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LLANFYLL1N TOWN COUNCIL, TUESDAY. Present: The Mayor (Thomas Jones, Esq.), Aides* men C. R. Jones, deputy-mayor, and J olin- JQIM t Councillors Ellis Roberts, R. H. Jones, J. Kyle, 15. Watkins, D. Davies, W Ellis, Roger Edwarda, 3. Ellis, and T. Roberts, with Mr W. A. Pugho, tows clerk. THE SMITHPIELD. A circular letter was read from the Board of AgrI. culture, asking what steps had been taken to for the weighing of animals, &c. The Clerk said what was required was a 811,plyof hurdles around the weighing machine. Councillor R. H. Jones said a committee was ap. pointed at the last meeting to take anch matter* into consideration. Councillor Ryle explained the committee wonld Opfc meet until a convener was appointed. Alderman C. R. Jones asked whether there waa any difficulty at present with regard to the weighing of animals. The Clerk replied that there was no difficnlty. On the motion of Alderman John Jones, authority was given the committee to make the necessary altera,tion, and Councillor R. H. Jones was appointed convener. UNEMPLOYED. The Clerk read circulars from the Local Groveni* • ment Board with regard to the finding of corporation work for the unemployed, and from the Home Office on the promotion of Bills by local authorities. The circulars did not affect the borough, aud no action was taken. THE GREENHALL QUARRY. Mr Forrester A idie wrote stating that if notlee for the continuation of the lease for this quarry were given, it woul-J probably be g, auted. The Clerk said notice hod to be$iven six months in advance, as it was on an annual lease. On the motion of Alderman John Jones, seconded by Councillor Ryle, the Town Clerk was instructed to give notice for the continuance of the leise. WANTED, IMPROVED SANITATION. A letter was read from Mr Bremner Smith, stating that he bal made a personal inspection of the Abel Brook drain, and had found the work done by Mr Griffiths satisfactory, and recommended the payment of his bill. He would draw attention to several coil- nections of sewers with the drain. This ought to be prevented. A sluice in the open conduit was closed, and the contents were emptied above instead of below Mr Dugdale's weir. On the motion of Councillor Watkins, seconded by Councillor H. H. Jones, the bill for repairs to the drain, which amounted to £ 20, was ordered to be paid. Councillor Dr Edwards said he considered the matter of the sewers pouring into the brook a very important oiie. The filth emptying inio it in this minner was more damaging to the town than when the drain was open. Some action ought to be taken at once to prevent it's recurrence. Alderman C. R Jones said he was passing over the hridge recently, and the stench arising from the drai,t was fearful. Councillor Dr Edwards said he was quite certain that unless they prevented the occurrence of this nuisance at once the town would suffer considerably. v'cuncilio;' FItia Roberts said they wonld have to have a new scheme, and that would be veryexpell- Bive/ The question then rose as to whether the Council had any right to cut off old connections, aud The Clerk said the Act of Parliament enabled them to close such sewers as would lead to endanger the public health. Councillor Dr Elwarda proposed, and Couucill4or John Ellis feconiie l, tha.t the Inspector make a re- port to th Council as to whaG bowers emptied them- selves into the drain.—Carried. IN-PECTOR'S REPORT. The Inspector of N.iisances reported that two Cul- verts were needed by Coedyrallt. The leaves from the trees at present blocked iht) drain, and diverted the water across the road. After a short discussion, it was decided to place a culvert acroas the road there. The Inspector applied for p^rmistJicn to serve notices on the owners of bodies which were UK- trimmed. Councillor Dr Edwards said he nearly lost his eye one night in driving down a road in the neighbour, hcod. Permission was granted, on t'p n o4on of Alder. man John Jcnes, seconded by Councillor Dr Bd! wards. The Inspector reported that thi e:c, ealitnre on thn main roads was J312 10, and on t^o district roa-de .£938. FINANCIAL. The Finance Committee's report W18 read, in which itrt-cjmm nded a district rate of 3d in the R, and a highway rate of 3d in the £ for the enaaiog year. On the motion of Councillor Watkins, seconded by Councillor R H. Jones, the report was adopted* This was all the business.