MR. B. EDWARDS. 3, Severn Terrace, Smithfield Rood, Shrewsbury. Town or country; distance no object. Letter mmediately attended to. Established 1851. IMPERIAL LIQUID FiM GLUE ACKNOWLEDGED to be <■-v STKONGKS'I ADHESIVE KNOWN.—Can R e surpassed for Tenacity and Strength.—A way U^adv for Immediate Use.—Requires No Heatim .—A! way* Liquid.- Cemeuta W un i Gla,Ieather Crockery, Ornaments, &c., aud then becomes Hard as Adamant, Inseparable Unbreakable, MENDS EVER YT BIN G No Office, Household or Work-in,p should be without it. PRICE (with cap A brush), I-oz. bott.le g,i., do. 2-oa. 1 DISTRICT AGICVTS- PHILLIPS & SON, 19, Broad-street, Newtown ~™—' I rFOuTiREATHO^ 1 BOOHS. TRY OfiE, TRY ALL. f ► =p J ■* in Mm e i j m i I JMIilIBA^illiiKJJLA^I ► bo\ c>- In Half the Time, with Half the J o i 4 § 4 HI ^bour, you can produce More U 2 ✓ p s IB Polish with Two Penny Packets || 2 k i ■§ « II of Rising Sun than with Half- V i S Dozen of ordinary Blacklead. mm o ,PO.LISH 2' K KqgLlrt.UALLKIND,OF METALS A Sold in 3d., 6d. & 1/- Bottles. No Mixing, 9V! j No Scratches, Scarcely any Rubbing. J ° F ) f CHANCELLOR'S PLATE POWDER. ;|( f C 4 There is no preparation of which we know toequal [ § 4 -G its exceHence.'—ENQUIRE WITHIN—3d. per box. | Cd D'OUBLE 4 MACK'S -TARCH :|( PROPER i o1 8 j s '.3 REQUIRES no addition or preparation. E.J 5 a SAVES Time, Labour, and Uncertainty. k 4 PRODUCES BeantifulWhite Glossy Linen. Jgi 5 Ask your Grocer to get them for yon. r Y C. CHANCELLOR & Co.. LONDON. E.C. 5 RULES FOR STARCHfNG. A most valuable little book for those who do their starching at home. Post free for 2 stamps. C. CHANCELLOR & Co., LONDON, K.C. HINTS FOR HOUSEWIVES. 12-page Pamphlet containing useful domestic hints. Post free 1 stamp. F. F FRY, 58, Belleville Road, Wandsworth Common, LONDON, S.W. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE NO MORE LAWYERS' BILLS 11 Now Beady, THIRTIETH EDITION (1893), 700 closely- printed paces, containing about 4,000 Statements on Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. Price, post free, 6s. 8d. (saved at every consultatiozl 11) cloth. VERY MAN'S OWN LAWYKR: A HAHDT HI BOOK OF THE PRINCIPLES OF LAW & EQUITY. ■>J A BARRISTER. 30th Edition (1893). Brought up to date, including the Betting and Loans (Infants) Act, 18BS: Gaming Act, 1892; Shop Hours Act, IB(12; Public Libraries Act, 1892; Small Holdings Act, 1892: Witnesses tPublic Itiquiries) Protection Act, 1892 Clergy Discipline Act, 1- Forced Transfer Acts, 1801 and 1392 Custody of Children Act, 1891; Slander of Women Act, 1891, f-tc. With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Laud Registry without professional assistance. Also the important chansres in the Law made by the Bankruptcy Act. 1890, and Conveyancing and Real Property Act, 1892 the New Law as to Small Properties under the Intestates' Estates Act, 1890; the Directors' Liability Act, 1890; Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act, 1889; with many other recent Acts. ) COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Individual?— Commercial Law-Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost-Criminal L-i,w-parigh Law- Oonnty Court Law-Hame and Fishery Laws-Poor Men's Lawsuittl-Bets and Writerp—Bills of Kxehanjre—Affreenunta —Copyright—Patents—Trade Marks—Insurance—Libd and Slander—Divorce—Mort^aa-es—Stock Ex<'l>»re;e Practice Trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Ltnd-Wills, rtc., etc. EXPIUUHIKO THE LAW FOR jindlord and Tfjnant-Mter and Servant-—'Workman and pre-itices-Heirs-Legatcses-Husban(I and Wife—Exo- itors and Trustees—Guardian and Ward —.Married Woman -TTIfant.Partners and Agents—Lender and Jmrrowoer- :btor and Creditor-Purchasers and Tendon*—Conpanie« Friendly Societies-Ch are h —Clerpyrnen—Doctor* Baiiknrs—Farmers—Contractors—Sportso -TI —Farrisra )r9 Dealers—Auctioneers—House Aer-^its -Hotel Keepers -Pawnbrokers Surveyors Railways Carriers — 0«s- ,f:ihl"8, etc., etc. Should Iote in the hands of every hnsines man, and all ■vvho -vish to abolish lawyers' bills."—Vee'ly Times. This excellent handbook admirably .1onc, admirably rLv.-sred and admirably cheap."—Let'Is Aferc: v. CIIOSBT LOCKWOOD & SON, STATIOHEUS' HALL COURT9 LOWDOK, And Sold by PHILLIPS & SON, Booksellers, Newtown