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TRADE NOTWE. —— ■- 4 If you want a good PIANO AMERICAN OGANS1 HARMONIUM, Or other Musical Instrument, the best plan is to go to a dealer who will give you advice as to make. style, durability, and suitability for various kinds of rooms. PHILLIPS & SON Would be pleased to afford you all the information in their power, and will end Illustrated Price Lists, etc., to any Addresff on receipt of post card. The following are some of their leading lines, but it must be borne in mind that they are merely sample instruments of the many which Phillips and Son can with confidence recommend. Pianofortes. PHILLIPS & so", SPECIAL 20 GUINEA. MODEL COTTAGE PIANOFORTE.—Height 4ft., length 4ft. 6in., depth lit. llin. In order to meet the ever-increasing enquiries for a, really satisfactory instrument at a comparatively low price, P. and S. have much pleasure in calling attention to this New Model. It is in handsome Walnut Case, with Albert fall, and carved bracket trusses. It has the full compass of seven octaves, triehord, full and round tone, good touch, improved spring action, and celeste pedal. It also has an Iron Frame, and. as is well. known, Pianofortes constructed with an iron frame. work stand infinitely better in tune than those with wood frames ard wrest planks, the reason being that the tension bears everywhere on metal, and the wrest oins work in a material rracticallv unyielflirr. Price £:U. NETT CASH, .£21. Carriage paid ió any Railway Station. PHILLIPS & SON'S NEW SUCCESS 25 GUINEA MODEL PIANOFORTE,—A new instru- ment brought out this season, and which, consistent with qualitv, is the cheapest in the market. Height 4ft. 2in width 4ft. Tin., depth 2ft. lin. The case is of Dark Walnut, burr front, three-compartment moulding top door, marqueterie centre panel, neat trusses, has Iron Frame of. mproved design, rich and powerful tone, full trichord, check action, pinned hammers, touch elastic and repetitions. A printed warranty for 10 years given wiih each instrument. NETT PRICE 25 GUINEAS. Carriage paid to any Railway Station. PHILLIPS & SON'S 30 GUTNEA IRON PIANOFORTE,—Height 4ft., width 4tt. 5in., depth 2ft. A magnificent instrument, which will compare favourably with those often sold at double the price. Full compass, trichord, check repeater actyn, complete Iron Frame, celeste pedal, burr Wunut Case, carved trusses, and splendid touch and wn#. NETT CASH 30 GUINEAS. Carriage paid to any Railway Station. Harmoniums and American Organs. PHILLIPS & SON'S MODEL COTTAGE HARMONIUM.—Full compass, excellent tone, imita- tion WHlnnt Case, new style cabinet top, with receptacie for music. Nothing to touch it for tbo money. X5 10a. NETT CASH. PHILLIPS & SON'S PORTMAN ORGAN,— In Walnut Case, splendid organ tone, latest inn provemente, perfect action. A valuable acquisition to the home. X7 10a. NETT CASH. PHILLIPS & SON'S ANGLO-AMERICAS ORGAN,-In an artistic case with top, eontaining cabinet for music, good tone, perfect action, large bellows, effective knee swell, with octeve couplers seven stops-Vox hunoana, melodia, diapason, oboe, dulciana, treble coupler, bass coupler. 9 GUINEAS NETT CASH. PHILLIPS AND SON'S NEW COTTAGE AMERICAN ORGAN,-10 stops, 2 oouplers (up and down), and vox humana, knee swells. Grand organ tone, in new designed American Walnut Case fall compass, with latest improvements. By the best maker in the world. Offered for the low sum of X14 14S. NETT CASH. Remarkable value. PHILLIPS AND SON'S "NEW MIRROR" AMERICAN ORGAN,-In magnificent American Walnut Case, decorated ir the bigb,-t style -f art. Height 5ft. llin., length 3f' 9iin„ epth 1ft. lOtin. Weight in box 4001bs. Eleven s^oi>s, 2 couplers, vox humana, grand organ and knee swells, i-nd all the latest improvements. A splendid instrument. The cheapest, finest toned, most handsome, ever produced for the money. Will adorn any bouse, and charm with its swet tone the most refined ear. Offered for Nett Cash at the marvellously low pr,oo of JUS. f Please remember that if I you would prefer paying for an instrument by in- ON HIRE stalments, P. and S. let out •{ on the Easy Hire-purchase PURCHASE System any of the above, at from 5s. to 23/6 a month. from 5s. to 23/6 a month. Full particulars on appli- L cation. THE MUSIC WAREHOUSE, 19, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN,