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I ODDFELLOWS' CONCERT AT MONTGOMERY. Seldom has such a uniform degree of success been reached by any entertainment at Monteomery as that attained by the concert held on Thursday in aid of the anniversary fund of the Ark of Friendship Lodge' of Oddfellows. The Town Hall presented a bright and gay appearance nnder its festive adornment,/ and in which a prominent feature was the silken banner and regalia of the Order, which draped the walls, mingling prettily with these were mottoes, flowers, evergreens, &c, the whole having been tastrfuliy arranged under the superintendence of Mrs Lucas. Iir;>au-street. who was assisted by Mrs Marshall. Mrs L. Griffiths, Misses L. and M. Lucas, Miss Tomiey, Mi; s Soley, Miss Jennie Thomas, Miss Ellen Eaton, Miss M. and S. Proctor, Miss Agnes Jones, Messrs r. H. Evans, LI. Bamaby, A. Eaton, A. Lucas, J. E. Tomiey, etc. The concert was unuer the distinguished patrou. age of his Worship the Mayor Nioholas VVaison Fairies-Humphreys. Esq., J.P.), the Right Hon the Earl of Powits, Sir Prycu Pryce-Jones, M.P., Stuart Rendel, Esq, M.P.. l:vs E. W. Brown, rector of Montgomery, Rev Preb. J. Burd, vicar of Chirbury, Rev H. T. Cowper Smith, Hon F. S. A. Hanbury- Tracy, Colonel R. J. Harrison, J.P., A. Howei;, Eq'.1 J.P., A. C. Humphreys-Owen, Esq., J.P., F. Xi. Lloyd, Esq J. M. E. Lloyd, Esq, M. M. Lloyd, E-q, C. Wbitley Owen, Esq, J.P., Philip Wright, Esq, J.P, etc. The assemoly room of the hall had been augmented by the removal of a partition, which ma.de available the extra spaoe of the justices' court, but notwlthiltandiug- this there was scarcely stand. ing room to be baa. Most of the elite of the ueigh. bourhood were represented amongst those purchas- iug tickets or occupying the reserved seats. Tiie artitses were maiuiy local, but a high standard of excellence was siwwu in the music rendered. Miss Bezeie Bevau. who has been scoring heavily lately, was in fine voice, and met with grand reception, both her songs being emphatically eucoied. MIES Maggie Evans, of Ne wto., it, despite a trifling nervousness at the commencement, made full amends later on, and was recalled after her rendering of "Darby and Joa.n." The duet, The Two Cousins," whicn was given by Miss Evans and Miss Annie Barrett, proved immensely taking, and its encore was uudeniable. No more rapturous applause greeted any singer than the outburst which saluled Mr Evan Jones' rendition of rhe Old Folks at Home," and it is anything but idle flattery to say that this gentleman's fine alto voice is not excelled by any male vocalist in the county. A party, under the conductorship of Mr J. Tipping, gave tasteful performances of the glees Three Doughtie Men and The Song of the Skaters," and Mr Tipping sang very effectively "The Vagabond and Ino Tar's Home," both of which were very well recaivod Mrs Griffiths sang Stephen Adams' fine song Le Iloly City very nicely, and Mr 1\ J. Griffiths, who is always a priuie favourite with tho Montgomery people, could not but respond to the encore which greeted his singing of The Skipper's Cheer." No small measure of talent was needed to give the ekiliul exposition of pianoforte playing shown by Mr J. C. S. Keedwell in his selec- tion of the Sabbath Evening Chimes," and the whole of the accompaniments were very ably per- formed by him. Me F. H. Shayler, of Welohpool, gave two violin soios, and showed masterly skill in his manipulation 01 ihat instrument. A sine qua itoti at Montgomery concerts is the attendance ot Mr T. F. Perks, the renowned Shrewsbury comic. With side-splitting t*afciii*s of fun, varied by outbursts of patriotic fervour, or again by a side show of mock melancholy, he kept ;he audience in alternate spells of humour and -chiefly the former—and encores once and sgnin kept him on the boards until he must have nearly exhausted his repertoire. Towards the closo of the concert the Mayor (N. W. Fairies-Humphreys, Esq.) said that as an O lUfellow he wished to return thanks on behalf of the Com- mittee to the artistes who had so kindly given their services, a motion which A'a-< carried by acclamation. The wh >ie ot the arrangements for the concert devolved upon a c >L. uiLti;e of Oddfellows, of which Mr A. Eaton, N.G was chairman, and Mr J. E. Tomley, P.G., was s oreta y. The following was the programme Pianotorte solo, "Sabbath Evening Chimes, Mr Keedwell; glee, roree DoughtIe Men,' Mr Tipping's Pitrty so:.g, Is that mother bending o'er me f" AIr E. 0. Jones; song, "My heart and thine," Miss Evans; violin solo, "Le Keve Mr F. H. Sh-sylcr; song, "When the heart ia young" (encored), Miss Bessie Bevan; song, Tiie Vagabond," i.fr. J. Tipping duet, The Two Cousins (encored), Miss Maggie Evans and Miss Annie Bmatl comic Yong, "In Jah," Mr T. F. Perks.—Part JI G.ce, "Song of the Skaters," Mr Tipping's party; soi)^. "The old folks at home" (eucored), Mr. O: Jones song, The Holy City," Mrs L. Gr, Mthe song, The Skipper's cheer" (en- cored), Mr H. J. Griffiths; violin solo, "Berceuse," MrF. Ii. Shayler; song, "Darby and Joan" len- cored), Miss Maggie Evans; song, "The Tar's Home," Mr J. Tipping; song, "Tit for Tat" (encored), Miss Bessie Bevan comic song, Second- hand Clothes" (encored), Mr T. F. Perks; finale, God save the Q'leen."


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