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Womwdl, Mr Robert W. Wynn, the Hon. T. Willoughby, Miss Walton, Captain a\d Mr* Arthur Wynn, Capt., Mrs and Misses Adams, Mr and Mrs Anwyl, Mr and Mrs W. Forrester Ad iie, Mr and Mrs Bonsall, Mr T. B. Barrett, the Rev W. Brewster, The Rev John Burd, the Rev R. D. and Mrs Bonnor, the Rev E W. 0. and the Mit-ses Bridgeman, the Rev J. Mrs a-ld Miss Baines, Mr and Mrs Bonsall, Mrs Buckley-Wdliams. Mr W. Clive Bridgeman, Mr and Mrs A. Bonnnor-Maurice, the Rev E. W. And Mrs Brown, Colonel Bromhead and Officers. Depot, S.W.B:, Miss Buckley, Major and Mra Best, Mr Hu¡.;h Bonsall, Mr E. Barkworth, Sir John Conroy, Miss Corrie, Dr B. W. Cawthcnrne, Colonel Carey and Officers, Depot K.S.L. Iifantry, Mr W. Crowe, the Riv Henry F. and Mrs Cowper-Smith, Mr Carre, the R ;v J. S. Dixon, Mr J. Pryca Davies, the Rev T. H. iind Mrs Davies. Mr and Mrs Alfred Darby, Mr, Mrs and the Misses Duzdale, Mr and Mrs C. T. Dugdale, the Rev D. Grimaldt and Mrs Davis, Mr and Mrs E. Davies, Mr and Mrs T. Devereux-Pryce, Misa Gertrude Drayton, Mr Fergusson Davies, Mr R. J. Edmunds, Dr and Mrs Joseph Evana, Colonel, Mrs and the Misses Edwards, the Rev Walter, Mrs and M<ss Evans, Miss Egan, Mr and Mrs Fairles- Huaphroys, Mr C. G. Forbes, Sir Thomas G and Lady Frost, Miss Frost, Mr and Mrs John M. Frost, Major and Mra Forbes, the Rev E. A and Mrs Fishbourne, Mr and Mta Furley, Mr Thomas aud Miss Gill, the Rev F., Mrs, Misa and Mr F. T. Green, Miss Giovannetti, Mr and Mrs William GlU, Mrs Ciongb; Mr John GiU, Mr and lira J. W. Gill. Mr and Mrs Genth, Capt. and Mrs Gaisford, Mr and Mrs Gibson, Miss Godwin, Col. Harrison and Officers 4th Batt. S.W.B., Miss Harrieon, London, Mrg R. Mostyn Harrison, Miss Harrison, the Misses Hav- hurst, Mrs Herbert, Rev J. E., Mrs and Miss Hill, Mr and Mrs J. C Hilt -in, I>lr and the Misses Howell, Mr C. E. Howell, Mr W. M. Howell, Mr and Mra H. L. Howell, Mrs D. and the Misses Howell, Lient.- Col. and Mrs Huddleston, Colonel and Mra Heyward, Mr T. J. Hounsfield, junr., Mr and Mrs Hamphreps- Owen, Rev F. M. Hamiltod.Mr A. E. LI. Humphreys, Major-General the Hon. William and Mrs Herbert, Lord Harlech, the Hon. R. C., Mrs and the Misses Herbert, Mr J. M. Howell, Rev Thomas Hughes, Mr G. H. H. and Mrs Hayhnrst-France, Rev F. H. and Mra Hawkins, Lady Mary Herbert, Mr Edward Herbert, Mr R. W. Hughes, Lady Magdalen Herbert, Lady Margaret Herbert, Mr Francis T. Higgine, Miss Harrieon, Mr Edward Hussev, Major W. C. Hunter. Mr T. D. Haw-b, Mr Thomas Hardie. Mr T. Graham Hughes, Mr Lloyd Hughes, Mr. F. Walsham How, Mr and Mrs B. and Mist. Jones. Mr and Mrs R_ E Jones, Cefn Bryntalch, Mrs and the Morris Jones, Mr and Mrs E. Manrice Jcnes Mr M. P. Jones, Mr Wilfred Jones, Mrs, Miss, and Miss G. Hanmer Jones, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hanmer Hilton Jones, Mr G. E. Jones, Mr Hcighway Jones, Col. Lord Kilmorey and Officers of the Shropshire Yeomanry, Mr and Mrs R. C. C. Long, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lees, Mr, Mra, and Miss Leslie, Marquess and Marchioness of Londonderry, Dowager Marchioness of Londonderry, Mrs Loveil, Capt aud Mrs Audley Lovell, Captain and Mrs Lovett, Major and Mrs Langlands, the Rev J. L. and Mrs Lewis, Mr M. M. Lloyd, Mri and Miss Lomax, Colonel Liddell and Officers 23rd Regimental Depot, The Rev. J. P. Lewis, Mr and Mrs Christopher Leyland, Mr Newill Lea, Mr and Mrs Jasper More, Mr H. Morris, Miss B. M. Mytton, Sir Thomas, Lady, and Misses Meyrick, Rev J. and Mrs Matthews. Col. Sir T. Meyrick and Officers 3rd Batt. K.S.L.I., Mr T. Mytton More, Rev. O. A. and Mrs Nares, Col. and Mrs Norton, Miss Naylor, Mr and Mrs Oakley, Mrs Owen, the Rev B. Trevor Owen, Mr C. Whitely and Miss Owen, Mr and Mrs Price-Davies, Major, Mrs and Misa Patchett, Mr and Mrs Spencer Phillips, Messrs H. and W. Pryce, Mrs Pryce, Capt. and Mrs Meyrick-Pryce, Capt. Pryce, the Misses Devereux-Pryce, Mrs and Miss Price, Mr and Mrs E. S. Mostyn-Pryce, Miss Price, Mr E. B. and Mrs- Proctor, Dr and Mrs Purchase, Mr Llewelyn Price, Mr Kynaston Perrott, Mr Archibald Read, Col., Mrs and Miss Read, Mr M. Read, Captain and Mrs fccobell, Lord and Lady Sudeley, the Rev J. and Mrs Sawer, Mr and Mrs Severne, Major Salnsbury, Mr E. Sydney St. B. Sladen, Miss Stuart, Mrs Scott, Mr and Mrs Arthur Sampson, Mr Shaw Safe, Mr Richard Sanford, Mr J. Arthur Talbot, the Misses Talbot, the Hon. F., Mra and Miss Hanbury Tracy, Lt. Col. and Mrs Twyford, Mr and Mrs Frank Trevor, the Rev Warren, Mrs and Miss Trevor, the Hon. Algernon Hanbury Tracy, the Hon. Ida Hanbury Tracy, Mr E H. Thruston, Mr and Mrs Turner, Miss Thistle, Mr Henry Tatham, Mr and Mrs Vickers, the Rev J. E., Mrs and Miss Vize, the Lord Henry Vane-Tempest, Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest, Sir Offley and Lady Wakeman, Mrs Welch, Miss Wilding, Miss Williams, Mr and Mrs Charles Woosnam, Mr and Mrs Wright, Mr C. W. W. and the Misses Williams-Wynn, Col. Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.. and Officers M.Y.C., Sir W. G. and Lady Williams, Lady Williams-Wynn, Mr Js. Whittaker (junr.), the Dowager Lady Williams- Wynn, Mr John Whitaker (junr), Mr Dugald Whitaker, Mr and Mrs, O. S. Wynn, Mr and Mrs W. R. M. Wynne, Mr H. E. Whitaker,. Mr B. Whitaker, Misses Woodman, Miss Williams,. Mr G. W. Wake- field, Mr E. H. Williama, Mr John A. A. Williams Mr E. G. WiUiams-Vaughan. +


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—————————| A GREAT PROBLEM.