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{ NOTES O FOOTBALL. L-By Waiwdbreb.] SHROPSHIRE AND MSTEBGT 1 LEAGUE. UEWTOWN v. MARKET DBAY3{?J £ This league fixture wa* played on Saturday afr ewtewn, on "I'nu Cunnings," before a gooi'«ium» r, 8fc>ecjtaiors. Tne horme team won the wes", and Hobson, kicked off toe the v.sito.-s a few Minutes, after baU-pu^t two. A throw in fell to the Dtaytoa tearn. alid Gr-^n and Ha&eideue maie a rush.-but they were repulsed, and Parry securing, rusked up ttle field witn tb- nail and sent in a beauty, whicu completely beat Boulimers asii scored the first goal in less thau fivia minutfroevthe star. F.j&ehed- with suœ"i! Pr..y an i Morgan returned co the attack, but we-e unsuccessful, and a se ies of throwing' full owed, W £ L Pyoe-J.-nes finally ijeiuiiui? b&nifid..FLiZtJ.deiJH. ojMii a, pretty run dow.i the win*, One iu i he jm«s Tayi.-r SeCUBed and cleared r-pendid-y. WhaUey and VV. E. Pryve' Jones raced down the field, tbe former centring off. the line. Two corners the i f.,U to N Nvwwu, but, they failed to. gaiu any a-lvauta^ Another corner fe-A to the homesters, wniuh -&4- wa 1 p-tice-I by iParEy, and. lilite 1 over t.h. bar by A W. Pryce-Jones, Bircn and Morris th,u rnn dcovu tti field. t>utTaylor. was there, anoi i ii his u-uat st^U# e eared nujid loud cheering. A nice run up be right wing pl.<d tne home goal iadange M.jrrisr can tied beautifully, but Bircn, erringiy, lifted it over the bar. Tue, same wing rrvatle another niee run, but Taylor wai tco good for Vo is, and completely beat him, and gave the badi-i to Chapman, who Met in a hot shot, ana caused the goal- keeper to give a corn-r. It was taken by W. E- Pi-yee-Jones, and A. W. Pryce-Jones scored with ,80 beautiful shot. From the kick-off W E. Pryco- Jones and Whalley pnssed nicoiy, and worked the ball well; down the field. W. i? ..Pryce-Jones passed to Parry, who was beaten by -Vowler. A foul wao- giTen in favoar of Newtown, and Potrry secarin- just mged to plaoe the ball owe* the bar. Tueker «;ot possession or the globe, and chivied it up. tinj held, but unfortunately shot wide. Birch and Morris then got possession, and made a pretty spin i towards the home territory, but tijodwin, who .was plaving iostead of Townsend, stapped them, but they returned to the at'.ack, and caused Rees a littie trouble, W. E. Pryca-Jonee -aad Whalley made a combined run up the field, the latter doing some/very neat work, but inot in the last moment he unfortu' nately headed behind. Birch and Morris made a fiae run, and centred well to Hobson, who nad the goal at his ntarcy, and failed &'J score. Newtown secured hands in the goat, but- Tacker 8ho wide. The visitors right wing made a rash, and were very near scoring when hands was given. Morgan headed ovan the bar twice from two tree throws, and from another Tucker parsed to Morgan, and the latter headed it beautifully into the hands of the custodian. Some give and take play ensued, and eventually Chapmaii secured and scored the third goal. Upon restarting after half-time A. W. Pryee-Jones and Chapman. atade a da.hmg rllll and passed to Whalley. The latter headed in a shot which was saved. Parry and Morgan then brokst away and forced a corner, -,vaiett Cnapman drove over. From a corner the visitors secured hands in tho goal which was headed ovsr. The visitors were very unlucky near the goal, aad oould not score. Watley secured the fourth goal- from a pass by Parry Hobson gave ees somA troltble- but eventually. e-hot over the bar. After a good! deal of scuffi ng near visitor's goal, Morgan secnrc;<i, and with a fine eho £ swicki the fit-h for Newtown.- The homesters agikii-. returned to the attack, and ^fewyy centreing, Morgan scored the 6ixth very soon aitier the last. A scckm- mage took place in the Drayto* goal, which .caused much excitement, and A hen,, one of the half backs of the Drayton team. woi-sd a good seventh foe Newtown. A very short time elapsed before A. VV. Pry ca-Jones scored that eighth, and the. home- sters came off the field victorious by eight goals- to none. The following are-she teams :— Newtown -Goal. E. Rses; backs, 0. Taylor and. Goodwin; half bicke, Tu.ker, T. Chapman, and T. Wortheu; right wing. W. E. Pryoe-Jones-. anii Whalley, left wing. Parry aud Morgan s, centre, A. W. Pryoe-Jones. Market Drayton:-Goal, Boulimere; backs, JFowler^ and Bates half backs, Tixamis, Nodes and Allen right wing, Hazeldene and Greeu; lett wing, Birqb. and Morri« centre, Hobson. Linesmen :—Lewis and; Humphrey Owen. Referee,—Mc'Ill wraith. CAERSWS E CARNo.-Thie match WSo". played )at. Caersws on Saturday, 4th inst., and .resulted in ear- win for the home tear* by 4 goals to nil. At haif time Caersws were leading by 3 to O. In the secyod half they many times had hard lines, bat, only added one to their score. The play of the CaBrsws teaci. has greatly altered sinwi they met Nejrtown Reserve. Winning team C. Bradley backs,, J; Spoonley and Tom Cleeton half-backs. W, G. Cleeton, E. Watkim and A. Bradley- forwards, G. Bradley, M. Watkins, P. Price, W. AHrqe and M. Price. WELSHPOOL v. IA.-AXIDLC) *Rs.-A very gooclfgama was witnessed between these two clubs, on.. tce Henfaes field, on Saturday. The home team, were fully represented, while Llanidloes, with one,.or two exceptions, played their cup team. The baU>ra set- rolliug at 3 30, aneSiit appear ed evident at the outset that the homesters won d have plenty to oft. The forwards of the contending team showed smart;form, I heading and pa?.wag the ball with good efi'aat. The home team teemad alive to the emergency. The for- wards were well-supported by t':eir backs, and froni,, a pretty run the homesters ore." firs- blo,.d.;and -.t. half-time were fthdad by o.,vo gWll to nosn. Oa changing ends the play of Llanidloes feU ofE, PO JL pressing, but failed to score. Three minutes before the fall of time ths visitors scored, a drawn pame b-;ng the res-ilt. The homerifcers, without mentioning^ nam-»s, playeif well, and if jh same form ou the 2 in -t. N-ill gtand a good chance of cominaront well ror the Juuiui rup. SSROPSHIBE LEAGUE. So fa.r aspis known tM rr^llowin^ is tie result, of the matches iz Abe League play est;- Matches Goals. P. V. L. D,, lv- As&t Pte_ Newtown 5 5- o, (i., 31 i Shrewsbo/ry Town 7 5 2 O* 26 19 WhitchnjRk is. 4 I 2S 10 8 Ironbridge 8 1 o 1 j 5. 6 St. Geoe', 3 2 2 a 9" 7 4 IlereforA 5 2 3 0, 9 r), 4 Wellington Town 5, 2 3 0 8 ]3, 4 Oswesary United 5 1 4 (I 8 18. 2 Market Drayton 5 14 0. 6 24 2 Newport 7 1 6 0 14 2S 2 Wellington Town met Wellington St. George's on Sa u-day in the above lea?n«, at Wedington, the t. wn team coming off victorious by two goals to U')IK5. Irfnb ridge hid Herpford at Jr. abridge on Saturday. tbs bom tettm managing to get off victorious by ith.P goals to case. Whitchurch beat Newpwt at Whitehnroh on Saturday by five goals to three. r On Men lay last a reoresentative team of the various ciub^ forming tha Shropshire Leaene met the Wolverhampton Wanderers on St. George's ground to play: a benef,;$ m,-qltoh, fthe Shropshire Leaene. The Wolves played an exosJJent game, and neither (li grained advantage during the first halt. I the second half the Wolves proved tba better t"am, and scored two goals to DOCI. According to a Wolverh&mpton paper, Cbipman, the Newtown centre half-back, played excellently ENGLISH LEAGUE. In the first division of the English League on Satuiday, Wolverhampton ionrueyed to Newton Heath and got biyvieu by one goal to none. Darwen vanquished West Bromwich Albion at Darwen, by two 'goals to one. Blackburn had Preston North End at Blackburn, and scored one goal to none. Stoke was. eulces-fu! in their match with Burnley at t Stoke, comitg off victorious by four goals to two. Derby County overpowered Everton at Derby, by t..w) goals to one. As son Villa just managed to defeat Scjuderland at Aston Villa, by two goals to one. In tho second division of the English League, Woolwich Arsenal conquered Ardwick by one goal to none. Rotherhaaa lown were beaten by Burton Swifts by our gQils to two. Walsall Swifts made a diaw with Liverpool of ono goal each. Smali Her.h,defesied Lincoln City by five goals to two. aud Grimsby Towa beat Middlesboro Ironopolia by six goals to two. on their own ground.