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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS.! FQIvDEN, WEDNE3DAY. Present: Col. R. J. Harriscn (chairman), Messrs W. Pryca (vice-chairman), Col. Twyford, the Rev L. J. Lee (ex-ogicio), Rev J. Sawer, Messrs S. Miller, E. R. Owen, F. Langford, J. Thomaa, W. E. Jones, Thomas Rogers, and E. D. Parry, with Mr C. S. Pryce (clerk). 8TATISTCS. It was reported that the number in the House was 110, against 114 corresponding week last year second week, 111 against 111: vagrants, 121 against 67 first week second week.. 115 against 00 last year. Out- relief: Per-Mr R. Tomley, Montgomery, firg,, we,-k, £6 6s to 79 recipients second week, £ Q 6 to 79 re- Hp ents; per Mr J. Fortune, Welshpool, £ 5 1., 3i S6 persons second wpek. X I l4, 6d to 86 persons; per Mr J. Oliver, Worthen, X5 43 to 69 second week, £ 5 2a to 69. 8TAFING IT OFF. The-Clerk read a circular letter from the Wands. Vorth. Union, enclosing a resolution passed by them in reference to the Local Government; (England and Wales) Bill, as follows: "That this Board is of opinion that the change proposed in poor-law admin- istration by the Local Government Bill of 1893 should be omitted therefrom, ani any alteration ahould, be dealt with by sep irate legislation after full enqairy by a Royal Commission." They aiked the Board to pass a similar reeolulion.-The Chairman remarked that there was a strong opinion on both aides of the Honse of Commons that no alteration in the Poor Lawphould be made through the passing of the Bill. It would be like altering the Poor-law by a aide-wind. No doubt the Poor Law would be dealt with sooner or later, and it should be taken up by a separate bill, and after careful enquiry. It was not a party question at all, as could be seen that the eeoond reading was carried without a division. 1f they passed the resolution of the Wandsworth Union it would meet their view of the case.—Mr W. Pryce said one of the points that required amendment was the mode of the eleetion of Guardians. It seemed a wrong point that these men who did not pay rates J should have votes.-The Chairman remarked that the whole question of the Poor Law would be debated in the House of Commona. Both Mr Gladstone and Mr Fowler had said that it was a matter for discussion. -Rev Mr Lee: If we carry this resolution, it in. volves everything. I think almost every Board of Guardians in the country have passed similar resolu- tions to this on the point.—Col. Twyford We oniy wish enquiry prior to legislation.—Mr Thomas thought it was most important to pass the resolution. —The Chairman moved, and Mr Thomas seconded, that the motion of the Wandsworth Union be adopted. —This was carried, as well as a resolution to forward the terms of the resolution to the Local Government Board. This was all the business of public importance. MACHYNLLETH,—WEDNESDAY. Present: Messrs Edward Hughes, Aberfrydlan (in the ch*ir), Ellis Hughes, Cemmes (vice-chairman), Owen Edwards, Seaborycoed, Richard Owen, Isygar- reg, Thomas Evans, Darowen, Evan Evans, Towyn, "William Parry, Pennal, John Rowlands and Richard Ellis, Machynlleth, and David Lewis, Uwchygarreg, Mr D. Evans, clerk, and Mr D. Morgan, assistant Clerk. STATISTICS. Out-relief administered during the past fortnight, Machynlleth district, per Mr John Jones, £ 22 17s 8d to 96 paupers, decrease of .£1 in relief, and of 2 paupers; Pennal district, per Mr Wm. Jones, .£2928 to 108 panpera, a decrease of 3 6d in relief, and of 3 paupers; and Darowen district, per Mr D. Howell, .£4i 7s 4d to 150 panpers, an iucrease of 4s 41 in relief, and of 1 pauper. Number in the House, 40 list year, corresponding period, 34 vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 122, last year, correspond- ing period, 90. Amount of cheques signed, .£253. Till: HOUSE. The Master reported that the gas lamp had been fixed in front of the House and it gave eutire satis- faction.—Mrs and Miss Trevor visits 1 the Houce on Nov. 2nd and were gratified in finding the House so clean and in such good order and the children so happy. OVERALLS FOR TRAMPS. The Visiting Committee, Mr John Re's and M: William Parry, rec mmended that the master ahoull obtain prices for clothing for tramps in case they destroyed their own clothes, and also for four suits for inmates in case of admission, if any.-The Master said if any persons were brought into the House there would be no clothes for them.—Mr David Evans, the clerk, asked the master if he specified to the draper that combinations were wanted.—The Master replied that he asked for prices for over- alls," and that meant combinations.—On the propo- sition of Mr Owen, it was resolved to get the cioth- ing. LISTS OF VAGRANTS. The Master submitted a list of vagrants for the half-year ended September 29th, 1893, sh3wing the names of the places they slept the night previous to being admitted into the House. The following is the list:—From Dolgelley, 445; Aberystwith, 369; from Caeraws, 102; Dinas Mawddwy, 17; Llanbeor, 14; Llanidloes, 12; Bala, 9; Barmouth, 6; Towyn, 4; Rhaiadr,14; Llanwrst, 3 4 Cann Office, 2; Tregaron, 2; Devil's Bridge, 1; and Llanfair, I.-The Clerk asked what object the master had in preparing that list.—The Master remarked that some Guar- dians a short time ago said that Machynlleth was a central Union, and be prepared the list to support the Guardians.—The Chairman said that the ticket systenr which was in force at Aber ystwyth might tend to a decrease in the number of vagrants.—The list showed that the number of vagrants for 1.063 nights at Aberystwyth was ,742, and at Machynlleth for 1.123 nights 991.—A statement, prepared by Mr D. Morgan, assistant clerk, was read, which showed the number of in-door, out-door, and non-resident paupers to be 1,023 for the half-year ended 29th September, 1893, as com- pared with 886 during the corresponding period of 1892; being an increase of 137 vagrants. Out-relief: 1892, ^1,2«1 5s 8d 1893, XI,238 9a 5d, a decrease in amount of relief of .£52 16s 3d.-In-maintenance 1892, £ 208 10* lOd 1893, £ 192 lis 2d. a decrease of J615 19a 8d. Non-resident relief: 1893, X.75 19o Od 1892, -663 17s 5d, an increase of X7 Is 7d. SANITARY AUTHORITY. A meeting of the Rural Sanitary Authority was also held, there being present, Messrs. Ellis Hughes {chairman), Edward Hughe. Edward Morgan, Owen Edwards, Vvilliam Parry, David Lewis, John Row- lands, and Richard Ellis; Mr Humphreys, inspector. LLANFYLLIN—THURSDAY. Present: Mr Evain Evans (chairman), Mr William Jtoberts (vice-chairman). Mr J. Jones, ex-officio, Messrs John Jones, Guilsfield, John Ryle, Robert Roberts, Evan Roberts, John Hughes, J. Thompson Williams, Robert Richards, J. M. Jones, and David Price; with Mr W. A. Pugh, clerk. THE PENYLAN CASE. The Guilsfield and Meifod Guardians having rp. ported that they were prepared to pay £5 towards sending the deaf and dumb boy to Manchester school, it was decided at once to get him entered in the school. A letter was read from Mr Bremner Smith, of Oswestry, stating he was prepared to make plans and specifications for the improvements wanted in the vagrants ward for 3 per cent on the cost, with an additional 2 per cent, for supervision of work. Several circulars from various Unions were read bearing on the Local Government Bill now before Parliament. It was decided that they be left on the table. A circular was read from the Burton-on-Trent ( Union, relative to the Pauper Lunatics and Im- beciles in the Workhouses, drawing attention to the following resiolutio-na, which had been moved at the afcove Board That the grant of 4s. per week at present r«ceived by Boards of Guardians from the County Council, in respect of each pauper lunatic cbarsreab'e to the Union and maintained in an Asyluoin should be given for Pauper Lunatics and Im'oeciles, who are maintained in the Workhouse Wards if the latter are conducted to the satisfaction of the Lunacy Commissioners, in the isanie way that such grants are paid to the Parochial Boards in Scot- land, and that a representation be made to the Local Government Board." The B )ard concurred with tfa's resolution. Mr J. Thompson Williams th¡>n drew attention to the payment of the doetore and thfir fees, and in sup- port of his suggestion, that the Board should engace two qualified men, who would have to devote their whole time to the Union at a salary of £ 100 each. The matter was left in Mr Williams'e hands, that he might bring some definite proposal to lay before the Soard at the next meeting.