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OVERCOATS i OVERCOATS 1 OVERCOATSt An immense Variety, Stylish, Comfortable, DURABLE and CHEAP at FOR CUT, WORK MANSHIP AND WEAR' THE NOTED HOUSE FOR BOYS', YOUTHS' & MEN'S SUITS.}»«»¥» Magnificent Range of Waterproof Coats, Capes, and Invernesses. These Unrivalled Goods are exceedingly popular with the Farmers, Dealers, and Gentry in the County. Every Garment Warranted. SPECIAL ORDER DEP-A-IcfTlMENTWe are showing Attractive Patterns in AUTUMN and WINTER TROUSERINGS, PLAIN and FANCY COATINGS, MELTONS, BEAVERS, and CHEVIOTS. Special Attention is given to this department by experienced Cutters and Workmen. Fit Guaranteed. OORD AND MOLE GOODS, HATS AND OAPS, SHIRTS, HOSIERY, GLOVES AND TIES. THE high reputation of the Manufacturers of these Goodll enables me to guarantee the wear of every Garment. All Goods are bought for PROMPT CASH, my Customerts securing every advantage whioi 1 CAPITAL and Experience can command. REMEMBER QUALITY IS THE TEST OF CHEAPNESS. NOTE THE ADDRESS- '"—" '—————————————————————————— HENRY MORGAN, CROWN SHOP, NEWTOWN. PINANVIAL ST A TEME NT v OF THE RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURE OF THE NEWTOWN & LLA.NLL WCHAIARN SCHOOL BOARD, FOR THE YEAR ENDED THE 29th DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1893. RECEIPTS. £ a. d RECEIPTS eTHER THAN FROM LOAN1!5 To Annual Grant from the Educati? ,100 ,Q A Department 4yy 18 Annual Grant from the Science and Art Department If 6 Fee Grant from the Education Depart- ment under the Elementary Edyr tion Act, 1891 10 10 From Salea to Children of Boo' « id other Articles 0 18 9 From the Rating Authoritic-, being equivalent to a rate of 2d. per pound on £ 27,459, the Rateable Value of the District according to the Valua- tion Lists in force at the beginning of the year, and a further rate of 71d, in the on £ 27,605 Rateable Value on 13ta February, 1893 1091 9 7 Rents received 10210 0 Total Receipts £ 1,991 1 8 EXPENDITURE. £ a. d. Ey balance00 September, 1892 (if overdrz' ? „ Do. due to Petty Cash R¿per 1 14 EXPENDITURE OTHER THAN OUT OF LOANS Expenses oj Administration:- X 8. d. Salaries of Officers of Board 73 15 0 „ Other Exper x 3a of Adminis- tration 25 4 0 ————— 98 19 t Expenses oj Maintenance oj* Pi, blic hitmen- fai-y Schools:- Salaries & Remuneration of Teachers. 840 7 8 Books, Apparatus, and Sta- tionery. 97 16 10 Fuel, Light, and Cleaning, and Replacement of Fur- niture, and Repairs to Buildings and Furniture.. 195 17 3 Rents, Rates, Taxes, and Insurance. 30 1 5 -.———— 164 3 In respect of Loans :— „ Principal repaid 135 15 1 Interest 144 15 0 280 10 1 Balance on 29th Septt 1893. „ In Treasurer's hands ,"97 7 7 ————— 397 7 7' Total Expenditure and Balances. 1991 I S, OUTSTANDING LIABILITIES OF THE BOARD AT THE END OF THE YEAR. X a.d. Loans from Public Works Loans Commissioners outstanding. 4,017 10 5 Other Liabilities 333 1 2 0 f370 X4,356 2 8 f- G. C. OITTXISTS BEGS to announce that he has always ready forde -D livery a Large Stock of COFFIN BOARDS (English Oak). FELLOES of all Sizes. And WHEELWRIGHT'S MATERIAL of all Description G. C. G. has also some Capital WELSH PONIES, Trained for Riding and Driving, for Sale. Particulars and Prices on application. ADDRESS-G. C. GITTINS, Brithdir Saw Mills, BERRIEW, Mont. Railway Station Montgomery. e36 BEBB'S GENUINE HOME-MADE SAUSAGES Made daily From the Finest Home-fed Pork. Pressed Tongue, Brawn, Pork Pies. 45, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. 243 Allsopp and Sons' (LIMITED), BURTON ALES AND INVALID STOUT. A GENT- C. MORGLAJST, Brynhatren, Crescent, NEWTOWN. 1298 HALF-PRICE.—An excellent English made Piano- -t-L forte, full compass, sweet tone, i!eat a8P in good condition. Has been out on biro. Call and seo it at PHILLIPS & SON'S Music Waie house, 19. Broad Street, Newtown Printed and Published by JOHN PHILLIPS (Fron Terrace, Llanllwchaiarn), and WILLIAM FUUH PHILLIP^ (19, Broad-street, Newtown), at Sk Mary's Printing WMke, Otd Charwh-atreett Nvwv town.