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WELSHPOOL. CONSERVATIVE CLUB.—A billiard handicap for unsuccessful competitors in previous handicaps has just been finished at this Ciab. Mr W. Jari-ran was successful, his opponent in the fiuai ronnd being Mr M. T. Davies. IMPORTANT SALE.-On Thursday the Dragon Inn, 10, Mount-street, containing bar, parlour, sitting room, kitchen, back kitchen, four bedrooms, brew. house, stabling, etc., was submitted by Mr T. S. Pryce for sale by auction, and purchased by Messrs Lassell and Sharman, Caergwrle, Wrexham, for .£635. No. 40, Mount-street, became the property of Mr E. Morgan Jones, accountant, Welshpool, for .£330; and seven other cottages, numbering one to seven, in Dragon-square. Mount-street, were pur- chased by Mr Morgan Jones for X185. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—-The anniversary services were conducted at this church on Sunday, when the Rev J. Idrisyn Jones preached both morn- ing and evening. In the afternoon a selection of Old Welsh and English Melodic" was given by the Choir. efficiently conducted by Mr Maurice Evans. The accompanist was Miss M. Francis. An address was also given by Rev Idrisyn Jones. The audience was large, and collections were made at each service in aid of the Church funds. YEOMANKY DRILL.—The B Squadron (Welshpool and Guiisfield Troops) of the Montgomeryshire j Yeomanry Ca valry, were drilled in G.rth Park on f Saturday week, Lieutenants F. Williams Wynn and ( A. P. Lane being iu charge. The men were put through euadron drill, parade movement, and sword exercise, and acquitted themselves creditably. At| the conclusion of the mancouvres a dinner, provided bv the officers, was served by Mr Jones, of the King's Head. Quarter Master Davies proposed the health of the Officers, and a!so that of Sergeant Major Je»tic% both of which were heartily drunk. WESLEYAN CHAPFL.-The Evangelistic services conducted throrighont the week by Mr and Mrs Evans, to which refer- ence was made in last week's issue, has been attended with marked success The meetings throughout have been crowded, and it was roughly estimated that on Snndoy even- ing about 800 persons were present It is hoped these meet- ings may re-animate the churches in the town, *nd that they may unitedly put forth those energies which are practically now dormant The meetings will be brought to a close this night (Monday), when Mrs Evans will give a characteristic sketch from a Gipsy Tent to a Platform" TOWN COUNCIL.—Of the four retiring councillors only two offer themselves for re-election, namely Mr E 0 Jones, (Tuilsfield ward, who has filled the mayoric chair since November last, and discharged the onerous and important duties of his office with much tact and ability, and added that grace and dignity to the chair. In again coming forward for the division which he represents, if another candidate be forthcoming he will have but a forlorn hope, as Mr Jones is a very strong candidate, and will probably be returned by a largtl majority. Mr T S Price, who again appeals to the electors of Llanerchydol ward, has done yeoman service for the working classes, and in his rough and ready style has brought measures conducive to improving the town, and if again elected he will, as in the past, faithfully serve the ward which he represents. Mr Howell Williams, of the Oross Keys, whose address was issued on Saturday, will be his opponent, and this gentleman will have to be up to concert pitcli if he wishes to be at all near the figures which will place Mr Pryce at the head of the poll. For Buttington ward, which was formerly represented by Mr John Jones (late;, of Bnll Hotel, two candidates are already in the field, Mr Aaron Watkin, builder, and Mr J Cowan, chemist The former is a practical man, and his experience would evi- dently assist materially the ward he wishes to return him, while the latter gentleman, who is a keen bnsiness man, and well up in finance, would also look after the interests of the ratepayers. Mr George Davies, for Castle ward, does not again seek re-election. Mr R P Jones, Fark, farmer, is so far the only candidate for this ward It is necessary that in a municipal borongh there should be a representative on the council who has the welfare of the agriculturists at heart, and willlmard their interests. TOWN COUNCIL.—LIST OF ATTENDANCES :— 1890-1 1891-2 1892.3 Tl. R The Mayor (Clr. E. O. Jones) 14 12 15 41 Alderman W. A Rogers 14 17 12 43 Alderman Harrison 14 12 11 37 Alderman T. R Morris 13 13 11 37 Alderman C. Mytton 14 13 2 29 Councillor D. Richards 17 11 14 42 Councillor D. Jones 17 15 16 48 Councillor Hawksworth. 9 10 5 24 Councillor T. Pariy 16 13 12 41 E Councillor G. E. Davies 12 12 10 34 ('ouncillor J. Pryce-Jones. 16 14 30 Cjuncidor C. Galloway 15 14 29 Councillor J. H. Anderson. 21 15 14 zo R Councillor T. S. Pryce 15 10 13 38 Councillor E Langford Jones 9 7 16 R Councillor Johu Jones 13 12 25 (R Retiring Councillors. Mr John Jones has left the town).