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♦ TENANTS' BALL AT POWIS CASTLE. Ofi Tuesday night the Earl and Countess of Powis gave a b,,Ii at Powis Castle in commemoration of the birth ot their son and heir, the invited guests inciud- ing the tenant's and chief tradespeople of Welshpool. The decorations for the occasion were very elaborate and beautiful. The approach to the Castle Court was illuminated with rows of glittering fairy lamps, whde the drive was bordered with a large number of these pretty illuminations. The Court; itself was covered with a canopy of red and white suspended from V ÐIJctian masts entwined with box and bay, and prettily illuminated with lamps. On the right hand side was an exquisite decoration of groups of plants arranged in toe form of a garden, aLd con- sisting of tree fernE, palms, maiden hair ferns, ooleus, dracasnas, and 11.twering exotics, whioh looked exceed- ingly basiutuui when illuminated. The Castle steps were bordered with plants foliaged and flowering in pots. The quadrangle was covered with transparent canvas, under whioh was stretched a canopy of w',i-ite bi rdored with red, while the walls were also beautifully draped in the same colours. Here again the of fairy lamps, &a., had a pretty effect. At the end of the gallery leading to the terraces wa a magnificent imitation of a fairy grotto, where Chieesj and fairy lamps gleamed down on a fine fern tv. e .urrounded by all the choicest, and loveliest flowering and foliaged productions of the hothouse, interspersed with ferns ef every variety. The vails were clothed with oak and birch, and the whole effect was exceedingly pretty. The steps of the ball room on the left of the court yard were draped with red, and the approach was bounded with another fine group of plants, as was also the bail rnum door. The orchestra was bid by a curtain pampas grass and bullrushes, while the pillars we.-v- entwined with evergreens. Each IV ,'as window was tiuiielully draped with red and relieved with suspended baskets of flowers, while the candf- 13,bl: we-o clothed in evergreens, red and wnite pampas grass, and trailing ivy. Tilr cornices were festooned with evergreens, and at tho end ot tho room next to the museum -as the "Clive," worked in nobly proportioned letter. in rcc;d and white dahlias. The quadrangle and the gallery running alongside were uaed as supper rooms, the museum as a retiring room, a room to the riliit of the ball room as a smoke and card room, and there were also two refreshment rooms at the bo-.tom of the grand staircase. Every- thing that possibly could be done to ensure the com- fort of the guests was admirably arranged. The fli»ra! decorations were under the care of the head gardener, Mr Lambert, who was assisted by the estate officials The floor was in excellent condition, and the music was supplied by Mr Wm. Streater, ot Liverpool, ai d the following was the programme of dances: -Couiitrv dance, waltz, polka, lancers, polka. waltz, qusdrille, mazurka, waltz, polka, lance:3, waltz, Highland schottische, lancers, poika, waltz, polka, lancers, galop, Sir Roger de Coveney, God save the Queen. Dancing began shortly niter nine o'clock, and Lord and Lady Powis had a hearty reception. The house parly included the Earl and Countess of Powis, Lo.d and Lady Arthur Butler, Mr and Lady Louise Luder, Lady Ada Osborne, Lady Magdalene Herbert, Lady Margaret Herbert, Major and Mrs E. W. Herbert, the Hon. Miriam Tuelluson, the Hon. Tafctou Willoutihby, the Hon. F. Hill, Mr l't W. Williams-Wynn, Mr Wombwell, and Mr Williamson The invited guests were Captain and Mrs Mylton and partv, Garth, Major and Mrs Corbett-Winder and partv, Vayrior, Colonel and Mrs Harrison and party, Cae-'howel, Colonel and Mrs Heyward, Crosswomi, Mr l1-'ld Mis Humphreys-Owen, Glaasevern, Miss Navior an 1 ps.rt.y, L".gh'.on Hall, Captain Pryoo and party. Cyfronydd, Mrs Lovelt, Hauerchyd.)), Miss Corrie, Dy, 8 Mf Thompson Harrison, Clifton. Mr and Mrs G. D. Harrison, Fronllwyd, Mr and Mrs Salt, Shrewsbury, thi Mayor and Mayoress of Pool. Mr 0 and Mr A. H. Jones, the Rev G and Mrs Davis, The Vicarage, the Rev F. H. and Mrs Haw. kins, Pool, the itev L'ewelyn Jones, the Rev J P Lewis, the lie.- T. Hughes, Buttingion, the Rev John Burd, Chirbury, tha Rav R. J. and Mrs Roberts, Poo! Q.: *y, thu Rev B. W. and Mrs Brown, Mont gomery, the Rev Cecil and Mrs Hook, Oswestry, the Rev G. and Mrs Widiams. Trefonen, the R*v R. M., M'-f and tiie Mis-«ei White, Churohstoke, Mr, Mis and Mr J. H. Ad lie, P>wis Castle Park, Mr and Mrs Long, The Dairy, Mr F. D. Wood, Pool, Messrs W. aud G. Fit,z;ugh, Montgomery, Mr and Miss Aatei ley, Pentref, Llanvmynooh, Mr Heathoote. Powis Castle Office, Mr E. A. and Miss 0" Welshpool, Mr, Mrs and Miss Roberto, High-street, Mr Mid Mrs liJ, I Smith, Berriew-street, Dr and Mrs Hawksworth, Park-lane, Dr Cawthorne, Park-lane, Dr Gill, High. street, Dr Marston, High-street, Mr and Airs Thomas, Severn-street, Mr and Mrs Richards, Royal Oak Hotel, Mrs and Miss Hurst, Castle View, Mr Oak Hotel, Mrs and Miss Hurst, Castle View, Mr Mrs and Miss Clarke, Lion Hotel, Mr and Mrs John Smith, Hollybush, Mr and Mrs Albert Smith, Colien t Buildings, Mr Wm. Baker, Mr and Mrs Farmer, Mr and Mrs W. M. Ireland, Mr and Mrs Wm Roberts, Mr A. Parry, Mr and Mrs Wm. Gwilt, Mr and Mrs T. Griffiths, Mr aud Mrs John Sayce, Mr and Mrs Pryce Barretc, Mr acd Mrs C. Galloway, Mr, Mrs, Mr A. and Miss Watkin, Mr and Mrs Rogers, Penylan, Mr and Miss Rogers, High-street, Mr aud Mrs Stockton, Mr and Mrs Jas. Baker, Mr and Mrs Gittins, Mr and Mrs E. Wyke, Mr Josiah and Mrs Brick, Mr John Eddowes, Mr Bluck, Mr and Mrs Testar. Mr and Mrs Matthew Powell, Mr, Mrs, Mr Robt. and Miss Owen, Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomas, Mr, Mrs. and Mr James and Miss Davies, 1, High-street, Mr Arthur and Miss Kate Mallinson, Mr and Mrs John Ev-ms, Mr. Mrs and Miss Morris, Broad-street, Capt and Mrs Tigar, Clive.place, Mr, Mrs, Mr (jun) and Miss Jones, Clive-place, Mr and Mrs T. P. Jones, Clive- place, Mr and Mrs Samuel Morris, Mr and Mrs G. E. Davies, Miss Robinson, Mr and M;a;¡ Collender, Mr and Mrs J. H. Davies, Mr and Mrs W. A. Roters, Mr, Mrs, Mr Joseph snd Miss Morris (Severn Villa), Mr and Miss E. L. Jones, Mr, Mrs, Mr W. aiid Miss Marris (Foundry), Mr and Mrs Morgan Morris, Mr and Mrs Bushell, Mr John, Mr Dtvid and Miss Lloyd, Hall-street, Mr and Mrs Wall, Church-bank, Mr and Mrs Cowan, Broad-street, Mr and Mrs T. Rowley Morris, Mr and Mrs J. H. Anderson, Mr and Mrs Henry Lewis, Mr and Mrs T. J. Evans, Mr and Mrs and Mrs 10. Hughes, Mr and Mrs Richard Jones, Bank-buildings, Mr and Mrs S. Suiter, jun, Mr and Mrs D. Rowlande, Mr and Mrs G. W. Gowan, Mr W. Humphreys, the Editor Oswestry Advertizer, Mr lind Mrs Statham and Mr R. H. Bunner, Mr and Mrs R Evans, Mr and Mrs C. P Davies, Mr and Miss James,. Mr and Mrs E. R. James, Mr and Mrs C. S. Pryce, Dr. Morgan, Mrs Watkin, Dragon Hotel, Mrs J. S. Allan, Mr and Mrs McGavin, Dr. Robertson, Mr and Mrs C. B. Williams, Mr and Miss Mickleburgh, Miss Wilding, Miss Davies, Broad-street, Mrs Allen, Chnreh Bank, Mr and Mrs feoley, Mr and Mrs Jones, Park Farm, Mr and Mrs Davies, Moat, Mr and Mrs Bullock, Llwynderw, Mr, Mrs. and Miss Evans, Wernllwyd, Mr and Mrs Jones, Mount Farm, Mr and Mrs Leach, Cwm Farm, Mrs and Walter Colley, Penybryn, Mi and Mrs Higgins, Coedycwm, Mr and Mrs Willis, Sylfaen, Mr and Mrs Evan Kinaey, Buttington Hall, Mr and Mrs Mvtton, Buttington Hall, Mr and Mrs Bickerton, Brookaider Mr and Mrs Thomas, Garbett's Hall, Mr and Mrs Green, The Moors, Mr and Mrs Edwards, The Green, Mr and Mra Morgan, White House, Mrs Davies, Dragon Inn, Buttington, Mr and Mrs Morgan, Cletterwood, Mr and Mrs Davies, Stone House, Mr and Mrs Davies, Cwmbychan, Mr and Mrs Whitehall. Tanvralt. Mr and Miss Green, Tynvcelyn, Mr and Mrs Green, Maesydd, Mr and Mrs Green, The Bank, Mr and Mrs Colley, Coppice, Mr and Mrs Jones, Penliwyn, iVlr, Mrs, and Miss Hole, Crowther's Hall, Mr E. and Mr C. Jones, Bank, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Jones, Manor House, Mr and Miss Francis, Derwendeg, Mr and Mrs Jones, Dyer's Hall, Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Varchoel Hall, Mr and Mrs Davies, Coppice, Mr and Mrs Higgins, The Wern, Mr and Mrs Evans, Cloddia, Mr and Mrs Poweil, Leighton, Mr and Mrs Green, Redhouse, Mr and Mrs Jones, Mathrafal, Mr and Mrs Richards, Greeuhj.ll, Mr and Mrs Couud, Churohstoke Hall, Mr and Mrs Webster, Coruden, Mr and Mrs Jones, Llwvnrobin, Mr and Mrs Mitchell, jun., Old Castle, Air, Mrs, Mr T. and Miss Williams, Stalloe, Mr and Mr Davies, Hendomin; Mr and Mra Owen, Shammasford, Al i- Langford, Court Calmore, Mr, Mrs, Mr E. and Miss Jones, Sutton, Mr and Mrs Jones, Rhydyware, Mr and Mrs Graham, Rhydywhiman, Mr aud Mrs Davies, Gaer Mill; Mr and Miss Langford, Chirbury Hall, Mr and Miss Jones, Heightley, Mr, Mrs, Mr W. H. and Miss Morris, Chirbury, Mr and Mies Lanaford,Walcot. Mr and Miss HotchkUs, Hockleton, Mr Williams, Rudge, Mr and Mrs Hotchkiss, Kings- wood, Mr and Miss Evans, Timberth, Mr and Mrs Whittingham, Lower Lane, Mr, Mrll, Mr (jun.) and Miss Holloway, Dudstone, Mr, Mrs, Mr (jun.) and Miss Wood, Dudstone, Mr and Mrs Evam. The Moat, Mr Mills and Mrs Groves, Rownall, Mr Walter and Miss Ward, Crankwell, Mr Farmer (sen.), Mr Farmer (jun.), and Miss Farmer, Winsbury, Mr, Mrs, Mr T. aud Miss Howard, Gwarthlow, Mr and Mrs Davies, Gwarthlow, Mr and Mrs Jones, Rockley, Mr and Mrs Blayney Ditches, Mr Walter Hodgkiss, Bank Farm, Mr and Mrs Jones, Bank Farm. +

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—————————| A GREAT PROBLEM.