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Awarded Gold Medals, 1892-93. BATTLE'S FLUID™powder SHEEP DIPS Guaranteed t3 be the Best Dips in the Market. FARMERS ARE INVITED TO TEST BATTLE'S AGAINST ANY OTHER DIP AND JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES. BATTLE'S IMPROVED POWDER DIP PREVENTS THE FLY STRIKING THE SHEEP. SEND FOR TESTIMONIALS, Ac., FROM BATTLE, MALTBY AND BOWER, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, LINCOLN. Mg- LARGEST SELECTION IN THE TRADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS VI FLTP U DIRECT FROM THE MILLS.—Newest Styles in Tweeds, Harris, HomMMB UU J I y [j Meltons, Beavers, Serges, <fce. Fishing, Shooting, and Hantinsr Tweeds a Speciality# Also, Homeapnn, Clan Tartan, and Sarge Costume Cloths for Ladies, specially wovWB in all the Latest Novelties 50 PER CENT SAVED BY AVOIDING lNTEB- Tliirrno MEDIATE PROFITS.—Travelling Rugs, Shepherds Mauds, Blankets, Flannel*; I WW n P 11^ Shirtinprs, Knitting Yarns. &c. Do your Shopping direct by post, thua obtaimnC ■ ■■ Goods of acknowledged Excellence at First Cost. Patterns Free. (Name this paper.) All Pllrulr paid. ALL WOOL CURR,E) M'D0UGALL 4 SC0TT. LANCHAUCH MILLS, GALASHIELS, NA 11 V NOTE.—Farmers and others can have own Wool Made into any of the above at Reduced Price# el70 We Pay Carriage of Wool and Finished Goods from and to all Parts. AGENTS WAstm. L DvIM UO TO ALL USERS OF VENUS SOAP. on each Wrapper. For 130 Wrapper*, Tlmepi«oe No. i, tin. Dial will b» tent IJ Picture of the StafUS'i for 200 Wrappers, Timepiece No. 2, Sin. Dial will be sent. | TONUS DB MlliO, For aso Wrappers, Timepiece No. 3,9in. Dial will be sent. J ^L?be\eJt ■, wO Wrappers, a Gentleman*! f Handsome ) will be sent* fl For 25 Wrappers, sad I f0e 800 Wr*PP«*> a Lady's (Keylea* Watch] will be sent, ff 1 M In Handsome Gilt Frame. ALLAN LINE Royal Mail Steamers TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. Under contract with the Canadian Govarnment for copveyauoe of the Canadian Mails.) ffROM LIVERPOOL. CARTHAGINIAN.For St. John's, N.F. ano Halifax.Nov. 7 NUMIDIAN For Halifax and Portland.Nov. 16 ASSYRIAN.For St. John's, N.F. and Halifax. Nov. 21 PARISIAN.For Halifax and Portland.Nov. 30 FARES FOR OCEAN PASSAGE. Saloon, 10 to 18 Guineas Second Cabin, M7 7s. Steerage, X5 5s. Through Tiokets to all Stations at Special Rates. Passengers are landed on the railroad wharf and transferred from ship to train without any incon- venience and expense. The company's special con- ductor accompanies West-bound passengers. SW NOT E.-This Line provides the cheapest and I most convenient route to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the North-west Provinces, Brit>sb Columbia, and the Western States of America. Cheap through rates to Austria a d New Zealand via C.P.R., Vancouver, and Honolulu. $ 10 Bonus to Settlers and Homestead Certificates relating to the Government Free Grant Lrmd" of 160 Acres. To TOURISTS, SPORTSMEN, and others.- Sound Trip Tickets combining excursions to Niagara Falls, the wonderful scenery and Sporting Districte of the Rocky Mountains and British ColumbJa., and other places of interest in United States alld Canada. Programme of tours on application. SPECIAL RETURN RATES TO THE CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR. British delegates new reports and all the, late-t maps and pamphlets free. Direct services from Glasgow to New York and Boston and Philadelphia all the year round. Full particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & 00., James Btreet, Livsx PARK & SON, Printers, The 0 roafc, wx I B. RIOKARDB, Horsemarkd, Newtown. JOHN KINSEY, Marble and Stone Works, LIandintm. WM. WALTERS, Wellington Hotel, Welsh pool DAVID JEHU, Auctioneer, Llanfair. MORRIS & SON, Drapers, Llanidloes. W. H. SMITH, 82, Park Avenue, 021 Oswestry. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE No MORE LAWYERS' BILLS ) Now Ready, THIRTIETH EDITION (1893), 700 closely. printed pages, containing about 4,0oo statements on Points of .L.a, vonncu uy Notes and References to Authorities. Pri post free, Cs. 8d. (saved at every consultation!!) cl nit. EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYP:R: •> HANDY BOOK OF THE PRINCIPLES OF LAW & EQUITY. By A BARRISTEii. 30th. Edition (1S93;. BrougUt up to date, including the Betting and Loans (Infants) Act, 1892; Gaming Act, 1892; Shop Hours Act, 1892 Public Libraries Act, 1892; Small Holdings Act, 18n2; Witness -s Public 1 Inquiries) Protection Act, 1392 Clersy Discipline Act, 1892 Forged Transfer Acts, lSttl aud 1892; On-tody of Children Act, 1891; Slander of Woimn Act, 181*1, ite, With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance. Also the important j changes in the Law made by the Bankruptcy Act, 1890, and Oonveyancing and Real Property Act, 181)2 the New Law as to Small Properties under the Intestates' Estates Act, 1890; < the Directors' Liability Act, 1890; Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act, 1889; with many other recent Acts. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Individuals—Oomrcwcia! w—Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost—Criminal Law—Paris ■ Law- Oounty Court Law-ftame and Fishery LaW:i-PnM Men'f Lawsuits-Rets and Wagers-Bills of Exchange—Agreements -Copyright-Patents-Trade Maries—Insurance—Liliel and Slander—Divorce—Mortgages—Stock Exchange Practice- Trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Land-Wills, etc., etc. EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR t Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Workmen and Apprentices — Heirs—Legatees — Hnsband and WjJp-Exe. f cutors and Trustees—Guardian raid Ward-Marriell Woman j -Infants-Partners and Aareats—Lender find Borrower— z Debtor and Creditor-Purchasers and Vendors—Ootnpanief -Friendly Societi<s—Churchwardens— Cle gymeu—Doctors —Bankers—Farmers—Contractors — Sportsmen Farriers— t Horse Dealers-Anctioueers-ITonse Ag-JntE-Hotd Keepers c -Pawnbrokers Surveyors Railways Carriers Con- stables, etc., etc. c Should be in the hands of every business man, and all who wish to abolish lawyers' bills."—Weekly Times. This excellent handbook admirably done, admirably arranged and admirably cheap."—Leeds Mercury. CROSBY LOCXWOOD & SON, STATIONERS' HALL COURT, LONDON, And Sold by PHILLIPS & SON, Booksellers,Newtown ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges f.-ona the 0 a nary Organs, in either sex (acquired o ■.>»;. titu- tional)* Gravel, and Pains in tha Back. Gna'ieed ft"'tI from Mercury. 8"lrl" Boxes, 4* Gd h'y all Chemists and Patent Medicine Ven lor*, thr u-hoat ihe world or sent to any address for sitry e.iivi^p# by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MUM VTNTIES DRUG COMPANY, I/nooln. VY!>'>]^AK' Agents, BARCLAY & SONS, jLondon, and all thl Wholesale Honses IMPERIAL LIQUID FISH GLUE ACKNOWLEDGED to be the STooxam ADHESIVE KNOWN.—Cannot be surpsowd for Tenacity and Strength.- Always Ready for Immediate Use.-RequireR No Heating.-Alwajo Liquid.—Cements Wood, Marble. Glass, Leather Crockery, Ornaments, Ac., and then bmofnaf Hard as Adamant, Inseparable %nd Unbreakable* MENDS EVERYTHING. No Office, Household or Workshop shoum 10 without it. PRICE (with cap & brush), 1-oz. bottle 6d., do. 2. DISTRICT AaicNTS- vHILLIPS A SON, 19. Broad-street, Newtemu MONEY IMMEDIATELY LENT FROM ICIO TO X5,000 AT LOWER INTEBES? THAN OTHERS. TO Ladies and Gentlemen, Noblemen, ClergynM8# Schoolmasters, Clerks, Officers, Gentlemen'# Servants, and others in good situations, Parnwm, Gardeners, Carriers, Tradesmen, Cab proprie Shopkeepers. Lodging-honse Keepers, Private How»» holders, and others, on their own security, without bondsmen, on Note of Hand alone; repayments arranged to Bait borrowers' own convenience; all communications strictly private and confidential; B9 genuine application refused, and honourable an# straightforward tmneaetioneguaranteed.-fnl-W borrowers are invited, before applying elsewhere, to call or write to actual lender, MR. B. EDWARDS. 3, Severn Terrace, Smithfield Road, Shrewgbugjr^ Town or country; distance no object. LettflT mmediately attended to. Established 1851. v- A Wonderful Medicine. BEECHAM'S PILLS A RE universally admitted to be worth a Gaines 0 nL Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, saebt# Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, QicI- iinesa, Fulness and Swelling after Meals, TH i liimf and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Lomt of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, CostivenCM^ Scurvy and Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, frightful Dreams and all nervous and Trem Sensations, etc. The first dose will give relief iiit twenty minutes. Every sufferer s earnestly inviWI to try one Box of these Pilla, and they will be w.- knowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invalua -is a few doses of them carry off all humours, ass oring about all that is required. No female shotM 10 without them. There is no medicine to be fooadt qual to Beecham's Pills for removing any obstiw ion or irregularity of the system. If taken somull- ing to the directions given with each box, they wil* soon restore females of all ages to sound and rotrittfc wealth. This has been proved by thousands wIIø have tried them, and found the benefits which aee ensured by their use. For a Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, and all Disorders of the Liver, they act like magic, and* Few doses will be found to work wonders on the moat important organs in the human machine. The^ -treegthen the whole muscular system, restore the* long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of up., petite, and arouse into action with the rosebud it wealth the whole physical energy of the humoB trame. These are FACTS testified coninually by nembers of all classes of Society, and one of the guarantees to the Nervous and DebilitatednMft. BEECHAM'S PILLS have the Largest Sale of My Patent Medicine in the World. Beecham's Magic Cough Pills, As a remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma, Brosr hial Affections, Hoarseness, Shortness of Breathy lightness and Oppression of the Chest, Wheesiflf te., these Pills stand unrivalled. They are the beeC •ver offered to the public, and will speedily wnow ;hat sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing vhieh nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let >erson give BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS • trial, md the most violent Cough will in a short tW* be emoved. Prepared only, and Sold Wholesale and Retail, by ■ho Proprietor, Thomas Beecham, St. Helena Lattr !!fnne, in Boxes 9td., Is lid., and 28 9d. each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealer very where; -Fall directions are given with each box. all LA' ARE YOU ABOUT GETTING MARRIED? TF YOU ARE, DON'T FAIL TO SEE THK NEWEST STYLES IN WEDDING CARDS AT PHILLIPS'S, 19, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. UCM w^° fotendtotfM# MpySs InkII shoulpse* -rtJg MAGIC MIRROR* ■ I I MM W >1 It may concern them. Important fill I MKM to a" io tU-health. H*|i|iiHM HllaBw assured by its bright refection*. A safeguard from evil to all who possess it. Fret per fNf for two Stamps. ADDRESS: .6. MESSRS. WILKINSON, 43, FITZAIAN SQUIRE. SHEFFIEB, EIL It i v-c D i-* E P P S'S GRATE FUL-COM FORTI NG. COCOA 001 LI NO WATS A oa MILK&