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THE WELSHPOOL DISPENSARY CONCERT, j On Thursday evening last a grand evening concert was given in the Town Hall, Welshpool, in aid of that noble institution the Dispensary. The con- cert had been arranged and worked by a com- mittee of the Powis Competitive Choir, with Messrs J. H. Davies and A. H. Jones acting as secre- taries, who worked most energetically to bring the concert to a successful issue. There were a large number present notwithstanding other attractions in the town, and amongst those we noticed present, or who took tickets but were unable to attend, were :— Sir W. Williams-Wyno, Bart., the Right Hon. the Earl of Powis, Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones, M.P., J. C. Hilton, Esq. (High Sheriff), E. O. Jones, Esq. j (Mayor), Captain E. Pryce-Jones, Major A. Williams- Wynn, the Misses Wynn (Coed-y-Maen), P. A. Beck, Esq., Mrs Curling, T. N. Garnet, Esq. (Glanrhiw), T. J. Hounsfield, Esq. (Glyncogan), A. Howell, Esq. (Rhiewport), Rev Grimaldi Davies (Vioar of Welsh- pool), Rev J. Baines and Miss Baines (Berriew), G. Hill. Esa. (Llanerchydol Park), E. H. Morris, Esq. (Chirbury), T. R. Morris, Esq. (Bronhanl), J. C. I Gittina, Esq. (Newtown), Rev Tu. De Voa (St. Wini-1 fred's), Rev T. C. Jones, etc., etc. The orchestra was beautifully decorated with plants and ferns (kindly lent by Mr John Weir), and the stage arrange. ments were superintended by Mr Harry Baines. The choir, which numbered about 100 voices, presented a most pleasing and neat appearance, each member wearing a satin rosette: the sopranos wore pink, the contraltos scarlet, and the male portion white. The artistes, as will be seen from the programme below, were chiefly local talent, the only strangers being Miss Maggie Owen, Lianyblodwell, Mr Bennett Williams, Portmadoc, a baritone of considerable ability, as well as a 'cello player, and Mr Willie Galliger. From beginning to end the audience was most enthusiastic, and encores were numerous, in fact they were the" order" of the evening. The conductor of the choir was Mr E. R. Hughes, and the accompanist Mr Willie Nuttall, both of whom per- formed their arduous duties in a most praiseworthy manner. Welshpool, as well as the conductor, should be justly proud of having such a choir in its midst. The reception aooorded them was most hearty, and their singing of the first item, And then shall your light," was all that could be desired. The balance and tone of voices were excellent, the attacks vigor- ous, and the rendering throughout was inspiring to listen to. The conductor deserves special praiee for the training of the choir to such a high state of pro- ficiency. Gwilym Gwent's "Balmy May" was ex. quisitely rendered. The male voice party (conducted by Mr Hughes) gavea brilliant rendering of Sullivan's The Bdleaguered," and the time-honoured "Comrade's Song of Hope" was also credit- ably given. The Bottw& Quartette Party rendered Hatton's Letter very effectively _J..L ""I."T:1- _1__1i_ 1.- -a. mr £ >enneit vvunams sang very cieariy in a oaruone voice, and was wrll received. Miss Maggie Owen, Llanyblodwel, in a rich soprano voice, renaered her pieces very satisfactorily. Mr Hudson Phillips gave his eong in a sweet tenor voice. In the person of Mis-« Bessie Bevan we can welcome a most valuable addition to the ii-t of native contraltos, whose chaste rendering of her songs were rapturously encored, her lear enunciation being exceedingly good. Miss Meredith ably accompanied Miss Bevan on the piano. Miss Myfanwy Jones, Bettwa, it is needless to add, was very effective. Her pieces were finely given, and had an artistic finish, and deserved the well- nerited encores. Miss Stuart Bainea had a grand r-ception, and is a young lady of considerable pro- mise. Mr W. Jenkins, who is always well received by a Welshpool audience, sang with hia usual dash and finish. His dexterous phrasing was exceptionally arrand, and in Shipmates" he evidently bad a thorough grasp of the situation. He was vociferously encored, but aid not comply. Mr Bennett Williams's pieces on the 'cello ana violin were excellent; his manipulation being good. The duet by Miss Jones ■md Mr Phillips deserved a merited encore. Mr Willie Gallager supplied the character songs very iatisfactorily. The following was the programme:— PART iI. Chorus. And then shall your light"Mendelssohn Powis Competitive Choir. gong Jack's Yarn" .Adams Mr Bennett Williams. Song "Golden love" Milton Wellinga Miss Maggie Owen. Song "Gwenfron" A. Morgan Mr Hudson Phillips. Chorus .The Beleaguered"Arthur Sullivan Male Voice Party. Song Love is a dream" (encored).Cowen Mibs Bessie Bevan. 'Cello Solo. Reveria" Caroline Derval Mr Bennett Williams. Song. Tell me my heart" (encored) ..Bishop Miss Myfanwy Jones. Song "Shipmates" (encored).Stephen Adams Mr W. Jenkins. Humorous Song. 't'hf-. Vindovv man" (encored) Mr Gallager. PART H. Pianoforte Solo. Mr Willie Nuttall. Chorus "Comrades' song of hope" Adams Male Voice Party. Song The childreii's queen" (encored). Miss Stuart Baines. Duet Blodwen"Dr Parry Miss Myfanwy Jones and Mr Hudson Phillips. Song. T;t fo.. tt," (encoreJ).Pontet Miss Bessie Bevan. Quartef,te lti,, letter" Hatton The Bettws Quartette Party. Song Tho children's home"Cowen Miss Maggie Owen. Song "Jerusalem" Henry Parker Mr W. Jenkins. Song "Ye breezes that blow" (encored). Parry Miss Myfanwy Jones. 'Cello Solo. (Selectéd). Mr Bennett Williams. Part Song "Balmy May" Gwilym Gwent Powis Competitive Choir Humorous Song" An tb ro' a little piece of bacon" Mr Gallager. Final God save the Queen" After the concert a dance was held, when there were fI bout 130 present. The music being supplied free of charge by the îollowing-Miss Alice Owen, and Messrs Timmis, W. Nuttall, and A. H. Jones, Hall-etreet. Refreshments were supplied by mem. bers of the Choir, Messrs W. Davies, Evan Evans, and James Davies seeing to the arrangements. The proceeds of the dance, which realized a good sum, will likewise be given to the Dispensary.