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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. L LWYNOBIN, i. Half-a-mile from Montgomery, on the Bishop's Castle Road. IMPORTANT AGRICULTURAL SKLE. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE are favoured with instructions from William Jones, Ef q who is retiring, to Sell by Auction, On THURSDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 23rd, The whole of his SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK and EFFECTS, viz. 176 Cross-Bred SHROPSHIRE SHEEP, including 86 E wes, 50 E ve Lambs, 37 Wether Lambe, and 3 Shropshire Rama. 34 HEREFORD & CROSS-BRED CATTLE, including 29 very useful Two-year-old Hereford BULLOCKS. g VALUABLE CART HORSES & COLTS, Several Sets of GEARS,; a large collection of Modern AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY. CtBAIN IN THE STACKS, the produce of about 42 Acres, and the whole of the Valuable WINTER KEEP, in convenient Lots till ths usual dates. Six weeks' credit will be given on the Grain and Winter Keep, and Mr Jones will prov;de a man to look after the Stock, FREE OF CHARGE. Luncheon at 11-30 Sale to commence at 12-30. Catalogues on application to the AUCTIONKEEB, Chirbury, Shropshire, f360 GREAT GATE, 1 Mile from the Sarn, 2 from Llandyssil, and 4 from Kerry. WIVE HEREFORD CATTLE, Useful Cart MARE Farm Implements, Gearing, Ac., a good lot of HAY, STRAW, AND ROOTS to be consumed on the premises. and about 80 Acres ot Grabs Keep in convenient lota. To be Sold by Auction by ME8SRS. MORRIS. MARSHALL & POOLE, on FRIDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 24th. By crder of Mr John Davies. Sale at Two o'clock. f382 WELSHPOOL CHRISTMAS SALE. ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 18TH, 'M/TEfSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL and POOLE JILL beg to announce that they will hold in the Welabpool Smithfield their annual Show and Sale of PRIME FAT STOCK, specially fed for the Christmas Markets. Several Prizes will be offered for competition, partieulais as to which may be obtained from the Auctioneers. ^ecfeEntries Me res esHWtr *S £ & L £ MESSRS. COOKE BROS. 17, KERRY ROAD, NEWTOWN. MESSRS. COOKE BROS, are favoured with instructions from the Representatives of the late Miss Brown, to Sell by Auction, at the residence as above, On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, 1893, The whole of the HOUSE FURNISHINGS AND EFFECTS, comprising the contents of Drawing, Dining, and Four Bedrooms, with the Domestic Offices: including well-made Dining Room Suite in leather, Easy Chairs, Couch, Mahogany Sideboard with Amatre drawers and cupboards, Miniature Mahogany Sideboard, Mahogany, Round. Pembroke, and other ^Tables, Superior Gilt Pier Glass, Handsome Chimney Ornaments, 8-day and other -1 E. P. Goods, China and Glass, Coloured Pictn^ and Engravings, ^Tapestry Centre. Stair, and other Carpets, Fenders And Fire Irons, Coal Vases, &c., &c. ENTRANCE HALT, Mahogany Hat and Umbrella Stand, Mahogany Table, Hanging Lf. p, &c. THE BEDROOM FURNISHINGS include: 3 Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Woven Hair Mattress, 2 Hair Mattresses, 2 Down Feather Beds. Linen and Blan- kets, Superior Mahogany Chests of Drawers, Wash- atands and Dressing Tables, Toilet Sets, Mahogany Swing Glasses, Towel Rails, Cane-seated and other Chairs, Ac., Ac. A large Collection of Kitchen Requisites, viz.: Tables, Chairs, Filter, Cutlery, Cooking Utensils, &c. Sale to Commence at 1-30 p.m. f375 MESSRS. RUSHTON AND SON. WARDLE MILL, WARDLE, near ROCHDALE. Be James Stott, Flannel Manufsetttrer.-Under Deed of Assignment. Important piecemeal Sale of excellent WOOLLEN SPINNING & MANUFACTURING MACHINERY (2040 spindles and 46 Looms), Horses, Carts, Loos Actious. EDWARD RUSHTON A SON are favoured with instructions from the Trustee herein, Mr. Walter S. Lewis, Accountant, Rochdale, to Sell by Auction, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 22ND, 1893, the Valuable WOOLLEN MACHINERY, Loose Articles, and Effects, including four sets of soribblers, inter- mediates and condensers, 66in. and 60in. on wire, by IS. Leach, each with Tatham's patent automatic feopper feeds (1886), Scotch feeds, and Tatham's patent balling machines, one set with flaking machine attached (1890); four self-acting mules, containing 480,480, 525, 555 spindles respectively, 2in. guage; forty-six plain, twill, and box power looms, 12ft. and 1OEt. Gin. reed space, by E. Leach and others; drum twisting and winding machine, 51 drums, 102 spindles; doubling machine, 20 spindles pirn winding machine, 384 spindJes; fonr 2-beer warping or twisting mills Petrie'a wool scouring and washing machine, with two cisterns; wool-drying machine, with tan; two balladn warp-drying machines; two warp-sizing machines, weft soaker and woozer, two Garnett machines, two willowing maohines, burring machine, horizontal steam engine, lOin. cylinder, 20in. stroke; excellent leather strapping; platform, beam, and counter scales; bobbins, skips, oans, buffalo boxes, worsted and cotton healds and reeds, cast-iron and tis oil cisterns, canvas piece wrappers, scrap iron, brass metal, loose mechanics' and overlookers tools, stocks and dies, warehouse and office fixtures and furnishings; pedestal office desk, with mahogany top; fireproof safe, 18in. by 24in. by 17in. letter- copying press, general new stores, cart-weighing machine; counter shafting, with drums, pulleys, Ac; three horses, trap, phaeton, spring lurry, box-cart, harness, stable utensils, and other general property, which will be fully described in Catalogues. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. May be viewed Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 20th and 21st. Descriptive Catalogues may be had from the AXTCTIONSSBS, 13, Norfolk street, Manchester, tr.N. 775); and other information from them, or from Messrs. STANDBING, TAYLOR and STANDRING, Solicitors. Rochdale; or from Mr. WALTER B. LEWIS, Aceoaritant, 3 Seed Hill, Rochdale. f380 PUBLIC NOTICES. NEWTOWN A LLANIDLOES UNION. TENDERS are invited for the ALTERATION -JL of the Boys' Playroom at the Workhouse into Sleeping Wards for Vagrants, according to a Plan, which may be inspected at the Workhouse. Tenders to be sent in before the 29th inat. R. WILLIAMS, Newtown. Clerk 17th November, 1893, f389 BIRMINGHAM CATTLE AND POULTRY SHOWS. NOVEMBER 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th. CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS, available for One, Two, Three, or Four Days, will be issued from Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Llanymynech, Oswestry, Ellesemere, Fenns Bank, and Intermediate Stations, on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNES- DAY NEXr, November 27th, 28th, and 29th, at Reduced Rates. Admission to Bingley Hall (both Shows), only One Shilling. For times and fares, see the advertisements and I bills of the Cambrian and London A North-Western Railway Companies. f394 ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN! TB8 Railway Passengers' Assurance Co., ("THE OLDEST AND LARGEST.") Has since 1849 PMd for ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. £ 3,200,000. ESTABLISHED l'S49. RT. HON. EVELYN ASHJjEY, Chairman. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. W .t H.w»» {I; e32 Agent at Kerry—Mr J. M. MILNES. SCHOLASTIC. HIGH MIDDTJB GLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOB YoTTue LADIIS, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Pri" oipaLa—The Misses BILL. The aim of th's Principals is to Hupply at a moderate cast. a SOUJKJ and superior education, with careful training an a home comforts. rrospee um on application. sun MEWiOVM GRAMMAR SDOOL HEAD MASTER— Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), late Assistant Master at LXVBBPOOL COLLXGS, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PBOSPKCTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EVANS, M.A., London Late Cyaddelw Seholar at U.C.W.'s; First Class English Honours at B.A.; Second on M.A. list. Pupils prepared for Scholarships at the University colleges-Matriculation, Civil Service, Theological Colleges, &0., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES Principal Edwards, Bala; Princi- pal Roberts, DrHerford, and Prof. Angus, U.C.W. Revs J. A. Miles, A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Aberystwyth. Prospectus, Ac., on application to Headmaster, fl08 IV How to Save your Coal Bills II NOW THAT THE PRICE OF COAL IS HIGH, people would greatly benefit by the use of OIL sr-ro v S. They fulfil all the requirements of the Coal Fire; and are much Cheaper, and low troublesome. THERE IS NO SMOKE-NO SMELL-NO ASHES The Cost for Fuel is but one Farthing per Hour; and the Low Prices of the Stoves place them within the reach of all, SEND FOR ONE AT 71- CARRIAGE PA ID. ONCE USED, ALWAYS USED. AGENT- HUMPHREY JONES, GENERAL DEALER, 9, HALL STREET, WELSHPOOL N.B.—Price Lists Free on application. f343. Families Supplied Daily. THOMAS BEES, BAKER, GROCER, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, CANAL SHOP. AND Market Hall, Newtown; BROWN & MALT BREAD. CURRANT, SULTANA, & SEED CAKES. Tea Puties& School Treats Supplied o. MODEBATE TKBKS. J HOME-FED HAM & BACON From Choicest Dairy Fed PIgs. TMT Oxden SMMML 8M PARLIAMENT ARY NOTICE. In Parliament, Session, 1894. SHROPSHIRE RAILWAYS. (Abandonment of Railways authorised by Shropshire Railways Act, 1888; Release of Money Deposit; Dissolution of Company, &e. Special Provision as to Payment of the costs of the Bill Amendment or ftepeal of Acts, &o. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that application is -L i intended to be made to Parliament in the en- abling Session for leave to bring in a Bill for all or some of the purposes following (that is to Say) L:_ 1. To authorise the abandonment of the Railways and works authorised by the Shropshire Railways Act, 1888 (hereinafter referred to aa The Act of 1888)," or some part or parts thereof. 2. To authorise the repayment of the deposit made with the Supreme Court of Judicature in England, in respect of the application to Parliament for the Act of 1888, and of any interest or dividends which have accrued or may accrue on the said deposit or any part thereof to the person or persons or the majority of the persona named in the Warrant or Order referred to in Section 49 of the Act of 1888, or to some or one of them or to such other person or persons, Corporation or Company, as the Bill may nominate in that behalf, and to release the Shropshire Railways Company (hereinafter caUed "The Com- pany ") from all obligations. liabilities, and penalties for the non-completion of the said Railways and Works, and to relieve the Company from and declare null and void all contracts, agreements, and arrange- ments with reference to such Railways and Works or the purchase of land therefor, and (if thought expedient so to do) to provide for the dissolution of the Company, and the winding up of their affairs. 3. To make provision for payment out of the. deposit fund aforesaid of the costs of the Bill, or to provide for the payment of the same by the Company, or by such other Company, person or persons, as may j be prescribed by the Bill or Parliament may enact. 4. To alter, amend, and, if need be, repeal all or some of the provisions of the Parliamentary Depositw and Bonds Act, 1892, and the Shropshire Railways Acts, 1888 and 1891, and so much as may be neces- sary of any other Act or Acta relating to or affecting the Company. 5. To make all provisions incidental or necessary to the purposes aforesaid, and to vary or extinguish ell rights and privileges which would be inconsistent with its objects and to confer other rights and privi- leges. 6. Printed copies cf the Bill will be deposited in the Private Bill Offioe of the House of Commons on I or before the 21st day of December next. Dated this 13th day of November, 1898k I NORTON, ROSE, NORTON & CO., I 10, Victoria Street, Westminster Abb<-y, S.W., and ) S7i, Old Broad Stre(- Solicitors for the Bill. I ROBERTS AND CHUBB, ) 6, Queen Annes Gate, i Westminster, S.W. I 1381. Parliamentary Ageno.2 ———————————————————————————— I C. J. NEWELL, MARKET ST., NEWTOWN, Is showing a very Large assortment of Ladies' Cashmere Stockings, and Extra Double-kneed for Boys. LADIES' HEAVY WOOLLEN STOCKINGS IN GREAT VARIETY. ALSO A LARGE STOCK OF Men's Woollen and Home Knit. STOCKINGS KNIT TO ORDER, ANY SIZE OR QUALITY. Home Made Stocking Yarn and German Yarns in Black and Fancy Colours. Customers may have their Wool Exchanged for Yam on the usual terms. f314 BEFORE YOTT- 33TJY A SEWING- MACHINE, CALL ON E. H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, WHO HAS BEEN APPOINTED SOLE AGENT FOB THE WOBLD.BENOWNED CYCLOPS' SEWING MACHINES, AND IS PREPARED TO SELL THEM AT A LARGE DISCOUNT OFF LIST PRICES FOR CASH. Little Miss Muffett sat on a buffet, Sewing the old-fashioned way Up came a •Spider and sat down beside her, And turned all her work into play. The Spider." Cyclops' Sewing Machine. ALFRED SLIM, WHOLE&ALE AND RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT! WELSHPOOL. Agent for Messrs. SALT A Co.'s, TBVEMAN, HANBUKY A CO.'S BURTON ALES. LOKDOK & DUBLIN STOUT, Ac., &c. ALE Supplied in any Sized Casks AND DELIVERED FBES. Good Sound HARVEST BBD. at 8d. per Gall. iÐ TRADE NOTICES. THOMAS FARR. SON OF THE LATE JAMES FARR, SALOP ROAD, Coach Builder, SEVERN STREET. WELSHPOOL 1- rlqOMÅS JEHU, AGRICULTURAL L1 IMPLEMENT DEALER, AGENT TO ALL NOTED MAKERS, FITTINGS KEPT IN STOv AND REPAIRS ATTENDED TO, ALSO BUILDER OF DOG CARTS IN ALL SIZES, ESTIMATES GIVEN ron REPAIRS A p UNTING LLANFAIR. WELSHPt K>L- MONTGOMERTSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKFC SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON (OF OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY Assortment of Carriages of our own Manufacture always in Stock. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED, ESTIMATES FREE, OSOB A. E. BOND. Confectioner, 8, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL Manufacturer of WEDDING fiATTffa of the best Quality. A choice selection of ORNAMENTS aad BOXES. CHBISTENINO AND BIKTHDAT CAKES. Genoa, Currant, Sultana, Almond, acd Seed Cakes. School Treats and Tea Partial ftwppijtri cm the most moderate Terms. PURE WHOLEMEAL BREAD, Made as directed by Dr. Allinson. See Testimonial a406 Tailoring and Outfitting ESTABLISHMENT, 14, BERRIEW STREET WELSHPOOL. I BEG to state that I have just reoeived a Choice SELECTION of the NEWEST DESIGNS in WOOLLEN CLOTHS, and that, as in past seasons, it will be my constant endeavour to gain the can. fidence and recommendation of my Customers, by supplying at Moderate Prices well-made Garments with good style and fit), of thoroughly sound and durable materials. I would call special attention to the following lines:— to the following lines:— Black Worsted COATS AND VESTS, made to measure, from 30/- Scotch Tweed BUSINESS SUITS, from 40/- A Splendid Line in TROUSERINGS AT 14/- the Pair, REMARKABLY CHEAP. Soliciting a continuance of past kind favours, WALTER J. DAVIES. NEW SEASON TEAS 1/" MAN IK 1/8 MA per,b" 2/- THESE BEAUTIFUL PURE TEAS from JL. India and Ceylon are the Finest of their respective kinds; they are carefully selected and combine the FINEST FLAVOUR with the greatest strength; and are the Best Ready-money Value ever offered to the public. DELICIOUS HOME-CURED HAMS & BACON. Prize Medal Danish Butter Colour. CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, AND Evzxy OTUB ARTICLE IN THE TBADE. JOHN SWAIN, THE INDIAN & CEYLON TEA STORES, 23, HIGH STREET, NEWTOWN. } m GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. ABERMULE. The Coming Home OF Ifr. & Mrs. MARTIN PJJPHREYS. REJOICINGS WILL be held in connection with the above at DOLFORWYN HALL, on Wednesday, November 22nd. PROGRAMME OF SPORTS:— HOBosE RACES. 1.-IffORSES, lUIy height. Sweepstake of 5s. each, with .£1 added. 2.—GALLOWAY, not exceeding 14-2 bilrh. Sweep- stake of 2a. 6d. each, with .£1 added. 3.-PONT RACE, ot exceeding 13 hands. Sweep- stake of 2sr. 6d. ftch, with .£1 added. 4. TROTTING MATCH. Sweepstake of 2a. each, with 10s. added. | The Second in each Race to Save his Stake. **■ DONKEY BACK 1st Prize 53.; Second 2b. 6d. Other Sports Will take place, including FOOT RACES, Etc. Entries te be made on the Ground. THE ABOVE SPORTS ARE CONFINED TO BEBBIXW AIUANDTBSXL, BETTWS, AND LANMEBEWIQ PARISHES. J. EVANS, Secretary. 300 J. B. STEPHENS, Treasurer. PRIMROSE LEAGUE. A S<>CIAL EVENING Will be h -eld by the Members of the HAFR. HABITATION V THE PUBLIC HALA NEWTOWN, ON WEDNESDAY NOV. 29th. Doors open at 7 p.m., when Danci. will Commence. Tea at 8-30. TICKETS,—Is. EACH. f387 ENGLI8H CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. SALE OF WORK AND Rummaae Sale In aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held in the VICTORIA HALL, ON Thursday & Friday, Dec. 7th & 8th. COLONEL BARNES, í The Quinta, Has kindly consented to OPEN the Sale. Contributions: will be thankfully received by the Hon. Seas..— MRS. PRATT, Llwynon, Newtown, G. M. EVANS, 31, New Road, Newtown eHi NEWTOWN BRANCH OF THE NORTH WALES WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE UNION LADY HENRY SOMERSET Will visit NEWTOWN, ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, In ccnnection with the above. There will be a WOMEN'S CONFERENCE in the afternoon, and a PUBLIC MEETING At night, which will be addressed by LADY HENRY SOMERSET. Full particulars shortly. MAY M. PHILLIFS, PJae-yn-dre, 7 0 MM. CHAS JONES, Brynllys, j SECRETARIES. Mas. PRATT, Llwynon, TREASURER, 359 WM. LL. POWELL, CAMBRIAN VAULTS, NEWTOW WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, AND MINERAL WATERS AND CORDIAL MANUFACTURER, WHOLESALE Bottler & Dealer in Guinness's and TV Findlater's Celebrated DUBLIN STOUTS. Bass' and Alleopp's BURTON ALES & STOUTS; also other Brewery Companies Ales and Stouts in all use casks from 8d. per gall. Celebrated Soda Water, Lithia Water, Potash Water, Seltzer Water, Lemonade, Ginger Beer Ginger Ale. Cordiala of every description. SPECIALTY:— Hampers of Wines & Spirits from 16s. and upwards. Manufactory and Stores- CAMBRIAN MINERAL WATER WORKS NEWTOWN. All orders strictly attended 3409 FRANK H. SHAYLER, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, WELSHPOOL. SNVEB MEDALIST NATIONAL COMPETITION. atI. Severn Street, Welshpool. •579 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NOTICE. PERFORMAKf;E OF HAKDI<:VS ORATORIO- T £ i Aid of the Montgomery- in r-L y" Gentlemen taking part PRATTTTpraa-ii&1if ,lnfjrmed that f HIS WEEK'S ■rJiACTlC.fi will be be d nt (he VICTORIA RAT r SD!SLDiTk E7EMN«. » i hiSfaSL.? e nofc yet responded to the nvitation to assist are cordially invited to attend. Newtown, EDWARD OWEK, 20th Nov., 1893, >384* Victoria Hall, Newtown. THURSDAY & FRIDAY, NOV. 23rd & 24th. Return Visit, Under Distinguished Patronage of the Misses Flood Porter, (Acknowledged the best party of I in the World.) VOCAL SONGS, DUETS, QUARTETTES RECITATIONS, VIOLIN, 'c¥L1TT^UTE AT*¥TTl SOLOS. OPERATIC SELECTIONS, Ac., &c. SPECIAL GRECIAN A OTHER COSTUMES MR. FRED DALE, R.A.M. (MEDALIST.) AND MADAM FLOOD PORTER, DIRECTRESS. EVERY ITEM ON THE PROGRAMME ENCORED LAST VISIT 11 PLAN OF HALL WITH MR. EDWARD OWEN, CHEMIST, BROAD STREET. ADMISSION RE8FRVED CHAIRS &L CnATca CFRONT BALCONY, la. TO COMMENCE AT 8. MOCHTRE NATIONAL SCHOOL. A Varied Entertainment Will be held in the above Schoolr-om < JUtuRSDAY, DEL "!E!IBE. 74k 1893, AT 7 p.k. PEBFORMER- THE HAFREN BELLRINGERS, And VOCALISTS from the neighbourhood 1391 W Christmas Fair. A GREAT RUMMAGE SALE ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th, IN THE PUBLIC HA.LL, Newtown. Parcels may be addressed to f298 Lady Pryce-Jones, Dolerw. LLANIDLOES GREAT CH^ISTipS MABKET I Bt Will be held on THURSDAY DEC 21st, 1893, BY OBDER, WILLIAM GEORGE (MAYOR). The Cambrian Railways Company will issue Cheap Tickets as on other market days. f402 NEWTOWN ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD New Year's Day, 1894. PRESIDENTS— R. E. JONES, ESQ., J.p. A. C.HUMPHREYS-OWEN, ESQ., J. P tSf Programmes containing the recitations oon- ditions, and other information may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Price 2d., per poet 2td- A.. S. COOKE, Hon. 80c. WILFRID BURDEN (Successor to the late James S. Allan). STEAM SAW MILLS, MONTGOMERY. Estimates given for all kinds of Englisk and Foreign.Tunber. Dealer in BRICKS, PIPES, SLATES, CEMENT, & Builders' Materials of every description. l QUANTITY OF FIREWOOD.