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C. ¥. NORTON, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPOT, Broad Street, NEWTOWN. BAIUFORBS' NEW SAFETY PULPERS, QUITE NEW THIS SEASON. Improvements. r:. SHEEP NETTING, Supersedes anything before C brought out. IN SIZES FROM PONY RAPID CORN GRINDING MILLS. TO THREE HORSE. An IDlpection will at once convinoe n intending purchasers of its superiority. ALL AT REDUCED PRICES TO SUIT THE BAD TIMES. "Fit it with such Furniture as suits-according to the fashion and the time.Shakespeare. COOKE BROS., COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. Warehouse and Bedding FURNITURE Offices & Show Rooms— P actory— FOR HALL, LIBRARY & DINING ROOM, WESLEY STREET. UPPER BRIDGE STREET. In Various Woods and all the moat ityl". Overmantels Specially Designed to Match Furniture. AT POTTERY AND METAL WORK. 7.- AL, IJL JI ARTISTIC IILLI BEDROOM FURNITURE. WESLEY STRER.T IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS Ix 4GJAZAT ESTIMATES SPRING, HAIR AND WOOL ESTIMATES Give. for Complete House Furnishing. MATTRESSES. Given for Complete Houeb Furnishing. Carpets & Hearthrugs. «3" OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAY BR HAD ON APPLICATION, but a Visit to the SHOWROOMS ig necessary tn obtain an idea of th» LARGE RANGE OP GOODS which are Continually on "View. To publish a complete Catalogue is impossible, as the change of novelties is constant, and in many cases the designs are original. jl Show Rooms:-Wesley Street, Newtown. f58 js CHnrF CUTTERS, TURNIP CUTTERS, GRIST MILLS, HORSE GEARS. NEWEST DESIGNS dog== SAFETY LEVER. WITH LATEST STOP AND REVERSE MOTION. Strongest Working. ^PRICES REDUCED FOR THIS SEASON. TURNER, Implement Depot, NEWTOWN. Novelties for the Autumn and Winter ► Season. HENRY MORGAN Begs to announce his return from London for the second time this Season, and is prepared to Show many SPECIALITIES he has been successful in procuring in MILLINERY, MANTLES, DRESS MATERIALS, TRIMMINGS, FURS, Etc., Etc. Henry Morgan makes up Dresses Elegantly and Fits Perfectly at Moderate Prices. First-class Milliners and Mantle Makers Employed. Funerals and Wedding Orders receive Special Attention. CROWN SHOP, NEWTOWN. WESTMINSTER HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! T. D. EVANS (Formerly with Mr. Wm. Jones, Trade Hall) Begs to announce that he has taken the above premises, and will shortly open with an entirely NewfStock. of high-class DRAPERY GOODS. fl89 THE MARKET STREET COFFEE HOUSE, NEWTOWN. Hot Dinners GOOD DAILY. COMMERCRAL, COFFEE AND BATH ROOMS. erresqments NTCWTOW OF THE 20 BEDS. BEST QUALITY. O. USE Special WaOshzie &PBernunshy-.up, given to One Penny. Commercial GentleAmnen. Rotor Cold Baths, Sixpence. House Open from 0 Parools lert, One 8 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. Penny. PROPRIETORS :— The Newtown Coffee & Cocoa House Co./Ld. MANAGERESS:—MRS. GEORGE. fin FRANK H. SHAYLER, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, WELSHPOOL. SILVER MEDALIST NATIONAL COMPETITION. 2tf, Severn Street, Welshpool. e579 -i MRS PILOT, 13, Bridge Street, Newtown, ill continues to give the HIGHEST PRICE that an be nbtained for OLD CLOTHES. a577 Allsopp and Sons' (LIMITED), BURTON ALES AND INVALID STOUT. AGENT— C. MORGAN, Brynhafren, Crescent, NEWTOWN. wa98 G. C. GITTINS BEGS to announce that he has always ready for de- livery a Large Stock of COFFIN BOARDS (English Oak). FELLOES of all Sizes. And WHEELWRIGHT'S MATERIAL of all Descriptioc G. C. G. has also some Capital WELSH PONIES, Trained for Riding and Driving, for Sale. Particular* and Prices on application. GDBBSS-G. C. GITTINS, Brithdir Saw Mills, BERRIEW, Mont JWJwv SWioa. .KøattIomeo: r .]. SPECIAL NOTICE. THE LION HOTEL, MACHYNLLETH. Having taken the above Hotel, I beg to announce that it has undergone a thorough cleaning and re-fur- nishing, and is, therefore, open to all orders connected with this Old Established Hotel, and is now replete with every comfort as a Family and Commercial House. Coffee and Private Sitting Rooms. BILLIARDS. Posting in all its Branches. WINES, SPIRITS, AND MINERALS, Wholesale and Retail. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Special attention given to Fishing and Touring Parties. EDWUSD JOKES, Proprietor, And Bull Hotel, Welshpool. e460 "SLAG" FOR WHEAT. ■ ■ 0 ■ II AGENT— C. MORGAN, BRYNHAFREN CRESCENT NEWTOWN. d297 ESTABLISHED 1880. 28 A 29, Crown-Street, flR lNewtewn. N. Wales. WILLIAM TRANCPP, TIN PLATEI IWORKER, BELL-HANGER,:GAS FITTER Ere. Every description of Dairy Vessels kept in Stock or Made to Order. H48 THE WORKMAN'S WATCH. The Guinea Watch. £1 1 0 A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch L2 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch £ 3 3 O Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cases. Iir The above are all Warranted for OøeJ Two and Three Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, NEWTOWN" a70 The Burning Question of the Day IS—WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A STRONG SWIFT, AND SILENf SEWING MACHINE, AT THE LOWEST PRICES? THE ANSWKB RECEIVED FROM ALL PARTS IS-WHY, AT HUMPHREY JONES OF COURSE, WHERE THEY CAN BE PURCHASED FROM æz 15L 00, Price lists sent post free on application. NOTE THE ADDRESS:— I, HALL STREET, WELSHPOOL ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN. THE Railway Passengers' Assurance Co- (" THE OLDEST AND LARGEST.") Has siuoe 1849 Paid for ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. £ 3,200,000. ESTABLISHED 1849. RT. HON. EVELYN ASHLEY, Cbairnuw. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. W. D. MASSY, I A. VIAN, J SECRETARIES^ Apents at Newtown j J' Station* • E. ISSARD, High Street. e32 A^ent at Kerry—Mr J. M. MILNES, FISII FISH FISH DAILY DIRECT FROM THE BEST FISHING STATIONS. MARGARINE, equal to Butter, voa 11 Pound. Cool, 9a. 9d.; 7 Pound Cool, 5a. Carriage Paul to any Station. HIGHEST PRICES GIVEN FOR RABBITS AND ALL GAME. EVANS, GAME DEALER SEVERN STREET, NEWTOWN. HENRY MORGAN tS NOW SHOWING NEW GOODS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. Crown Shop, Newtown.

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