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A STEAMGE SUICIDE. • On Saturday week the ordinarily quiet life of the r inhabitants of Cwm Nantymeichiaid, about midway between Meifod and Llantyllin, received an unptau sant shock. The autumn fall of the leaf in that- peaceful, smiling vale hlld disclosed the ghastly sight of a human corpse hanging high up in a "1"" more tree. Upon close inspection it was fonnd that the body was that of a farm labourer named William Davies, a young man of about twenty-three. The deceased was well known in the neighbourhood, and had been missiDg since June5th. He had, it appears, been fighting with another man at Llanfyllin a day or two previously to the date of his disappearance, and rumours were afloat that his antagonist was not likely to recover from the injuries he hnd received. It is suppo-ed that those rumours, which reached tile ears of hp, deceased, terrified him, and in his fright he climbed up the tree where his body was fADund. and- there strangled himself. If this theory be correct his body has been hangmg there for the past five montbt. On Monday, W. A. Pughe, Esq, of Llanfyllin, held an inquest on the body, when the following evidence Was given :-Daid Davies, father of the deceased, a drainer, living at Eronfridile, said he last saw de- ceased at dinner time ou Jui.e 5. His son bad been quarrelling wish H. u-sa named Eliis, at Llanfyllir on Friday Juua 2. lie (witness) only heard of t' quarrel on the Monday, awl be nsko his son why hdd- been quarrelling. His son s*id, "He struck me firit. VViti es, then told him he had had a lot of trouble with him lately, and would have no more to do with him. He 15,1 ver had ariyseiious trouble with him. He ne\e;: saw his son alive after that, On oatuiday bsr, a body was brought to his house. There was no doubt it was his sou's body. He could tell it by the clothes. It wa< his son's body that the jury had viewed. He had no doubt about it beinc his son s body. He was aware that the body bra been found hanging up in a tree in a field on the PIS* farm. He had seen the rope by which the budy was hanging. It belonged to an old-fashioned bfdcoid in his house. Hil1 son had never said anything to lead him to suppose that he intended to destroy him- 80 W-M- LJLoyc!' a farmtr» living at Cefn, said hs saw_Willii*m Divies on June 5 last, on the road nesr the Cefn, as he was returning from Llanfyllin. De» ceased asked him whether he heard anything abont him in Llanfyllin that morning. Witness replied that he had not, but that he had met Robert Davies on the road, who told him that Ellis was very sick- and under the doctor's hands. Ho told deceased to go and talk to Robe -t Davies himself. J)»,sjes "as working in the yar at the Cefir what took speak to Davies. Witness returned be place between them. Wtie-11 said in Welsh came to the stable to witness, ie." Hewae ""L1_4.L: -I lytui-,g is quite true as you tofuifc, Be' crying, and seemed very macii vexed abotAjm afterwards left the yard, and witness never flu. again. P.S. Meredith said a warrant was obtaw. against deceased at Llanf v ll n, on June 5, on a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Robert Ellis on Jnne 2. Witness had seen Robert Ellis, and found him suffering from a broken rib, an injtired back and thigh, two black eyes, and other injuries. It was rumoured that Ellis's life was in danger. About four o clock he attempted to execute a warrant by calling at Fronfrialle. He saw the father aad mother of deceased. Mrs Davies was very anxious to hear the particulars of the case, as lib" had heard that Ellis was not likely to recover. Witness described the case to her. and shn atmpftrnd to tMt greatly relieved. Deceased bad left the house at dinner time, and they did not know where he gone. Witness had searched for deceased in evexy way he could think of in order to execute the war- rant, but he had failed to find him.-Evan Jones, Owchbach, said on Saturday last his wife came to him, and said she had seen something in a tree in the Plas Meadow. She said it was something like man. but she was too much frightened to look at it much. Witness went to the tree, which was not far from his house, and saw a man hanging there. Until lately the tree had been thickly covered with leaves, and no one would have noticed anything nnleas he looked very closely. His wife bad been going by the tree every day during the summer for water. The body was hanging about ten yarde from the ground. He could see that the body was dead. He went for Mr Evans, of TVT arif.vmoiflhiuii-l on A M.. Evans went to L anfyllin to inform the police. P.S. P.8, Meredith came, and P.O. Hughes, of Meifod. Wit. ness was present when the body was taken down. It was quite a skeleton, and must have been hanging there tor months.—The Coroner ably summed up the evidence, and said the three points the jury had to consider were-first, whother the body had been sufficiently identified second, by what means the deceased had owe to his de-tth, and third, assuming that he had committed suicide, the reason why he had made away with himself.—The jury, of which Mr Thomas Evans, Nantymeichiaid, was foreman. found that the body was that of William Davies. and that he met his death by hanging- himself on the 5th of June, having become terapotai-iiy insane through fright. 0