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TREFEGLWYS. TEA PARTY AND CONCERT.—The children of the village Board School received their annual treat on Friday, the 20th inst., which was gratuitously given by the following ladies:—Mrs Hamer, Bodaioch Hall; Mrs Evans, Ffinant; Mrs Lloyd, Cefnbarrach and Mrs Hughes,-Shop, Gleiniant; all of whom pre- sided at the heads of the tables, assisted by Miss Hamer and Miss Bees, Bodaiooh Hall; Mis 3 Evans, Penywern; Mrs Jones, Bwlchyllyn; Miss Jones, Argoed, Mrs Bennett, Cyffiau Cottage; Mrs Jones, Tanyfron; Miss Lizzie Owen. Ffinant; Mrs Hum- phreys, Gleiniant; Miss Hughes, Shop, Gleiniant; iiirs Morris, Cherrist Misses Jane and Annie Francis, Red House; Mrs Williams, Pantyglyn and Mrs Mills, Ffynongedwen. The walls of the School room had been bung with evergreens and appropriate mottoes by the teachers, whilat the windows and tables were tastefully decorated with beautiful out flowers and plants, the whole presenting a charming appearance. After grace was sung, the first con- tingent of scholars sat down to partake of the dainties provided. About 160 children were entertained, besides a large number of adults who had been in- vited. The children adjourned to a neighbouring field after tea, which was as usual placed at their disposal by the generosity of Mr William Savage, Emporium. Various games were indulged in until dusk, and at intervals apples, sweets, etc., were thrown amongst the children for which they eagerly scrambled. The tables were cleared at 6.30 p.m., and soon everything was in readiness for the evening's entertainment. The room was speedily packed, thus evincing the interest taken in this annual gathering. Every item on the appended programme was credit- ably rendered and rapturously encored. David Watkin, Caemegen, deserves praise for his masterly rendering of The charge of the light brigade," and Death doomed." The local artistes who volun- tarily assisted with songs, etc., acquitted themselvee in their usual good style, whilst the scholars per- formed their part unusually well, and recited with great accuracy intelligence. The chair was aby filled by the Rev Jaaob Pritchard, Wesleyan minister. The following was the programme:—Address by the Chairman; song, 'This garden now,' the Scholars; poetical addresses, Messrs E D Evanj, Clap, and W. Evans, Bron William recitation, The sick dolly,' Aeronwy Jones, Tymawr; song, 'Bwthyn fy Nhad,' Jenny Francis, Red House; recitation, A thrift season,' Johnny Thomas, Gleiniant; ear test com- petition, prize divided equally between Alfred Watkins, Caemegen, and Ed. B. Jone", Liwyntew recitation, 'The charge of the light brigade.' David Watkin; address, Edward Williams, Gleiniant, an old man eighty years of age, who spoke well, and gave very good advice to the rising generation; recitation, 'A mortifying mistake.' Phoebe Jane Owen, Penisapmauledd; song, Can y Milwr,' Richard Evans and Party; address, Rev Evan Edwards, vicar of Trefeglwys; impromptu speech, best, David Watkin, Caemegen, and the other only competitor, William Evans, Bron William, was pre. sented with a sixpenny prize by the Vicar; song, 'Fv hen ffrynd John,' Evan Evans, Cwmberllan recitation, 'That stick of a preacher,' Maggie Thomas, Gleiniant; song, Mae genyf fi ffrwpth yn a gardd,' Thomas Watkin, Pantyglyn recitation, A learned pig,' Elsie Pryce, Birchen House; song, Y bachgen dewr,' Evan Evans, Cwmberllan recitation, Death doomed,' David Watkin, Caeme-zen; song, 0 let the kind minstrels,' Scholars. A large num- ber of prizes, consisting of very handsome books, were distributed afterwards to those children who had attended school most regularly during the past school year, by Messrs Thomas Davies, Pant, and David Evans, Belle Vue (members of the School Board). These prizes were divided into three classes aS to value, and were awarded as follows (a) A book of the value of two shillings given to all who attended every time the school had been open; (b) a book of the value of one shilling and sixpence given to all who had attended within 50 times of the number the school had been open (c) a book of the value of one shilling given to all who had attended within 75 of the number of times the school had been open. Mr Thomas Davies, Pant, in addressing the audience, asked the parents to co-operate with the Board and the teachers in their efforts to secure better attend- ance. Hearty votes of thanks were given to the donors of the tea and to their assistants, to the singers for their kind assistance, and also to the Chairman for presiding. The meeting terminated by singing HSa wlad fy nhadan," the Welsh national anthem. The following is a list of the prize winners for regular attendance1st class: Alfred Watkin, Caemegen, who attended 432 times. 2nd class: Thomas Lewi, Ffynongedwen, 423 Mary Kllen Edwards, Talgarth, 426; David Meredith, Tancoed. 424; William Evans, Cleddu, 423; David Evans, Cleddu, 423; David Evans, Cwm, 413; Chas. Morris, Cerrist, 413; Edith M. Pritchard, The Green, 410; Richard Asaph Edwards, Talgarth, 407; David Davies. Tymawr, 403; Mary Elizabeth Edwards, Brynbodw, 403; Thomas Edward Davies, Bodaioch Farm, 396; Daniel Jerman. Gleiniant, 391; Henry M. Pritchaid, The Green, 390; Margaret Elizabeth Bunford. Pleasant View, 389; Mary Jane George, Cefo, 389; Joseph Llewelvn Evans, Belle Vae Inn, 385; Richard Edwards, Brynbedw, 385; Edward Jerman, Gleininnt, 332. 3rd Cias.6 Elizabeth Hamer, Oirle, 379; Edward Tanner, Cerrist, 378; David Mills, Ffynongedwen, 377; Edward Lewi-, Ffynongedwen, 375; John Thomas, Gleinianf, 374; Llewelyn LeWIS, Gleiniant. 374; Arthur Pritchard, The Green, 370; Maggie May Edwatds Brynbedw, 387; William Pryce Jones, Argoed, 366; Kdward Griffiths, Brynderwen, 366; Sarah Lizzie Jerman, i Gla >gwden, 364; Sarah Watkins, Caemegen, 364; Annie Hamer, Oerle, 363 Mary Evans, Cwm, 360. «