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THE BIBLE WAREHOUSE W,. BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. DEPCEIT for the British and Foreign Bib!e Society. A CHOICE SELECTION OF THE CHEAPEST BIBLES IN THE WORLD, IN A VARIETY OF BINDINGS AND SIZES OF TYPE, AND SUITABLE FOR SCHOOL AND HOME, OLD AND YOUNG, PULPIT AND PEW. f SPLENDID FAMILY BIBLES FOR WEDDING PRESENTS. TEACHERS' BIBLE: THE WONDER OF THE AGE A Library of Information oompressed in a Small Volume. ItT PRICES FROM SS. 6D. TO £3 3s. Read the opinions of all the greatest divines on this invaluable aid to biblical research. PENNY TESTAMENTS. glXPENNY BIBLES., THE REVISED VERSION OF THE NEW AND OLD TESTAMENTS GREATLY REDUCED IN PRICES. COMMENTARIES IN WELSH & ENGLISH. THE New Volunies on "Acts" NOW READY. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF BIBLES IN THE COUNTY. THE BIBLE WAREHOUSE. DEPOSITARIES PHILLIPS & SON 19, Broad Street. NEWTOWN. The Leading Lines in Note Paper. 4td. -FINE CREAM LAID. Pound 2 Packet. A USEFUL PAPER for Correspondence. 0^—YELLUM WOVE. Poundpacket. 2 The CHEAPEST Paper ever Offered. Splendid Quality. gid.—1THE "FAVOURITE" CLUB. y 5 quires packets. A SMOOTH Easy- writing Paper. Generally sold at b. —SMOOTH PARCHMENT. 5 quire packet. Perfectly SMOOTH BOTH SIDES. Exquisite Surface. I IS. Qd.—"CROWN" PARCHMENT. 5 quire packet. The Best IMITATION HAND.MADE ever produced. 93T 100 ENVELOPES OF EACH QUALITY AT SAME PRICE. NEW FANCY TINTED PAPERS IN SHILLING BOXES. PHILLIPS & SON, 19, Broad Street, Newtown. WHY Send your Lace Cm-tains and Feathers out ▼ » of Newtown to be Cleaned and Dyed -when you can have them equally as well, or better and cheaper, at HOWFLL'S, Eafctes Lane, off Markat-st. Newtown. Feathers cleaned or dyed and curled in a few hours. Curtains Cleaned, Gentlemen's -Clothes Cleaned and Pressed ejual to new. Ladies, Light Dresses and Jackets Cleaned aDd Finished. Having had 27 ypars experience in the above.—Works HOWELL'S. Eagles Lane. Newtown. a410 Allsopp and Sons' (LIMITED), BURTON ALES AND INVALID STOUT. .AGENT— C. MORGkAJST, Brynhafren, Crescent, NEWTOWN.' 1298 G., C. GITTINS BEGS to onrouncethat be has always ready forde livery a Large Stock of COFFIN BOARDS (English Oak). FELLOES of all Sizes.. And WHEELWRIGHT'S -MATERIAL of all Description G. C. G. has also some Capital WELSH PONIES, Trained for Riding and Driving, for Sale. Particulars and Prices on application. ADDREES-G. C. GITTINS, Brithdir Saw Mills, BERRIEW, Mont. Railway Station Montgomery. e36 ARE YOU ABOUT GETTING MARRIED ? TF YOU ARE, DON'T FAIL TO SEB: THE NEWEST STYLES IN WEDDING CARDS AT PHILLIPS'S, 19, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. DAYIES'S CELEBRATED Cough Lirrctus The most Speedy and Effectual Remedy FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOICE, DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING, And all other affections of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs arising from cold. The following are Selected jrom many other Toginmiali Wern, Pool Quay, Welshool, 20th December, 1887. Dear Sir,—I have used your Cough Linctus in my family for several years, and have never found any other preparation so effectual for Coughs, Difficulty of Breathing, and Chest Complaints, and a81 pleased to add my testimony to its extraordinary efficacy.- Yours truly, THO6. D. DAVIES. Penygraig, Mocudre, Newtown September 2nd, 1899. Dear Sir,—I have Buffered for three years with a Cough and Shortness of Breath. Seeing an adver- tisement of your Cough Linctus it induced me to try a bottle, and I am very pleased to inform youlthat I found great benefit from it.—Yours truly, WILLIAM PRYCK. PREPARED ONLY BY G. E. DAVIES, CHEMIST WELSHPOOL. Sold in Newtown by Mr W. H. LAMBIE, dnmist. Sold in. Bottles at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. ENGLISH WATCH ES. D. LLOYI). 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Important fill fflPn t0 a11 in >U-healih. Happiness ■ ■•■■■■■ assured by its bright reflections, A safeguard from evil to all who possess it. Free per pOit for two Stamps. ADDRESS: MESSRS. WILK1NS0H, 43, FITZAUN 84MBE. SHEFFIELD^ENL for two Stamps. ADDRESS: MESSRS. WILKINSOH. 43, FITZAUN 84MBE. SHEFFIELD^ENL 11- DR E A K P AST-? fklkn-nq, E P P S'S G RATE FU L-CO M FQ RTING. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILKJ X H A LF-PRICE.—An excellent English made Piano- forte, fu!l compass, sweet tone, neat case, in gopd condition. Has been out on hire. Call and see it at PHILLIPS & SON'S Maai > are rKUI., 19. Broad Street, Newtown m