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WELSHPOOL TOWN COUNCIL- —TUESDAY. Present: The Mayor (E. O. Jones, Esq.,) Aldermen W. A. Rogers, Harrison, and MorriB, Councillors Galloway, E. L. Jones, T. Parry. D. Jones, J. H. Anderson, J. P. Jones, G. E. Davies, T. S. Pryce, and H. Hawksworth, with Mr E. Jones, town clerk, Mr G. Snook, surveyor, and Mr T. A. Basnett, collector. Councillor Pryce Jones, before the business of the Council was proceeded with, said he wished to call the attention of the members to the report of the number of attendances of members of the Council which had appeared in the Press. Although he had been one of the most regular attendants at the Council meetings he was only credited with thirty attendances. He would like to ask the Town Clerk whether the list of attendances was published by his authority or not. The Town Clerk: As far as I know, I have no knowledge of the matter. Alderman Rogers It is impossible for anyone to get the list of attendances except from the Town Clerk. Councillor Pryce Jones: It is unfair to me and those I represent, as well as to other members of the Board. Councillor Galloway: It was supplied from the Town Clerk's office. Councillor Pryce Jones: I move that in future that the Town Clerk be instructed to supply the liat of attendances. This was agreed to, and the subject dropped. THE COST OF THE WATERWORKS IMPROVEMENT. The Mayor You are aware that this meeting has been called for the purpose of bearing a statement in connection with the waterworks. Unfortunately, the statement has only been presented this morning, and I have not had an opportunity of looking through it or examining the items. I find from the account given that the expenses in connection with the water scheme amounted to X700. Of course those figures are considerably in excess of the amount I anticipated would be expended, but whether or not the additional expense has been incurred through the employment of additional labour I am not in a position to state, but I would suggest that we appoint a committee to investigate every item. My private opinion was that the total expense would not exceed .£600, but it will be for the committee to go through each item and see where the difference arises. Perhaps this would be a fitting occasion for me to make a statement as to what the waterworks have cost us during the past ten years. Councillor Pryce Jones It would be more in order if the Mayor were to read out the statement. The Mayor: I am not sure. It is for you to decide whether it would not be better before the matter ia discussed, to let the Finance Committee investigate the items. The account has only arrived this morn- ing, and it will be difficult for us to deal with it without the Finance Committee having previously gone through the items. We can easily read the items, but that will not be conclusive until we ex. amine every item to see where the expenses have been occurred. Alderman Harrison: Is the statement a long one? The Mayor The summary is a short one. Alderman Harrison: Is it worth while to have the statement printed and circulated amongst the mem. bers of the Council ? Alderman Rogers thought the statement ought to go before the Finance Committee before the Council dealt with it, and that each member of the Finance Committee should have a copy. Alderman Haarison I think that every member of the Council should have a copy. Alderman Rogers It is an astonishing thing to me that this statement should make out that the work has cost such an amount, and that there is so great a difference in the estimate, which was something about £ 320. Councillor Galloway I should like to know whether this total is a rough one, and whether the work is yet finished? The Mayor It is finished. Alderman Rogers: It is utterly astonishing, and therefore I think it is impossible for us to deal with the matter to-day. This is a statement from the en- gineer, in whom a great many gentlemen around this table had a great deal of confidence. I should like the Town Clerk to find out what was the original estimate, and I should like to have it now Councillor Anderson I think we should certainly go through the items. Alderman Rogers I will move that it be submitted first to the Finance Committee, and that they nhall have the statement printed and (-,irculated amongst the members. The Town Clerk: Do you mean the summaiy p Alderman Rogers: No, the whole thing. I quite acree wi h Alderman Harrison that we cannot deal with it in any other shape. Councillor Anderson I think it should be gone into before the Council, and not in committee. It seems to me an extraordinary amount of money to be ex- panded, considering what the original estimate was, and I think the whole Council should go into the bill. The Mayor I may state that the Borough Sur- v3yor's eaumate for wages is £ 248. This appears to be an extraordinary item, and requires careful in- vestigation. Alderman Rogers said that tho Council must under- stand that a great deil of extra labour had been caused by putting the pipes through the dam after it was made, instead of bet ore it was made. He drew the attention of the Council to the fact at the time, and it was considered not worth while taking iuto consideration. They now had the result. Councillor Pryce Jones I do not think any state- ment should be published by tho Mayor or anybody elsp, until we have gone through the bill. I object to it on principle; and I do not think it is right. 'lhl-.l Mayor The statement I have to make has nothing to do with the statement re- ceived. I think it is a fitting occasion for me, and it will be interesting for the pubiic t) know what expotidituto has been incurred on the waterworks during the patt years. I find that iu 1882-3, in the time of Mr Samuel Salter's inayo alty, j £ 350 8s was spent, in 1883-4 (itir W. A. ii' gew) <i'73 t»fj 8 J, in 18S4-J (Mr W. A. Rogers) « £ 75, maki: g a total of X251 16a Sri during the mayoralty of Air A. Rogers. In 1336 7, the year of Mr T. It. Morris's mayoralty, £44 10s was spent, and in 1887-8, tho year of Mr David Riciiarcls'ri mayoralty, Ji'Mio 18s 8d. In 1888-9 (Mr Pryce Barrett), ^8251 l2s 5d, in 1389-90 (Col. Huddlestor;), noiuir.g, in 1890-1 (Col. Huddleston), X32, in 1891-2 (Mr W. A. Rogers) noth ing. These figures show that in ten years baS been spent. I merely state this that yon may kncir and compare the expenditure of the completed Job with the patch-work which has been going on f«tt number of years In reference to the other ment, I am so taken by surprise that I do not think I am called upon to make any further reiuarlks now. Alderman Rogers As you have been 80 good as to give the Board what has been spent on the wat«* works during the last ten years, I think it would bo as well to give details what the money was spent Am. I should like to give the details. In the first iploogit, was stated that so much was spent during the niaycc- alty of Mr Samuel Salter, The amount might baV9 been paesed at that time, but the work, which wae that of raising the dam three feet and also alteriM? the filter beds—was done during the mayoralty <4 Iu Charles Mytton. With regard to the expenditure' during my mayoralty I would point out that we bad1 great difficulty during that time with the reservoir, and especially with the bottom pool which WAO flooded. The amount spent in Alderman T. R» Morris's year of office was for relaying the weir, and a capital job it was, too. As to the £ 360 spent dur- ing the mayoralty of Mr D. Richards, that was i- as exceptional occurrence. It was the time who the filter beds fell in, and had to be rebuilt. In to last year money was spent in order to øtop tb* leakage, and I have been informed that it has beeo stopped. Tne Purveyor The leakage has been stopped. Alderman Rogers There was also the expect So regard to the canal men. The Surveyor: The leakage was stopped to J-. extent-more than half. Alderman Rogers said he was sure they would fee continually spending money on the wateTWOrlr There is no doubt whatever that we shall have to i to a large expense in cleaning out the bottom pool, or top part; at all events, it will be a Bericull item. The engineer told me, with a smile on his faw that he could not tell what would be the expense* but ft would amount to a good round sum. The Mayor: Since we have been discapsixg tihe matter it has been discovered that there is an encoc in the statement of £ 105 in round figures. That, if deducted from the total which has been mentioned* leaves the amount at .£596. Alderman Rogers That's all the better. The Mayor said he felt in an awkward he had not had an opportunity of calling s, meeting of the Finance Committee to go into the aecoant*. Of course what had been discovered put a (MMtBBt feature upon the matter, and it was very plftuiw to him. He had calculated the cost and anti<9pat#d it would not exceed .£600, and he was pleased to find it was so. He wished this bad been known, as It would have saved him a little inconvenience. The Clerk read a letter from Mr Wyatt, vaeltfamg the statement of account for work done in comMtetlQK with the waterworks. Councillor J. P. Jones asked if the Board w. called upon to pay the amount set down for railway fares, because in some instances Mr Wyatt CttM there for his own benefit. The Mayor What could be his purpose in comiBg unless it was to look after our work ? Councillor J. P. Jones To meet the Board. The Mayor: It was perfectly necessary, that hit should, as an engineer, come here and give cxpla&a* tions. The Mayor, proceeding, said he wonld bttf* called a meeting of the Finance Committee to g* into the accounts before the Council mat had fcp known they were to be brought forward. Wbe» he saw the total, £ 700, he was as much disappointed so anybody, but now he had no hesitation an aayisf that the amount did not exceed his anticipatuns. The cost of labour had been immensely enhanced owing to the weather they bad had to contend with* and under the circumstances he did not think they could have done better than they had done. He thought the total was Dot unreasonable, and that works would be a credit to the Board and a iaatlgg benefit to the inhabitants of the town. Alderman Harrison seconded the motion tJ:.at tbe • matter be discussed in committee, but sngffMtmi that the committee should consist of the 'If"- Board. A LAMP WANTED, A communication was read from the Bev. D. Grimaldi Davis, asking that tne lamp gbosld be replaced opposite the Church House. The Mayor said it was an urgent case, as the ISMP would be wanted in time for the opening ceremony* The matter was referred to the Lighting and Paving Committee. The Council then went into Committee.