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bW XOCAL POLICE COURTS.) WELSH-TUESDAY. Before the Mayor (E. 0. Jones), D. P. Owen, W. Bogere, Esqrs, and Col. Twyford: D.C.C. Crowden also being present. Tgg RETIREMENT OF THE MAYOR.—Mr D. P- Owetr, on behalf of the magistrates, addressed the Mayor, and requested him to accept their best thanks for the way in which he had conducted the business of the Court as presiding magistrate during his term of office. They were all ..seeediogly pleased with the way in which he had done hie duty during the last twelve months, and he had heard some expressions on the previous day made by some prominent men which were most complimen- tary to the Mayor.-Col. Twyford said that they Ware all very pleased with the admirable way in which the Mayor had conducted the business of the Court, and in every case that had been brought before that Court he had acted with impartiality, And. had administered justice with kindness and werey., He was sorry-that he could not accept anothtsr term of office as Mayor, and congratulated bim upon his work in the past.—The Mavor said th&t he was very much obliged to them for what they bad said about him, and was pleased that his actions had met with the approval of the magistrates of the fcorough. The twelve mouths that be acted at Mayor to the borough would becne of his happiest recol- leefeions. He thanked the, officers of the Court and the Town Clerk for the way they had treated him during kis term of office. The Town Clerk had been Btokind, and he was extremely obliged to him. ffae police officers had always treated him with marked respect, and the town may be well proud of aueb a body of men. He had very great pleasure in thanking them one and all for their generous nonduct during his term pf oflice.—D.C.C. Crowden, on behalf of the police, thanked the Mayor for what he bad said about them.—The Town Clerk also thanked the Mayor. DAMAGING BARLEY.—Richard Williams, labourer, Powell's-row, wad summoned by Ed. Davies, malster, Saven's-square, with wilfully damaging his barley tta 27th October.—Complainant deposed that on the day in question defendant was unloading barley for witness, and while completing hiB work com- mitted a nuisance on a large heap of barley. Wit- ftsns aaked why be bad done it, and defendant said that he did not do it, but that a dog had done it. In answer to a.qu«stion by the defendant, witness admitted kicking him several times.—Wm. Jones gsid that there was no dog near the room where the offence was committed.—Price Tudor said that on -the 27th ult he was on the Cress with other fellows, and the defendant came up and told him that com- plainant had come up and kicked him several times Because he had committed a nuisance on his barley. -Defendant pleaded not guilty, and said if he had done wrong the punishment he had received when at tbo windlass, by the complainant kicking him, would bare been quite sufficient.—The Chairman said that sfter taking into consideration that Mr Davies took the law into his own hands and kicked the defendant, ibey had no other alternative but to dismiss the 4Mir. DrnrNK AD REFUSING TO QUIT.-WM. Hallo- way, painter, Hipb-street, was charged with the above offence. Defendant's wife appeared.—P.C. JReec stated that he was called to the Pheasant Inn on the 1st November by Mr Parry, who asked him to put the defendant out. Witness requested defendant to Ln, but he refused, and he was obliged to eject him.—Mr D. P. Owen said,that it was the day of the Sfaoieipal election, and they had got the man there iiad made him drunk, and then turned him out.- Taking this view of the .case, the Beuch adjourned the ease for. a fortnight to enable the defendant to Appear. NEWTOWN,—TUESDAY. Before R. Lloyd, Esq. DBCHK AND INCAPABLE.—Thomas Johnson, milk- tn&n, Yastre, was brought up in custody of P.S. 3torgan and charged with being drunk and incapable ott UIH previous Jay.—Prosecutor deposed that he found the defendant on the Kerry-road, drunk and lying in cbe gutter unable to walk, and he was obliged to bring him to the police station on a hand out.- J?iaM $a and costs. LLANFYLLIN,—TUESDAY. Before T. Jones, Esq., mayor, aud C. R. Jones, Esq D.C.C. Crowden »aa also present. Margaret Jones was charged with neglecting to eeÐd her son Frederick to school. The case had been adjourned from last month, and as the boy had atten- ded vrttrv well since the last meeting the case was ad- 4t>araed for another month.—P.S. Meredith charged aviifouaii, Melingraig, with being drunk in charge at a hoiseihd carton October 12th.—Fined S. asad -octe,-At, allowance of 28 6i was made to the man qrho took the hors" and cart home.-Evan Davies a fad of 14, was broai j't up in custody by P.C. Brum- welt, el-arged with breaking into Pentre Farm, Peny. boat, Llanercbymris, und stealing some bread and jam *ad a pocket kgife,The case was remanded. L LANDYSILIO, -SATURD.A. Y. Before Captain Mytton (chairman), and T. Pryce, r,sq., with D.C.C. Crowden. ACOAULT.-WM. Pryce, Canal House, labourer, difrgixnri John Evans, Trederwen, with assaulting hint on September 29th.—Wm. Pryce said on that day Im waa at the Canal House Inn about seven p.m., sad Evans, who W8 a sheep dealer. came in sad said, Tkis ia him who tries to stop me fishing. He did got believe defendant was sober. There were six or .D persona there at the time. Defendant caught Aim by the hair, and threatened him. P.C. Lewis iJbm. same in. Defendant threw his hat at c in. "•fc, hit him in the face, and turbid to r u;mself wa- I .,Ot xxnpla. AC. Lewis 2nd ir he d drunk. He was turned ffi* Defendant hurt him at all.—P.O. Lewis corroborated, arsaid the man was under the influ- 4w6 of AlAuk.Fined 7s and 8s costs. 4 VIOLENT TINKER.—John Burgess, of the fiatshers' Arms, Llaudrinio, charged James Moore, fcawker and tinker, Oswestry, with assaulting him on t 23.-00mpla.inant, said about six o'clock he saw defendant in the kitoben eitting down. He went out after tea, and hearing a row ho came to the front door. He heard defendant calling his wife S-Jme .Wfullauguago." Witness said "Yoit had better MAL, or I'll shift you." Defendant had a soldering &oa in his hand, and he said, If you come nigh me III knock your brains out," Defendant then hit ltiat with the iron on the temple. The iron W" a <9eej heavy one, and witness lost a couple of quarts at blood. Witnes8 knocked him down and took the jfeen from him. He then sent for P.C. Lewis. De- fendant came in afterwards, and witaeBS pushed him cat. He was taken to Welshpool and remanded. Complainant did not see a doctor.-Cross-examined: So did not knock defendant first.-Mrs Burgess, wife of complainant, said she was in the house all Defendant came in about four o'clock aud she mm him two pints or aie. ner asug. wervant girl were there, but did not serve defendant. She told him to take his pack and go. He picked up fú. pack and went to the door. He turned bllck, and called ber lilthy namec. She did not see the assault. —Defendant said he had been in the neighbourhood "Mty year-, but such a thing had never happened to him before.—On a charge of drunkenness against Sloore, P.C. Lewis said en Oct. 23 he went down to Butchers' Arms, and found defendant on his jhneee in front of the house. He was drunk and using tø and filthy language. He told defendant to gat BD, and after an effort to do so, he fell down backwards. Witness pulled him np and took him to Welshpool. Defendant asked witness whether he mm drtiok. dead drunk, helplessly drunk ? If so, here could he have had drink except at the •Btttebers' Armit.-Captain Mytton said they would 42ke in account the fact that he bad been ia prison Hitnt October 23rd, and would fine him on the second «oont 15», including costs; and on the charge of 30s, including costs, or twenty-eight days fiard labour. School CASES.—MP Evan Thomas, attendance .affie*# Meifod, charged C. Morris, Back row, Carreg- 'fcoCa, with not sending Ann Morris, a child of ten, to She had only attended seventeen times String the last half-year.—Captain Mytton said .wxnething must be done with regard to the attend Aoeee. The Inspector had been to the Trefnanny «ebooi and had said it was the worst attended that ■,ff0 know of.-A fine of 5a was imposed.—Mr Thomall ._Ii in the oa.s'" of Frank Jones, boatman, fines I-offiek had beeu-imposed in December and June had opt been paid.- P.C. Lewis said Jones had recused to .VeyCaptain Mutton said the matter would be decided at the next meeting. 6")L SMALL JOB."—John Jones, Brynova, Llan- jBBtffraid, was charged by P.O. Lewis with being Arunk and disorderly near the S .rney on September P.C. Lewis proved the case.—Fined 12s, in- leludin<r costs.—Defendant s«id they charged very dear for a small job (laughter). LLANIDLOES,—THURSDAY. ithe Mayor (Aloermltn Ed. Davie.), and J. Kitto, KMJ. ASV*UF.T. Elizsbeth Jones, Dyfnsnt Terrace. .Mminotied Maria Thomas, of the same Terraoe, with "sweaeltiog her. There WEIR also a croas-summotia.- IJStib&abAth Jones deposed that on the 26th September jjm wai by her door, and defendant came up to her ffnA a Mr ask her with a stick across the head which .4au¡e4 the blood to flow, and had since been attended a» doo&or —Defendant said that it was all a pack and that witness was going p«s* plaintiff ■ Jshe threw CM of water ttTftfcw. She passed there again, and plaintiff was waiting for her with a can of water in her hand, and John Jerman .struck her. Jermau then held witness while the /complainant fetahed more water, and it was then that witness struck her with a fir sprig oa the head. Wnile Jerman was holding witness plaintiff caught hold of her hair and pulled her head near the ground., —Edith Jones was called by the defendant who said that she saw Elizabeth Jones standing by her door with a can of water in her hand, but she did not see plaintiff throw the water on the defendant; but saw the defendant wet afterwards.-The Mayor said that this was not the first time that she had been before him, and there must be something about her that created these disturbances, and they thought she was to blame. They bound both parties over to keep the peace for six months in £ 5; and each to pay their own costs. T'O' DRUNK AND ASSAULTING THE POLICE. MinOOn George, labourer, Smithfield-street, was charged with being drunk and assaulting the police on the 26th August laet.-P.C. Hugh Jones stated that on the aboue date about 10-50 p.m he waa in Long Bridge- street in company wish P.C. Roberts. They saw a large erowd opposite the Van Vaults. Maurice Price and defendant were there, and were trying to get into the Van Vaults. Witness requested George to go away, but he refused, and he had to pull him off the steps and they fell. While on the ground he received several kicks on the legs, but he did not be- lieve that the defendant kicked him purposely. He was very drunk, and he had to loose him owing to the crowd who were hustling them about.—Defendant ad- mitted being drunk. He was also summoned for aa- sault by Inspector Lake, who stated that on the 26th August he saw a large crowd by the Van Vaults about 10 50 p.m. He went there and saw the de. fendant struggling with the police consta,ble on the ground. He took hold of the defendant, aud he then struck witness in the chest several times. He tried to get witness down, and shouted to the crowd to do so. Witness got him up, and handed him over to his fnends. He was very drunk.—Defendant said that he was a bit tight.He was further charged by the Inspector with being drunk on the Sunday.-P.O. Hugh Jones proved the c&se.-Ini;pector Litke said that defendant had been in prison two months, and had paid £ 2 15a for damages to uniform, and under the circumstances he did not ask for a heavy penalty. —The Mayor said that on defendant promising to re- form and start afresh, they would let him off with a fine of ten shillings in each case of drunkenness, and dismiss the two assault cases. PERMITTING DRUNKENNESS. Samuel Pugh, landlord of the 'Jrown Inn, was summoned by In- spector Lake for serving intoxicating drink to a man while under the influence of driuk.—Inspector Lake stated that on the 23rd September, about 10-55 p.m., he visited the Crown Inn, and found a man named John Edwards, in the bar with the landlord drunk, wiuh a glass of beer before him. He drew the atten. tion of the defendant to him, and he replied that he was only a bit sleepy. He told Edwards that he was drunk, and he drank up his beer and walked out of the house, upsetting some glasses on the way. This man was convicted at the last sessions for being drunk on licensed premises, when he admitted the offence. —Defendant paid that the man was not drunk.—The Inspector contradicted him, and defendant answered 1. we shall meet on this point on the judgment day (laughter.)—Defendant called David Mills, who said tnat on the day in question he was in the Crown Inn, and saw the man alluded to, whom he thought was sober. In answer to the Chairman he said the man was q iite sober, and he also was sober.—The Mayor said that as there was a difference of opinion in the case, they would give the defendant the benefit of the doubt. It was a very serious charge, and might have caused some injury to his license. They hoped that he would e careful in future.—The Clerk Be civil to the police.—This the defendant promised. ASSAULT.—Ann Owen, High Street, summoned D. Owen, China Street, with assaulting her.—Com- plainant said that on the 3rd inst. she was fetched to the Bear Inn about 9 o'clock, and Mr Owen put his fist iu her face, and called her a most offensive name. —Defendant said that his boy went to school and dropped his cap, and complainant's girl picked it up and ran away. She gave it up to the schoolmaster. In the evening the complainant's daughter again stole his boy's nat. He sent his servant girl to the complainant's to see what she had done with the cap. Complainant came to his house very agitated, and the only words that he uttered were where is the cap yon old jade.David Davies said that he was in the when Mrs Owen came there, and he never heard Mr Owen call her any out of the way name.— The Beuch said that they did not find the charge of assault proved, and dismissed the case. The only course open to the defendant was to have charged the detendant with using obscene language. NEWTOWN,—FRIDAY. Before R. E. Jones, Richard Lloyd, and Hugh Lewip ) Esqra., and Captf" v>i-Jnn«s. A VALUABLE WITNES. ried woman, Canal-road, v fowl, the property of Jo jfi-^ that her advocate, Mr I _E'Uzabeth EvanSf mar. 2".fls2l5rar e«h h. „ wfshod'St ath! and this was agreed to ing to bind Astley and n(jant paid the witnesses 2s ia,hXneTcomf ^ned 4?2d, and 2s would not Talbot-That is all *rork-—Mr I albotw»s proceed- shall not cole for •"<>*? wltn°8B T^0 apK will Lvo +/» .ve evidence, when Astley said he I « but not for two shillings. Mr BBKACH OF THE allows.-Astley I Davies and Son b two shillings.—Mr Talbot: You fence under the '°r t.he Pohce 7fitchme then" fantorv insnflotop have to come and fetch me then, mills on th«fl2fch FACTORY ACTS.—Messrs Edward under the of uilders, were charged with an of- p?<Xd or oJr AC. Mr O. W. Ho.r. § aaid ne visited defendants *aw S SOTM? October, and found a boy working "ant aaid I8 yearB- No fa°tory register was .J Dpi titioates. The elder aerenaanc aia > to find it, and his son was out. Wit- neb iin the next day, when the elder de- fend. de had got a book but there was nothing in it. tendant said that the boy was an apprentice to the j. ry work, and was in no way connected with th, for- He did not know that it was ne- oeasary tot tog certificate, or it would have been got and the Act "rried out.-Fined 20s including oostB. STEALING WATER.- Mrs Morris was summoned by the Newtown Water Works Company for stealing water, the property of the Company.—E. C. Jones, clerk in the Waterworks office, said on the 15th Sep- tember he was coming down Pafk-street, Newtown, about nine o'clock in the evening, v-hen he observed defendant coming out of her house Vi. 11 a tin iu her hand. He watched her going across to a tap in Owen's Row. She presently came from there. He heard the water running, but did not see the tap turned. The tap belonged to Mr Harding, of Kerry, the water being supplied by the Waterworks Com- pany. He went up to defendant, and he saw the can was full of water. Witness asked her if she knew she was stealing the water. She said she was very sorry, and atiked him to overlook the matter as she was not the only one who was taking it among Mr Pnillips' tenants, who wete not supplied with water by the Company.—Mr Edward Jones, manager of the Company, said there had been a. deal of pillertug of water in the neighbeurhood, and the Directors of the Company requested him to mantion the matter to the Court, and ask them to make an example. One woman in the neighbourhood waa caught stealiug water and forgiven, but that had had no effect. Thwre were notices over the tap.-Fined 108 and costs.-Mr Lloyd did not adjudicate. A COSTLT ASSAULT ON AN OLD MAN.—John Weaver, of Frank well, 'bun driver at the Bear Hotel, was charged with assaulting and beating Evan Lewis, 'bus driver, at Newtown, on November lat.- Complainant said he was &n omnibus driver at the Elephant Hotel, Newtown. On the evening of the let inst., he was at the railway station with Weaver. He said to Weaver that if he were the owner of the Bear's Head horses, he should Rive him six months for driving them in the way defendant did. He came up to witness, and gave him a thrashing, until the blood came "spinning" out of his mouth and ear. It was the aeoond timot he had hit witness. Witness was at the bottom ot the stairs, defendant being on the top, and he whacked him well. Witness went np to defendant and said "kill me off now, you have half-killed me," but, witness in answer to Mr Talbot, said defendant did not kill him although witness re- quested him to do no.Crose-examinel You did not tell me your were not driving the 'bus. Were you drunk or sober ?—I was sober. You kave been at me ever since loame to Newton u.-Did you call me a rogue, acamp, and liar, and everything else you could lay your tongue to ?-No, you told me to go home to Cardigan, and I said I ha I as much right as you had to live in Newtown. You are jealous of me. —The Justice s Clerk: Did you raise your nana to defendant?—No. I did not.—Mr Slartin Woosnam said he was coming by the mail train on the 1st inst. He had got to the bottom of the station steps, when he happened to look back and saw defendant on the top of the steps, while the last witness was two steps below. Lewi had hold of the wall of the station with one hund, and defendant was hitting him right and 1 t't, striking him half-a-dozen blows in the face and about tho head. Witness went up to defendant and pulled h.m off Lewis, who would have fallen buck- wards had h i not been immediately released. The complainant did not raise his hand, nor could have done so had he wished.-Mr A. T. Spalding, Editor of the Exprets, said that he saw the assault; and also Mr W OOinsm pull defendant off Lewis. As far aa ho knew complainant was perfectly sober, though diitressed and somewhat excited over the occurrence. Lewis on being struck narrowly escaped falling headlong to the bottom of the atone mteps.-Defeudant said that that evening Lewis's mate missed a regular passen- two dA towb ouwd kit 'bos owidaetoc all tfeewsj if I to the station. (Lewis I never cursed in my life.) He did strike Lewie, but it was before the mail came in.—Joseph Davies, 'bus conductor, raid he heard Lewis call defendant a fc*r msui S4UW> word* which he constantly used. A few words easued before the mail train came in, and Lewis pushed Weaver, and the latter struck him. After the train had come in defendant struck him again.—The Chairman said they had no doubt whatever as to the assault, and they fined him X2, including oosts. There wa3 no excuse for the aa ault. USING ABUSIVE LANGUAGE. David Williams, factory hand, the Lot, Newtown, was charged by P.C. Rowlands with usitg abusive language in Park- street, on the 6th inst. Couiplainant. depo-ed that on the above dati be concealed himself behind the double doors leading to Newtown Hall gardens, and after remaining there about tweilty minute he heard the defendant make use of very abusive language, while conversing with another man about some birds He was shouting so loud thai anyone passing the other side of the road would have been able to hear him.—P.S. Morgan said there had been bills posted about the town for a considerable time cautiouing persons against uiinir obscene language —Defendant denied th", ..tfence.-The Chairman said that the case bad been proved against defendant, but they would not deal with it then, but bound defendant over to come up for judgment when called upon, and to pay the costs amounting to, 7s









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