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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. NEWTOWN & LLANIDLOES,- WEDNESDAY. Present—Captain Adams, Messrs C. Morgan, John Lewis, Richard Nutting, David Jones, William Gittins, John Lloyd, William Hamer, M. H. Davies, Wm. Jones, John fhomas, Richard Evans, Daniel Jet-man, Evan Powell, D. Higgs, Samnel Meddins, Edward Edwards, and Miss Annie M. Lloyd, with Mr Richard Williams, clerk. STATISTICS. Amount administered in out-relief during the past fortnightNewtown d strict, per Mr R. H. Lloyd, first week .£35 18a 61 to 275 recipients, second week, ..£31 to 265 recipients; Llanidloes district, per Mr Richard Owen. first week, .£45 58 to 411 recipients, second werk, 441 16s 9d to 450 recipients; Llanwnog district, per Mr James Hamer, first week, X24 12a to 170 recipients, second week .£219. to 170 recipients. .Number in the house, 51. Number of tramps relieved during the past fortnight, first week 71 against 70 during ths corresponding period of last year, second week 89 against 69 during the corresponding period of last year. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that they had consumed 120 pounds of meat during the past fortnight.—Mr Powell said that some of the guardians thought it tool much, and wanted to know whether they could not! do with less. There was about twiceas much used as the eorresoonding period last year,-The Master con- tradicted this, and said that there were only 1501bsof meat used.—The matter then dropped.—The Master said that he had been instructed at the last Board meeting to get plans for the alteration of the boys' playroom. He had received plans and estimates from Mr Evans, builder, Caersws.—Mr C. Morgan pro. posed, and Mr Lewis seconded, that they should ad. vertise in the usual way, which was agreed to. TUCKER'S CAHB. Mr C. Morgan called the attention of the Board to a case in Newtown. It was that of the man Tucker, who had been in prison once or twice, and had two or three children in Newtown. His wife had left him, and a woman had charge of them. They were in a shocking condition, and he asked the Board, for the sake of the children, to take them into the house. The man was an able-bodied man,and could earn from 25s to 30s a week wnile in work as a woolsorter, but owing to his dissipated habits nobody in Newtown would e mploy him.-Mr Lloyd said that the man had asked him several times to get an order for admit. tance of the children into the houlile.-Capt. Adams proposed that the house be open for him to come, which was agreed to. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BILL. Several circulars were received respecting the above Bill, which, without being read, were ordered to be left on the table. PAUPER LUNATICS. A resolution was read from the Burton-on-Trent Guardians with regard to pauper lunatics. It stated that in the opinion of the Board the grant of 4s per week at present received by the Board of Guardians from the County Councils in respect of each pauper lunatic chargeable to the union and maintained in an asylum, should also be given when pauper lunatics and imbeciles were maintained in the workhouse.if the latter are conducted to the satisfaction of the Lunacy Commissioners, in the sme way that such grants are paid to the parochial Boards in Scotland, and that representation be made to the Local Government Board on this subject.—Mr C. Morgan, in moving the adoption of the resolution, said he was glad to say they had only three lunatics in the house. Some years ago they bad 18, 15, and 12, but the number had dwindled down to three. He thought that it would be far better for them to keep the poor lunatics in the house instead of sending them to Bicton, if they could get the 4s from the County Council. He pro- posed that the resolution be adopted by the Board.— Mr John Lewis seconded. He "id that he did not see that there was much to be gained by it. Each pauper in the house cost them 38 10d, and the luna- tics at Biction 7 d 9 J, but if they could get the 4 from the County Council he did not think that there would be much lc.s to the Union.—Mr William Francis also supported the resolution, and it was carried.