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MONTGOMERY TOWN C9UKCIL,- THURSDAY. A quarterly meeting of the Town Council was held at the Town Had, on Thursday, when there were present: Alaerman R. J. Harrison (presiding), Coun- cillots E. R. James, G. Farmer, T. Williams, E. Williams, W. Jones, and A. Graham; with Mr C. S. Pryoe, town clerk. ELECTION OF MAYOR. Councillor JAMES said he had great pleasure in rising to propose a gentleman to be theif new Mayor. They were in the middle ot important works for the good of the town, and there were other measures calling for attention. They required a gentleman well up in these matters to be at the head of affairs. Alderman Harrison was the first Mayor of that boroagh, and his family had been worthily eonnected with it for generations. Alderman Harrison had always taken an active interest in the welface of the town, and had done a great deal for its good. There were other questions now arising besides the water- works, such as making Montgomery more attractive to visitors, which he had no doubt that they would be able tu accomplish. He had great pleasure in I proposing Alderman Colonel Harrison to be their Mayor (applause). Councillor FARMER, in seconding, said he quite endorsed all that had been said by Councillor James as to the worthy qualities uf Colonel Harriaon. The motion was carried unanimously amid accla- mation. The newly-elected MAYOR said he begged to thank them fcr the honour they had done him. It seemed but aa yesterday since they did him the honour to elect him their first Mayor, and it was almost impos- sible to realise tne fact that it was eight years ago. He thought they had one great reason to congratulate themselves, and that was that thongh there had been many changes in the constitution of the Council, only one of their original colleagues had been removed by the hand of death. During the past eight years they had, he thought, conducted the affairs of the Conncil very happily and harmoniously, and he could only hope that this would continue for the future, and thar. they might be able to carry out in a quiet and amicabie manner the works for the advantage of the borough, and for the good of the town and parish. tie would ask them once again to render him the assistance they did during his former year of office. It was an open secret that he would have preferred another gentleman occupying that post, but through the modesty inherent in some people, that gentleman could no'j be prevailed upon to act. He hoped, however, that through some method of cajolery he migat be persuaded to stand another year. He regretted exceedingly that the ex-Mayor (Alderman N. W. Fairies-Humphreys) was not present on account of indisposition. A letter was then read from Mr Fairies-Hum- phreys, regretting his inability to attend on account of being confined to bed with a cold. The MAYOR-ELECT said it gave him great pleasure to move that the best lhauks of the Cuuncil be given to Alderman Fairies-Humphreys for the interest he had taken in the Borough during his years of office, and the g mtlemauly manner iu whicn he had con- ducted ito tffairs. He could congratulate him upon the way in which he had conducted matters dur.ng the ercitmg time he had had, and hoped that such all experience wou.d not be his. They all Bincerely hoped that the il.ness he now suffered from would be but ot short duration (hear, hear). Councillor THOMAS WILLIAMS seconded, and con. curred iu the encuniums passed by the previous speaker as to the capabilities of the ex-Mayor. He cited in par.iuulur the assistance Alderman Fairles- Humphieys rendered to the Council with regard to the dairy ciatsef, when he helped them out of a diffi- calty by defraying half the expenses. j The vote ,f thanks was supported by Councillor EDWARD WILLIAMS, aud catried unanimously, a similar compliment being also paid to Mr C. S. Pryce, town clerk, who, in reply, expressed the honour he felt in occupying the post of Town Clerk of the Borough ana the pleasure it gave him to serve the Council. ELECTION OF COUNCILLORS. The TOWN CLERK reported the ejection of Messra Wm. Jones and Archibald Graham as councillors to fill the vac 4Dcies caused through the retirement by rotation of Councillors J. Withers and W. Mickle- burgh. The newly-elected Councillors he also reported had made the necessary declarations to qualify for, ffice. COMMITTEES. The vaiions committees were appointed and con- sisted for th" most part of 'he whole Council. Coun- cillors James, Farmer, and Jones were appoinled to snpennie .d the street lighting, and Councillors Jam)5 and Farmer to superintend the management of the disiiict road. SERGE 4NTS-AT-MACE. Messrs Maurice Davies and Reuben Davies were reappointed to this office. It was ordered that tne mace. be laid on the table for the annual meeting each November. BANGOR COLLEGE. A letter was read from the Registrar of Bangor University College asking the Town Council to app int a representative governor of that institution. —On the motion of Councillor JAMES, seoonded by Councillor THOMAS WILLIAMS, Councillor Graham was appointed as such. FIRB ENGINE. Councillor GRAHAM asked what provision was made as to fire-extinguiahing appliances should an outbreak occur. It appeared that the engine had been handed over to the Corporation by the Alliance Company, and that their caretaker was not now responsible for its custody.-It was decided that the Town Sergeant should look after the fire engine for the present pending a permanent arrangement. With regard to the question of a fire brigade being formed, it was resolved to ask the Mayor to carry out his promise of testing the efficiency of the engine as a preliminary to the formation of the brigade. This was all the business of interest, and the sitting concluded with an invitation from the Mayor to the Council to accompany him to church on Snnday, in accordance with the ancient custom.