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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. MACHYNLLETH,—WEDNESDAY. Present: Messrs Edward Hughes, Aberfrydlan, (chairman); John Rees, Towyn, and J. Hughes Jones, Aberdovey (vice-chairmen; Ellis Hughes Cemmes: Richard Owen, Isygarreg; Evan Evans, Darowen; William Parry, Pennal; John Owen, Towyn John Rowlands, solicitor, Machynlleth E. Morgan, Llanbrynmair: and David Lewis, Uwchy. garreg Mr D. Evans, clerk, and Mr D. Morgan, assistant clerk. STATISTICS. Out-relief administered during the past fortnight, Machynlleth district, per Mr John Jones, .£24 78 Sd to 98 paupers, an increase of -81 10.3 2d in amount of relief and an increase of 1 pauper. Daruwen district per Mr D. Howell, C43 131 Od to 154 paupers, an in- crease of 8s in relief and a decrease of 10 paupers. Pennal district, per Mr W. Jones, t29 5.1 6d to 105 paupers, and increase of XI 4s 4d in relief and of 2 paupers. Number in the house, 40; last year, corres- ponding period, 73. Amount of cheques signed .£135. THE HOUSE. The Master (Mr Jones), reported that measles had broken out in the house and every precaution bad been taken to insolate the case. There were other matters of little importance. VAGRANCY, With reference to a letter received from the Dol- gelly Board asking the Machynlleth Guardians to adopt the resolution of the Poor Law Conference held at Rhyl and also to adopt the Aberystwyth ticket system, which was referred from the last meeting, a long discussion took place.—Mr Rees ultimately proposed that a committee be formed to go into the matter.—Mr Rowlands seconded and the following were appointed as the Committee: The Chairman, Mr John Rowlands, Mr Rees. Mr J. Hughes Jones, and Mr Richard Owen. RANITARY AUTHORITY. A meeting of the Rural Sanitary Authority was held, there being present Messrs John Rowlands, (chairman), Edward Hughes, Ellis Hughes, Richard Owen, Evan Evans, William Parry, John Rees, David Lewis, Dr. Mathews, clerk, and Mr Humphreys, in- spector.—The Chairman said that it had been re- ported that a case of measles had broken out at Pennal, whereas it broke out at Towyn.— Dr,Mathews, on being asked by the Chairman, eaid that he did not think the measles broke out because of insanitation. It was resolved that notice be wiven of the adoption of the notification of Diseases Act. FORDEN,—WEDNESDAY. Present; Col. R J. Harrison (chairman), Messrs W. Pryce (vice-chairman), S. Miller, J. Pryce Jones, E. R. Owen, E. Hughes, E. W. Parry, J. Davies, E. Langford, and E. Bore, witn Mr C. S. Pryc3 (clerk). STATISTICS. Number in the House, first week, 108 against 104 in the corresponding period of last year; second week, 107 against 107; tramps relieved, first week, 133 against 127. Amount spent in out-relief during the fortnight, per Mr R. Tomley, Montgomery, £ 13 2;; 61 to 83 recipients; per Mr J. Fortuue, Welshpool, X12 lis 3d to 80 recipients per Mr J. Oliver, Wor- then, X9 16s 8d to 68 recipients. Amount of Trea- surer's balance due to the Union, Xl,250 2s lOd. THE COAL WAR. At the last meeting of the Board a circular from the Local Government Board relating to the starting by Boards of Guardians of relief works for the un- employed, and the Clerk, in reading out the minutes preparatory to their confirmation, read that the Board took no action." The Chairman said he thought that conveyed a wrong impression. If the minutes stated that the circular was laid before the Board it would be more accurate. There were no unemployed about the dis- trict. Mr J. Pryce Jones: But there are many men un- employed. Mr Pryce We know that, and they ought to be made to go in to work, too (Laughter). Mr Pryce Jones You would not like to have to go to work with 25 per cent. taken off your wages, I know (laughter). The Chairman: It is of no use our discussing the unemployed. The strike does not affect our district. 1 Mr Pryce Jones: Yes, it doe., for this reason: a large quantity of people go from here and round about down to South Wales and other collieries for work, and now they have come back to go upon the rates. THE MASTER'S BOND. The Chairman mentioned that the Master had not yet entered into a bond. He thought he should enter into the same bond as his predecessor. Later in the day the Master was called in, and in answer to Col. Harrison, said he was willing to enter into a bond, which would be ready at the next meeting. SCHOOLMISTRESS. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board approving of the appointment of Miss Mary Davies as schoolmistress at a salary of .£25 per annum. HORSEWHIPPING OUT O* VOGUE. During the meeting, while discussing a case of re- lief, Mr E. Hughes expressed his opinion that a cer- tain applicant was too fond of the loving cup," and instead of Laving relief he should be horsewhipped. The Chairman said that form of punishment was out of date. Mr Hughes repeated he was very impudent and cheeky. The Chairman replied that be waa informed the man was an imbecile. Mr Hughes The first time I catch him in a public- house I'll horsewhip him (load laughter). A Guardian Then they might suggest that you took too much (loud laughter).—The subject then dropped. The Board then rose.