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GARTiiMYL. PROVIDENCE CHAPET.An evening concert was given on Thursday in aid of tha funds of the Mont- gomeryshire Infirmary. The chapel wan filled with an appreciative audience, nnd the committee are to be congratulated on the sac(,e.R;i which attended their efforts. Mr Edward Jonei. Newtown, occupied the chair, and in an introductory speech referred to the noble object the Providence friends had in view in organising the concert. They could not place the proceeds of that meeting in more deserving hands than in those connected with the Infirmary. The programme was long and varied, and contained an excellent selection. The narty from Bettws which included Mr H. Griffith, Mioses Watkin Jones, B. Jones, Bennett, and Messrs G. Bliss, W. Baxter. T. and J. Howell, gave a very good rendering of thpir several pieces, some of which where extremely diffi- cult. Miss Bessie Bevan sang with that taste which has characterised her of late, and her songs delighted the audience. Miss Cookson, who possess a fine soprano voice, sang with/much expression, and th" encore she received wa< fitirly won. Mr Alfred Jones, of Welshpool, acc impanied with considerable skill, and contributed some organ lIolos in excellent style. The following ww the programmeOrgan solo, "Welsh Airs," Mr Alfred Jones glee, Com- rades song of hope," Mr H. Griffiths and pa,ty 8010, Selected," Mr G. Bliss duet, "AB C," Messrs G. Bliss and D. J. Howell; -oTi;r, Gates of tho West." Miss Bessie Bevaa, enoo e elee, CPrnovole," Mr H. Griffith and party; so o, A Toll," Miss Cookson (encored); solo, In native worth." Mr J. Howell; solo," The lisrht in the window," Miss B. Davies quartette, T'was on a bank," Mr H. Griffiths and party duet, Minuate gun at sea," Messrs J and D. Howell; qnartette, The letter." Mr H. Griffith and party (encored) organ solo Guardian Angnl Mr Jones; quartette, -Tudea," Mr H. Griffith and party; duet, "Exoelsior," Messrs G. Bliss and W. Baxter; song, "Lady of the Lea," Miss Bevan (encored); organ solo, Mr Alfred ,Ton«s; ouartette. Stars of des -or,diur night." Mr Oriffith and party; song, "The Better Land," Miss Cok- son trio, Swell the Luty Ch>ms." Mr Griffith and party duet, L-.rbo-ird watch." Messrs J. and T. Howell song, Mr H. Griffith duet, Betty Wynn," Messrs J. and T. Howell (encored); glee, Balmy May," Mr H. Griffith and partv. Mr Jon e proposed a hearty vote of tbanks to the (srtiates) for their kindness in giving their services that night. Mr George Hioks ably aMOdJed. The singers were at the finish entertained with a substantial supper. Those who renders I assistance where Mr T. G. Evans, Mr W. Blaoc, Mr Hicks* Mrs f. Price. Half. way, and Misa JenniV Evm*. The organ was kindly lost by Mr T. G. Evans, Halfway House.^







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