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I IT ALWAYS HAS! e S ERIT Ifi ALWAYS I WINS! H."NTtY:md ANN BRIGHT, hon. snperhitei'dvinis of the North London Home for aged Christian Blind t Women, siy that St. Jacobs Oil has proved unfailing; that rheumatism and neuralgia have in every case been renjoved by using the Oil, and many old Indies some of them ninety years 01(1, insi e^d of tossing about in agony, now enjoy good nighta' rest through its influence." Mr. N. Pill OK, of 14. Tabernacle- square, Finsbury, K.C. said:—"My wrist, that I had spi-ained two years before, and which had given me pain without intermission, yielded like TH ).ic to the application of S Jacobs Oi? Alr. J. CLARK, of 21, Sonth Island- place, IJrixton-road, l.ondon, said Although I was not able to ri>ICîrom a sitting position without the aid of a chair, I was able to stn.nd and wall- after the application of sit. Jacobs Od." Mr. J. WILKINSON, R8. Bentham- road, South Ha ;knuy, sufferi.-d frout rheumatism in h s feet and lees for twenty years. The contents of one bottle of St, Jacob-; Oi! drove away all ptin, and brought about au effectual ure. HO BERT GEOTtGE WATTS, -.S. of Albion House, Quadiani-roid, Canon bury, :"i saitl I C:tI!;JI)t ref!;nl f:-olU testifying to <h3 v-ry great Of St. Oil in all ca.-es of chronic rheumatism, *c: >.tie and neuralgia Kev EiV.VARb SINGLKTON, M A.. 30, Bo:i!>ev!ie-rnad, Streatham, ,-Liii ",t, .riÚ\), Oil removed all paia dir^cii" It"" W .j.0 ULET.T) ".ROWNK M A., rector Ivittsioid Rectory, said :\ly p nishio IM-S, upon NIV leconn- lusujai. use St Jacobs Oil." Mr I;rixton-ri,e. D Ion-Ion. W'is tre.ned fur scia;ic:i ty B gentlemen in private I iik 'lie ■ Home, Uevhill on the :1, near I London. lie obtained no relief, but I i he contents of one bottle of St. | Jacobs Oil practically cuied him. (D ALWAYS ALWAYS WHY Send your Lace Curtains and Feathers out TT of Newtown to be Cleaned and Dyed when you can have them equally as well, or better and cheaper, at HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane, off Market-fit., Newtown, feathers cleaned or dyed and curled in a few hours. Curtain* Cleaned, Gentlemen's Clothes Cleaned and Pressed elual to new. Ladiea, Light Dresses and Jackets C,ened -n,4 Finished. Having had 27 years experience in the above.-WorkR HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane, Newtown. "10 SAML. POWELL, EAGLE BREWERY, NEWTOWN SPECIAL HOME-BREWED HARVEST ALES IN ALL SIZE CASKS, 6d., 8d., 10d., and Is. PER GALLON. DUBLIN STonT in all Size Casks AT BREWERY PRICES. CHOI J* SELECTION OF WINKS AND SPIRITS. 010 DAVIESS CELEBRATED Cough Linctus The most Speedy and Effectual Remedy FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOICE, DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING, And all other affections of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs arising from cold. The following are Selected from many other Testimonials Wern, Pool Quay, Welshool, 20th December, 1887. Dear Sir,—I have used your Cough Linctus in my family for several years, and have never found any other preparation so effectual for Coughs, Difficulty of Breathing, and Chest Complaints, and am pleased to add my testimony to its extraordinary efficacy.- Yours truly, THos. D. DAVIBS. Penygraig, Mochdre, Newtown September 2nd, 1899. Dear Sir,—I have suffered for three years with a Cough and Shortness of Breath. Seeing an adver- tisement of your Cough Linctus it induced me to try a bottle, and I am very pleased to inform you that I found great benefit from it.-Yours truly, WILLIAM PRTCE. PREPARED ONLY BY G. E. DAVIES, CHEMIST WELSHPOOL. Sold in Newtown by Mr W. H. LAHSBB, Chemis Sold in Bottles at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. ENGLISH WATCHES. D. LLOYD, Watchmaker & Jeweller, BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS COME TO THE MOST FAVOURABLE TERMS WITH THE BEST AND THE Largest Steam Maiiviiacturers of English Maue Watches' Every Watch guaranteed to be of thorough English make and to give every satisfaction. je d. In Silver Cases, Capped, Jewelled, Crystal Flat Glass 3 10 0 11 Hunting Cases 3 15 0 Extra Strong Cases 4 5 0 Also has a LARGE STOCK of all kinds of WATCHES, in all Sizes, in GOLD SILVER and METAL CASteS, by some of the Best AMERICAN and SWISS MAKERS. THE SPECIAL SILVER LEVER WATCH, e2 100 Noted for its strensrth and time-keeping qualities. Every Watch Warranted and Guaranteed. MARBLE CLOCKS, VIENNA REGULATORS Ac. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of the LATEST NOVELTIES IN LADIES' AND GENT'S JEWELLERY. I BEST GOLD WEDDING RINGS ALWAYS IN STOCK. Half Dozen Splendid Venetian Tea Spoons to every t' < Purchaser. I ADDRESS- 9, Broad St., Welshpool.