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MARKETS. ) —. I PROVISIONS. NEWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY. s. d. B. dr Wheat, per 240116s 13 6 to 00 0 Ditto (old) 0 0 O 0 Barley, per 70lbs 0 0 OO Oats, per 220lbs 18 0 19 C, Eggs, 6 to 8 10 OO Butter, per lb 1 4 1 & Fowls, per couple 3 9 4 a Turkeys, each 0 0 O O Ducks, per couple 365 0 Geese, each 6 6 7 a Potatoes, per ewt 2 6 3 O Rabbits, per couple 1 10 2" Beef, per lb 0 4 0 7 Mutton, per lb 0 5 0 9 Lamb, per lb 0 6 0 7 Pork, per lb 0 0 OH Veal per lb 0 0 0 6 Bacon Pigs, per lb 0 0 O 51: WELSHPOOL GENERAL, MONDAY. a. d. So 4L Wheat, per 75lbs 40 to 4a Barley, per 70lbs 4 3 4 6 Oats 14 0 15 I) Eggs, 8 to io 0 0 Butter, per lb li 12 Fowls, per couple 3 o 4 9 Ducks, per couple 3 6 & 0 Rabbits, per couple 2 0 2 4k Beef, per lb 0 4 o. Mutton, per lb o 6 0 9 Pork, per lb o 0 O O Veal, per lb o 6 0 7 Lamb, per lb 0 7 O 8 OSWESTRY GENERAL, WEDNESDAY. s. d. s. dL White wheat, per 751bs 4 2 to 4 6 Red ditto, per 751bs 4 0 4 Barley, malting per 2801bs 17 0 20 0 Oats, per 2001bs 13 0 14 0 I Fresh butter, per lb 13 14 Eggs, 7 to 8 10 00 Fowls, per couple 4 0 56 Ducks, per couple. 5 0 56 I Geese, each 6 6 8 0 Turkeys, each 0 0 00 Rabbits, per couple 2 4 26 Potatoes, per cwt. 2 3 2 6 SHREWSBURY GENERAL, SATURDAY. s. d. s. (L Fresh butter per lb 1 2 to 1 Eggs, 7 to 8 10 0 0 Fowls, per couple 3 6 4 6 Ducks, per couple 4 6 6 O Geese, each 6 0 7 0 Turkeys, each 5 0 7 0 Rabbits, per couple 2 0 2 4 Pigeons, per couple 10 IS Potatoes, per cwt 2 3 2 6 Cabbages, per dozen 0 9 1 0 Broccoli, per dozen 2 6 3 6 Carrots, per cwt 3 0 O 0 Apples, per quarter 0 2 0 8 I Pears, per quarter 0 4 0 6 CORN. LONDON, MONDAY. Wheat: The cargo market continues inactive, and no business haa been recorded in any direction. There was no encouragement from America, and amyp cue general dulness and depression there are r of wanting indications that to do business priced substantially lower would have to be quoted. IJa. i consequence, however, of the recent activity ill Russian wheats the shippers of these grades main- tain a tone fairly firm. Maize is quiet with crop round firm, whilst distant positions and TIITTCJ American are a shade easier. Barley is about 1ID- j changed, closing quiet. Oats quiet but steady, HtánS quiet. At Mark Lane a moderate number (if millers and dealers were present, but Thininrrw dull and disappointing, with little change is tual value. For wheat of all descriptions the in, Io-iry was poor, and prices were nominally uo- changed. Flour ruled slow, and quotations wet* I pprtially 3d. worse. Oats were steady, with afailr I <iemand. Maize was the torn, .easier, but aaxei ..Liinerica.ii i/u vuts spoCiiaHey was in limited request and a shade cheaper. Bean* and peas quiet. BIRMINGHAM, THURSDAY.—English and foreiga wheat met a quiet trade at about last week's prices A-hize and oats unaltered; barley favouring bny- rs. MANCHESTER, THURSDAY.—Trade has bam quiet and featureless during the interval, without much variation in prices. This morning's market was moderately attended, but the business passing ,as only of retail dimensions. Wheat, both Eng- lish and foreign, repeats last week's quotations, Flour dull, though nominally unchanged. Pew reduced lid per cental. Oats and beans remaia- unaltered. Maize lost the advance noticed last Tnursday, and must be quoted Id to 2d per centat below the rates then current. I CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.—The supply of stock wasc about the same as last week. The demand wam J fair for cattle and prices, although irregular, wcr<? j substantially without change. Sheep trade slow dud last Monday's prices were hardly maiutaimedt Beef, first class, 6 £ d»; second class, 51d.; third ciass, 4 £ d.; per lb.; Scotch mutton 8d to 6d., and Irish mutton 7 £ d. to 5d. per lb. Live weigbt r ttle, 34s. to 23s. per cwt., or 4s 2d to 3s. per .ib. LONDON, MONDA Y.-The total imports of foreign "to,;ks into London last week amounted to 1,018 head. In the corresponding period of last year we j r< eived 1,756, in 1891, 9,288, in 18S0, 4,990, i» 1889, 9,678 head. At Liverpool were received 384 blasts from Baltimore, 1,301 beasts from Montreal GO5, beast from Boston, 435 beasts and 335 sheep j from Montreal, 605 beasts from New York, and j ;{58 beasts from Newport News, and at Southamp- t n 9 beasts Jersey and Guernsey. The cattle l iade has been very quiet all round, but for choice qualities of stock full prices have been realised, A moderate number of beasts were available, but /i'ime beasts were again scarce. Bnsiness through-' out was restricted. The best Scots made 5s.; Hoe- f > ds, and runts, 4s lOd. to 5s.; Devons, 4s 8d to 4 lOd. and heavy Lincolns, 4s 7d to 4a 8d per SIb. v- edium and inferior descriptions were an irregu- I lar market. The sheep pens were fairly well filled. There was a dull trade and prices were muck J rJ out the same as last week. The best and 8 stone Downs made 5s 8d, 9-stone 5s 6d, 10-stone haJf-breds, 5s 2d, 12-stone Lincolns, 4s lOd, Trials 48 lüd to 5s, and ewes, 4s per 81b. Calves were quiet at late rates. Pigs inactive. BIRMINGHAM, THURSDAY.—Beef ójd to lid,- mutton 6d to 8id; best beef 7id; fair supply; traae slow. DEAD MEAT. LONDON, MONDAY.—The supply in this marked I was large and the trade generally very bad. Prime descriptions in most cases were disposed of at quotations, but prices for lower qualities varied I considerably, and finished with a drooping teiF- .lcncy and the market was clemredL Latest quotations. Inferior beef, 2s od to 2s 8d.; middling ditto, 2s lOd to 3s 2d.; prime ditto so 4cl t 4s Od.; Scotch ditto, 3s lOd to 4s 2d; Amftl- can Liverpool killed, best, 3s 5d to 3s 6d; ditte sccond, 3s 2d to 3s 3d; ditto hind-quarters, So 6cI to 4s Od; ditto foreqnarters, 2s Od to 2s 4d. English veal 3s 4d to 4s 8d; Dutch ditto 2s 8d top- is 4d inferior mutton, 2s 4d to 3s Od; middling ) ditto 3s 2d to 3s 8d prime ditto, 4s Od to 4a 44;. Scotch ditto, 4s 4d to 4s 8d j New Zealand dittos 2s 4d to 2s 8d; lambs 4s Od to 4s 4d; large pork 3s 8d to 4s Od small ditto, 4s 4d to 5s. per SIb. by the carcase. WOOL. BRADFORD, MONDAY.—The market was quiet. :.nd there was a weakening in prices for all except t' ie most favoured descriptions. Easier raws are pecially noticeable in crossbred top.- such as 36 and 40's, and in mohair prices are probably acl hwer. Alpaca remains quiet. However, top mak- ers generally have more inquiry, and there is it belief that prices have reached the bottom point. BRADFORD, THURSDAY.—The market is to-day still quiet, both in English and Colonial sorter tiough without alterations in prices, and there I seems little immediate hope of improvement in view of the depression in the general trade,through the coal strike and the flatness of the A merieaa market. The tone is, however, not despondent- vJ ohair quiet; alpaca firm.