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(2AJSK8WS. AN AMUSING BLUNDER.—As many of our <.<*aders are aware the Montgomery-shire County C ouncil have recently caused to be erected a number of finger-poctc. throughout the county. By some unfortunate bl uuder a finger-post was erected at Cderews on which it states than the iistance to Newtown was 5l mile-, while a milestone a few yards on the Newtjwn sId. states it to be 6 miles to that place Anutherbiandei was that it was one mile to Pontdolgoch, while on(- at that place states it to be two miles to Caergws, Tt e wags of the city tried to Polve thi. problem bat failed until Boniface came-to.the rescue by staling that it was one of his customers who measured the road. While coming fio, his houee it was one mile, aud Z!(' he caused it to be entered accordingly but on returning he measured it again, when be found it to be two miles. Needless to say this explanation wa deemed satisfactory. GRAND EVBNINGL CONCEI&T'-OU Monday the 6th, inst., a concert was held in the Wesleyan Chapel by the Caerews United Choir. The chair was taken by J. Owen, Esq, Llandinan Hall. The first part includ- ed Root's cantata, entitled "The Choicest Gift." Solo parts were taken by Miss Francis, Miss L. Owen Mr J. Richards, and Mr R. Jones. The reading was very effectively performed by Mr E. Rogers. The can- tata was conducted by Mr G. M. Evans. The 6econd part of the programme commenced with an address by Mr E Jones. Songs were given by Miss Gertrude Jones Mr Davies, Llanidloes, Mr G. Evans, Mr J. Richards and Mr Jones. The Caersws Male Voice Party ren- dered two choruses,, Glory and Love and The Young Musicians." The accompanists were Mr R. Jones and Mr D. Davies. A vote of thanks to all tho"e that assisted in the proceedings was proposed bv Dr Snow and seconded by Dr Campbell. A vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mr Fran- cis and seconded by Mr G. M. Evans. The singing of toe N diollal Anthem brought a pleasant evening to a cluse. The cantata rendered is one of Root's best works, and is tuneful and pleasing throughout. Its suitability for Much performances was recognised by each of tho speakers, who also testified to the excels, lenl, tuition of the choir by its talented conductor. It would be a ma ter for congratulation if complete works were more frequently sung, instead of the scrappy, unequal pot-pourri too often set before an audience. LLAITHDDU. SCUOOL TEtEAT.-On Friday, October 21th. the children nttending the day and Sunday schools, to gether with their pitrents and friends, had their annual school treat. The teamakers were kept busy for a long time, over 200 sitting down to tea. Mrs Haig, Pea Ithon, gave el as usual towards defraying the expeuses. This was supplemented by £ 1 given by Miss Emily Yapp, Lodge Mr D. Davies, Tycan, kindly undertaking to be reapDnsible for any expenses over and above the amount stated. The tea tables were presided over by Mrs and the Misses Yapp, M s Evans, Upper Lisithdu, and the Misses Davies, Doly Caefrydd, assisted by a host of willing helpers. After tea the children proceeded to an adjoining field, where they scrambled for apples, distributed by Mr G. Wozencraft, Glanrafou. In the evening a very successful entertainment was held in the a( hoolroom, under the genial presidency of Mr Pugh, C vmderw. Th) children acquitted themselves very creditably in reciting their various dialogues, and a very Krea.t improvement wa"- noticeable m tne singingsince th,y have been under the tutorship of Mr Evans, Upper Llaithddu, to whom great praise is due for the trouble he has taken in bringing them to such a pitch of excellence. The Committee wish to tender th -ir thanks to all those who so ably helped to make the entertainment such a splendid success. The follow- ing programme was rendered .-Address, the Chair- man song Hark, ten thousand," Children: dia- logue -Love for Sunday school," M. and F. Davieg recitation Mice," J. T. Hughes; song It God be for us," Children; poetry The milkmaid's story," M. George; dialogue "The monstrous shame," M. J. and J. T. Hughes; soug Tenderly guide us," Children; poetry "Papa's letter," F. George; dia- logue by Catherine Wozencraft rind party; song. I" Beyond the swelling flood," Children; poetry I" Whtot. is the use of grumbling," M. George; poetry Praver and potatoes," Jane Davies; song They that wait upon the Lord," Children: dialogue "0. Sabbath breaking," R. Price and W. Wozencraft; pcietrv, M. J. Hughes song Go work in My vint- yard," Children; dialogue The ftolaimed Sunday scholar," J. Davies and party; reoitation, Mty George; dialogue The milk oan," E. and J. Hamer; song "A shelter in the time of storm," Children; closing Add.-ess, J. Davies and party; song "Peace be stiil," Children. Mr Hnghas, theSohool, acted as acoompaniafc.