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YEOMANRY SHOOTING AND DIN NEIL- The interesting series of monthly competitions iD- connection with the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry, "C" Squadron Shooting Club, terminated on Saturday in very boisterous weather, high scoring, especially at the 500 yards range, being most, difficult. In the evening about 25 members sat down to an ex- ceUent dinner, provided by Host Martin at the Buck Inn. Capt. E. Pryce-Jones presided, and was lOP" ported by ti e geuiai Quarter-Master of the Newtown troop. The byal toasts having been honoured, the Captain, in an appropriate speech, proceeded to distribute the prizes. The handsome and valuable silver challenge cup, which bears tho following" inscription: N[.Y. C., 'C' Squadron Shocking Club Challenge Cup, presented by Capt E. Pryce-ionen," and which has to be won three times to become the absolute property of a winner, together with the first prize of lls OJ, was scoured by Sergeant A. W. Burratt, with a net score of 269; Sergeant W C H Jones being a good second with 2657 prize 103 6d and Sergeant J Watkin thiid with 238, prize 5s.—The health of the winners having been diunk out of the cup, and duly responded to by sergeants Barratt, Jones, and Watkin, the Captain next presented the handicap prizes as followp:-lst, Trooper Ernest Jones, 20s; 2nd, Sergeant Job Watkin, 17s 61; 3rd, Sergeant A W Burratt, 153 4th, Sergeant W C H Jones, 12s 6d; 5th, Trooper A, Andrews, 10s; 6th, Sergeant-Major Kirby, 8s; 7tb, Serjeant John Hamer, 7s 8th, Trooper David Davies, 6s; 9to, Trooper 0 Lewis, 5s 10th, Trooper Walter Bariatt, 3s 6d 11th, Trooper J Parry, 2s 6d 12th, Corporal John Jones.—The health of the winners were again drunk and responded to.—Sergeant B irratt gave tho Officers ot tha Regiment, and, as Secretary of the Ciub, referred to the excellent support they had received from the squadron officers, also from Colonel Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, who had that morning sent them a handsome subscription. -L:apt.. E Pryce-Jones responded, and in the course of his remarks said that he, and ho felt sure he could also speak lor Captain Robinson, would be pleased to encourage their best shots to go outside the county to compete for cups and prizes, and hoped to see the regiment represented at Bistey and other great shooting competitions. The other toasts were the non-comuii?s,oned officers," proposed by the Captain, and suitably responded to by Quarter- Master Lloyd, and Sergti. Jonea and Hamer, Sogs. Major Kirby proposed by Sergt. Bairatt, and that, of the Host and Hostess by the Captain. A pleasant c-venill go it.tersi)-r-ed by songs from Troopers Barratt, Pritchard and Sergt. Hanier, and a recita- tion from the Quarter.Master, who gave the old. favourite One Su day in November dark," bringing to a close the first and most successful season of the C squadron shooting club. The following are the principal scores, 7 shots at each range, buli's eye to count 4. • 05 au to x j?? ♦ no £ £ £ iis "S_2 «.5 w « o: 03 d w o o o O C3 UH Trojper Ernest Jones* 21 23 19 63 12 199 274 Sergt. Job Watkins 20 27 20 67 8 195 270 A. W. Barratt 20 k!6 25 71 198 269 W. C. H. Jones 20 26 24 70 195 265 Trooper A. Andrews 15 18 18 51 13 184 248 Seigt-Major A. Kirby 12 15 20 47 9 182 38 Sergt. Joi;n Hamer 10 15 14 39 12 185 237 Trooper David Daviea* 9 14 13 36 17 184 237 „ Lewis 17 19 16 52 6 176 234 W. BnratL* 10 22 7 39 13 174 226 John Parry* 18 19 15 52 9 164 225 Corporal John Jones 10 15 7 32 12 181 225 Absent Trooper Geo. Davies av'rage alw'd 52 4 168 224 „ J. Pritchari.* 15 17 19 51 10 145 206 Corporal R. Aldeisoi.# 5 15 8 28 15 162 205 Trooper T. 13 7 22 42 4 154 200' C. Miller'- 9 11 2 22 5 163 190 Qrt-Mas'r J. L. Lloyd* 4 18 6 23 12 147 187 Trooper C. Stepheiib* 12 7 3 21 ;0 136 117 Absent E. H. Lewis av'rgo alw'd 19 25 132 176, *Have been absent from ona competition, for which average points are allowed. Prntet and Published by JOHN PHILLIPS (Fron Terrace, Llanllwchaiarn), and WILLIAM rcoH PHILLIF8 (19, Broad-street, Newtown), at St. Mary's Printing Works," ()id churob-otreat, NOW town.