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THE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS- NOMINATIONS. The election for seats on the four Town Councils within the county will not pass away uncontested. In each of the boroughs more than usual interest is taken in the events. The severest contests will take place at Montgomery, where Mr James MacGavin, Arthur-street, veterinary surgeon, will oppose the two Tory candidates, Messrs William Jones, Llwy. nobin, and Archibald Graham, Rhydwhiman. The Tories are sanguine that they can carry the two seats. Mr MacGavin will have a. strong followint, and if the Liberals work, as only Liberals can, they will probably place him at. the top of the poll. It is pleasing to note that at Welsh pool politics do not enler into ci\ic life, and a man's political convictions are not judged the standard of his abilities to govern the borough. The Mayor (Councillor Ellia O. Jones) is returned unopposed. The other retiring members are Messrs G. E. Davies and T. S. Pryce, and from their pist conduct and ability there is no reason why they should cot again find seats on the Council for the Llauerchydol and Castle wards. For the honour of representing Buttingtou ward, Mr J. Cowan and Mr A. Watkin do battle. At Llanfyllin there are four vacancies, for which seven candidates were nominated. Mr Da.vid Davies (Lledfron) was dis- qualified because his nomination paper wrongfully stated the day of the election. A majority of Liberals is sure to be return-id. At Llanidloes there are no less than nine candidates for five seats, eight Liberal and one Conservative. The retiring members are Mossrs Richard George, Samuel Moddins, and Elias Dakin. The former will occupy a high place on the poils, and Mr Meddins will obtain good support. Mr Daniel Hisgs, an old conncil!or, solicits the suffrages of the electorate, and Messrs Evan Evans and A. J. Morris, although defeated last year. are in the field. The new candi- dates are Messrs Evan Williams, ironmonger, and T. Pryce Jones. The Tory candidate is Mr E. Williams (Aberyiiaut), and his only chance of being successful is in the fact that there are too many Radicals anx- ious for places on the Council. The nominations are ae under:— WELSHPOOL. BUTTH-GTON WARD.—Joseph Co;van, chemir-t, proposed by Robert Thompson, and seconded by Thomas J. Bratton: Aaron Watkin. builder, proposed by David Wall, and seconded by Richard Jones. CASTLE WARD-George E. Davies, chemist, pro- posed by Herbert Hawksworth, and seconded by Pryce Barrett; Richard Parry Jones, farmer. Park Farm, proposed by John Davies, and seconded by John Jones. LLANERCHYDOL WARD—Thomas S. Pryce, auc- tioneer, proposed by William Wakefield, and sec- onded by Thomas Howells Robart Jones, tailor, proposed by Edward Wyke, and seconded by James Baker. GUILSFIELD W APuD-ElHs O. Jon" (Mayor), tim- ber merchant, proposed by Edward Grean, and sec- onded by Edward Jones. MONTGOMERY. Jas. McGa.vin. Arthur-street, veterinary snrgeon, proposed by John Powell. and seconded by Thomas DavieR William Jones, Llwynobin. farmer, proposed by Charles Pryce Davies, and fleeondid by Stephen Da-,rits; Archibald Graham, Rhydwhiman, gentle- man. proposed by Thomas Williams, and seconded by Edward Williams. LLANIDLOES. Alfred Jabez Morris, proposed by E. Hamer, and sconded by A. J. Francis; Daniel Higgs, proposed by J. F. Richards, and seconded by Evan Burford; Thomas Pryce J onos. proposed by Edward Davies, and seeomied by Edward Bo.ven Richard George, proposed by S. Pugh Davies, and seconded by Samuel Mf-ddins; Sa.muel Meddins, proposed by David Rees, and seconded by Edward Benbovr; Evan Widiairis, timber merchant, proposed by J. Si'.ihald, and seconded by E. D. Marpolo; Eviin Williams, ironmonger, proposed by Thomas Morris, and sec- onded by C. E. Pryce; Evan Kvaa-, proposed by Divid Owen, and seconded by David Jones *E'iaa Uakir). oroposed by Wm. George, and seconded by Jam" Kerr. Those m irked are the retiring coun- cillors. LLANBTLLIN. John Ryle, propoied by Rev T. Jones, seconded by liobert Richards John Lloyd, proposed by Roger Edwards, seconded by John Jones; Evan Watkins, proposed by John Jones, seconded by Ellis Roberts Thomas Roberts, proposed by 0;ven Jones, seconded by Edward Davies David David (Pantybedw), pro- posed by J. Pentyrch Williams, seconded by Roger Edwards William Jones, proposed by Robert Jones, seconded by John Jones; David Davies (Lledfron), proposed by Hugh Joues, seconded by C. R. Joyes (disqualified).



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