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NEWTOWN. I NEWTOWN OCTOBER FAIR.—There was a larrc i or both horses and cattle at this !air on Tutfs- J day, bnt a scarcity of dealers. There was a be:r [demand for borses and cattle but prices rialed low. [ NBWTOWN SHEEP AND PIG FAIR.—There was a, [large attendance at this market on Monday ana Ib. izood supply of sbeep and pigs. Sheep sold well an i wert) cleared out at an early hour at an advance or 3s per head on the previous fair. Ttjere were a f«w pork's on oiTer which noid well at ojkl to 6d per jo. There wer* pienty of cart pigs to De haa at prices ranging from 10s to 2'.t8. Monday mid-nay a fire out in the shop of Mr G. Astiey, Short Bridge-street. It appears that th* eas inspector, Mr Kidman, went to the Mhlp to examine the meter, which ill situated beneath tt-o window, before harwe acurthin. Tbe inr-pector struck p. mateb to eximine the pipe, etc., awi finishing his business threw the IBatch un the ground. The match not being extingui-hed cucght the curtain and soon enveloped the shop ia fiimes. A large quantity of piitteras and other trade requi-ites wersr destroyed.- The flames were-soon ext-ing there. being a good supply of water on the premise^. Ihe amount of the damage is small, but only ior thr speedy action of Mr A-tiey the results mast httve been serion«. TEE COR^RTV RARE.—-AT the msetiag of tbe County Rate Basis Committee held om Friday- wi omitted to place in our report ttie point raised. %y Capt. ?i?oe-J<KM4, wiio mid iie presumed it was understood that the Confcndtce was quite aware that trfie deductions- were to cover tho expense of repairs, insaranse, and otoer repairs that the landlord was called upon to spend anutvi-lly. in oN!.tm to ket*s>tlie place iu such, repair as-to commasd a rent which the tenant was called upon to jrty. Tenants' repairs-, as he uudorgtx.d it, were not to be eonsiiieivri; but he wished the Chair- man to answer the question.—Mr Hjumphre^s-Owen was understood to reply that tbev were So be cci)sii-terede- Captain 1'1-yce.,T'tmes-tlH'n q?mted from astle'8 L¡,w of Rat- ing, I¡t! :3\)0, in-the case of./ft'gina v. Wid' an olålliOll given by Lord Chief Justice Coca-burn, as fdliows: In order therefore to give-offtet to tire-intention ef the Legislature it, is necessary to consider these expenses ae-added to the rent, but these have te-ia- dedncte<i>by the landlord thas leavinfr the rent actually paid by the Doaant as tie amouul on which the rate onght to-be bilged. Vc therefore answer the ques- tion by saying tb.»t:th<? cost. o& repairs boime by the tenant omriit not to be detected from th« rent actually paid, and that the rent fo paid is the rateable valnptof, tne premises.' —Mr Hnmphreys-OWcn sa.id ho. stilL adlwlJed to h is- opinion. KBTURS HOME OF MK. AND MK-S. JONES- GRIFFITH—On 'Thursday evening Oetober 26th, on the returning home of Mr and Mrs U. Jones-Griffith, after their wedding and h meyuwon, the happy pair was met at the Railway Statiou, Dolgeiiey, by a large concourse of friend. The horees wcw unharnessed from tbe carriage-and the oowd drew Mr and Mrs Jones-Griffith to their residence at Cbedyeymmer, After their arrival a oommitte* appointed at a public meeting to welcome the young people were intro- duced, and presented Mr JoBSf-Griflith with an ex- ceedingly h&ndsome gold watch be-Aring the inscrip- tion: '• Presented to Mr Robert Jones-fckiifttii by his friends and neigbbeuru on the occasion of his mar- riage. Dolgelley, 12th Oetober, 1893;" The watch was presented by^MFRT. P. Jones-Parry, tihe chairman of the committee, who,, with Messrs Ji. Clin a. Hughes, W. Williams, Maeeftynon, and. Dr John Jones made appropriate speeches-i to whieh Mr Jones-Griffith responded. SACRED CONCERTS—Tbe second, wa--red concert organized by the Newtown Competitive Choir was given on Sunday mght in the- Public Hall. The buildinsr was packed. Dr. Bidea-ocoapied the chair, and said there could be no qnastiou that entertain- ments of the character portrayed' by the programme were elevating. The ohoir were aseistad. by Milke Jennie Pritchard,.who, s-ng beautifully throughout. The following is- the- programme(">peaicg hymn, "Crown Him," Ohoir eacred song, ""Jintreat me notleave thee," Miss Jennie Pnitchard; air, "If with all your hearts, Mr W- Richards; double quartett, Nothing. true but Hea-wen," members of the Choir: duet, Love divine," Miss J. I?ritch#ird and Mr C. E. Clark. hymn, Jesus lover of my sonI," the Choir; air, 0 rest in the Lord," Miss M. J. Lewis air, I will sing," Miis J. Pritchard quartett, "God is a spirit." Miss J. Pritchard and members of the efaoin;. chorus,, Worthy is the Lamb," the Choir: The concept ended with the singing of the dozolomy. ALL SAINTS' H.M'$.MT F-kSTru.AT- The annual thanksgiving services were held, iti this Church on Wednesday, when-holy communion was held at 8-30, litany at ll-3ft, and evensong at 7r30. At the last, named service the church was crowded. The Rev E. 0. Jones, vicar of,Ll-.nidloes,.preeohed a most appro- priate sermon, taking his text fpom the let Thessalonians, 3 chap., and 13th ver..e, To the end, He- may cstab&ish your hearts unblameable in holiness before Godv even our Father, at the comiag of our Lord Jesus Cliri,.t, with all his sins." The choir, tuider the eonductorsbip of Mr T. M. Taylor, sang in excellent Ptyie, '"Magnificat," and Nunc Diaaittia, by Staisaer in B fiat; the harvest ar.them, The- harvest is- the end of the world," by Soinuey and the anthem for All Sairts' Day, le that stand i« the bouse of tbe Lord," by Spinney, were rendeaea with mush taste and precis- ion. The little church was bant somely decorated with fruit and flowers, and looked exceedingly well. The decorations were undertaken by M, re E. Powell and Misses Pryce-Jones, by Mr Shute, gar- dener at iJolerw. The re-table was decorated very tastefully with.vases of ohrysantheasBms, both white and yellow, and.looked pretty. The choir stalls were embellished with.chrysanthem»MS, primal, and aram lilies. The reading desks were decorated the samet as the choir stalls.. The pal pit was very handsomely b-decked with chrysanthemums and dahlias of different colours, and ferns and asparagus heads, and numerous flowers. iStandiag beside the lectern was a beautiful yellow chrysanthemum in pot, which stood as high as the lecte'-n, and gave it a pleasing appearance. Tbe pillars were beautified with bands of oats and evergreens, ariistiealiy arranged, and lying on the windows were iarge bunches of vege- tables. The gas brackets were entwined with ivy leaves.-The services were continued on Sunday when there was a children's service in the afternoon, and even-song at 6-30, when the Rev J. Pagh, Dolfor, preached an excellent sermon to a large congregation. sale.—The Rummage Sale, organized by Mrs Evan Jones, the Vicarage, iu aid of the school improvsment funds took place on Saturday in the National School. rhe sale commenced at half-past; two, and immediately the doors were opened a large crowd filled the room. The sale was opened by Sir- Pryce Pryee-Jones, M.P., in an appropriate address- He expressed a hope that a good sum would be rpalised towards t^e necessary improvements which tbø-. manageBS wished to earry out —The Rev R. Evan Jones (viear), on behalf of his wife, proposed a vote-of thanks to Sir Pryee for opening the sale, and espress- ed his, regret that Mrs Evan Jones was unable to a'tend.—Mr W. Thomas, Dolguan, seconded. The interior of the school was arranged in eueh a manner that the large quantity of articles. were corjspistiousiy displayed, und great praise is due to those ladies who assisted Mrs Evan Jones. Therw was a large attelidanoe of buyers, business was brish and the stalls soon hegau to look sparse. The antowit taken was about .£45, and tha sals-was a. deeided success.


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