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WHAT MAKES A CHRISTIAN? To the Editor of the Montgomeryshire Express and Radnor limes. Sir,—Quite recently I happened to be in the vicinity of a country church (not a hundred miles from New- town) on a Sunday afternoon, and as the service was! just beginning, I stepped in aud took a seat. There were few adults present, but an explanation may be sought in the fact, which I discovered afterwards. that it was a children's service. The usuna earmmon was dispensed with, and instead the clergyman pro- ceeded to question the children as to their Christian name. The manner in which he went about it rather amused me, and I jotted down some of the questions and answers. After taking for his text a portion of Revelation, which dealt with the name of the righteous being written on a great white stone, he proceeded as fol- lows What is your name? There was a long pause, but no answer was given. The question was then repeated in another form. If a child has not been brought to church to be christened up to the age of 18 or 20 years, what name is it that that child has not got ? This question appeared to be equally as formidable as the previous one, and the silence of the children seemed to exasperate the rev. gentleman, who said Now children, don't show your parents your ignor- ance. Because really it is not ignorance, as you do know, only I want you to think. I'll put it another way. Supposing a boy's name is John Jones-Jones is his father a name-what do you call the other name ? Christian name." Yes, and that is the name by which each child will be spoken of in Heaven hereafter. What is Jones's name ? The surname." Perhaps his father and his mother chose to call him John, and go down to to the Registrar, and say We want to name him John." What name would you call that ? Christian name." .Now you make a mistake. It is no Christian name at all. You take the name down to the Registrar in and is no Christian name at all. A child that is not baptized has not got a Christian name. That name John, given to him by his father and the Registrar, is the civil name. It is his name as a citi- zen,—a member of Her Majesty's kingdom. It is a name by which he is known in society. Now, who gave you this Christian name? Grown up people may answer this question, if they like. There was a mumbling of words, in which could be distinguished "Godfather" and "Godmother." Yes, but rather shaky. The ehildran were made to repeat it twice. This is the answer: My Godfathers and Godmothers in my baptism; wherein I waa made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an iuheriter of the Kingdom of Heaven." Then if the father goes down to to the Registrar, and tells him that hid boy's name is John Jones, would you call that child a member of the Church of God ? "No." It is like a boy putting his name in a saving's bank, and has nothing to do with Christianity. But when a child is received into the Church, and water poured upon its head, naming him by a name which is to dis- tinguish him for ever as a disciple of Jesns Christ, and who is to be taught aDd instructed in the Christian religion, he is saved from the world, he is a member of tha Christian Church, and will be an in- heritor of thl) Kingdom of Heaven. The other one whose name was given in the regiilter-to describe him-really has become a member of the kingdom of Quaen Victoria. He has become, in name, a subject of this great empire, and has become a citizen of the realm, This would be the desoription of such a child. Even if tha father, after the child has been baptized, should go down to and add the name of Robert to the John Jones, to distinguish him from other John Jones's, John only would be the Christian name Robert would be merely the oivii name. They would be known by their Christian names in tiearen. And this was hÙil argument. The Church on earth was known as the Church militant, and in Heaven as the Church triumphant. They were all soldiers of the same army, and they would therefore all be ea- roiled upon toe army book beie18 the battle in tito name by which they were known on eartli. Another point he raised in favour of his argument was that when Lazarus and the rich man died, they spoke to each other, and their names were the same as when they were on earth. So also was Abraham's who had been dead for many long years £ This was the text of the sermon to the young. One would have expected instead an earnest address upon other than matters calculated to instil terror in their young hearts for the fate of some of their playmates —the sons and daughters of unbelieving Dissenters. X. l We should like to know how Lazarus got his name. Was it a Christian name ?-ED.]