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MARKETS. I PROVISIONS. NEWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY. s. d. s. d. Wheat, per 2401bs 13 6 to 00 0 Ditto (old) 0 0 0 0 Barley, par 701bs 0 0 0 0 Oats, per 2201bs 18 0 19 6 Eggs, 12 to 14 10 0 0 Butter, per lb o. 1 3 14 Fowls, per couple 3 6 4 6 Turkeys, each 0 0 0 0 Ducks, per couple 4 0 5 6 Geese, each 0 0 0 0 Potatoes, per cwt. 2 6 3 6 Kabbits, per couple 1 10 2 4 Beef, per lb 0 4 0 8 Mutton, per lb 0 5 0 7 Lamb, per lb 0 6 0 7 Pork, per lb. 0 0 0 6 Veal per lb. 0 0 0 6 Bacon Pigs, per lb 0 0 0 0 WELSHPOOL GENERAL, MONDAY. s. d. s. d. Wheat, per 751ba 3 9 to 4 3 Barley, per 701bs 4 3 4 9 Oats 16 0 17 6 Eggs, 14 to 1 0 0 0 Butter, per lb 1 3 1 4 Fowls, per couple 3 0 4 0 Ducks, per couple 3 6 Õ 0 Rabbits, per couple 2 0 2 4 Beef, per lb. 0 4 0 8 Mutton, per lb ,0 6 0 8 Pork, per lb 0 0 0 0 Veal, per lb 0 6 0 7 Lamb, per lb 0 7 0 8 OSWESTRY GENERAL, WEDNESDAY. s. d. s. d. White wheat, per 751bs 4 2 to 4 4 Red ditto, per 751bs 4 0 4 3 Barley, malting per 2801bs. 16 0 20 0 Oats, per 200lbs 12 0 13 0 Fresh butter, per lb 13 14 Eggs, 10 to 11 10 00 Fowls, per couple 30 5 0 Ducks, per couple 50 6 0 Geese, each g g 7 q Turkeys, each 0 0 0 0 Rabbits, per couple 24 2 6 Potatoes, per cwt 3 g 39 SHREWSBURY GENERAL, SATURDAY. s. d. s. d. Fresh butter per lb 1 1 to 1 4 Eggs, 8 to 9 10 0 0 Fowls, per couple 3 6 4 6 Ducks, per couple 4 0 5 6 Geese, each 6 0 8 0 Turkeys, each 0 0 0 0 Rabbits, per couple 1 6 2 0 -"11- "e"J ,t'a. "J:a. -L 2 .1 12 Potatoes, per cwt 2 6 3 0 I Cabbages, per dozen 0 8 1 0 Broccoli, per dozen 1 6 3 0 Carrots, per cwt 26 3 0 Apples, per bushel 3 0 4 0 Pears, per bushel 4. 0 5 0 CORN. LONDON, MONDAY.—Wheat: The cargo mar- ket is extremely dull, with red descriptions fully 3d. worse. White wheats near at hand are weak, but in forward positions sellers are scarce. The market is in all departments considerably de- pressed by the weakness of American cables, and the general tendency in the buyers favour. Maize continues steady on passage but weak for shipment. Barley is quiet, but fairly steady. Oats dull and easy. Beans steady. At Mark Lane the attendances was moderate, but the de- mand all round was poor, with values tending against holders. English wheat has a slow sale at .1' _R_ 14 uccuae or sixpence on the week. Flour met a limited demand at 6d decline. Maize was nomin- ally unchanged with a small trade. Grinding barley is sparingly offered, and values are un. altered on the week. Oatil were hard to sell, and prices are 3d to 6d down. Beans and peas quiet at late rates. BIRMINGHAM, THUESDAY.—English wheat un- aftered; foreign Od lower, but with better tone. itley, maize, and oata unaltered. CATTLE. [ LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.—The supply of stock was • -ir than last week. The weather wa- lai«t "r»-ble for slaughter. A fair dei rm and unfavou.^ nme qualities made last w nand fo cattle, and p. in consequence dek'8 prices! Other description ""rs. irrep- of the n £ mber coming from store i«—, 0uiar and generally in favour of buyers. The demand for sheep very -J puur illiu prices lower. LONDON, MONDAY.—The total imports of for- eign stock into London last week amounted to 1,494 head. The cattle trade has been quiet and featureless, and the tendency has not been strong. There was fair supplies available, and the advan- tage has rested with the buyer. Beasts came to hand in moderate numbers, but really choice stock was scarce. Business was on a limited __1_ scale, and prices remained about the same as on Monday last. The best Scots made 48. lOd, and Herefords and runts 4s 6d, to 4s 8d.; heavy Lin coins 4s 2d to 4s 6d. per 81b. The sheep pens were tolerably well filled. Dealings were limited, and prices had a drooping tendency. The best small 6 to 8-stone downs made 5s 6d 10-stone 582d, iO-stoue half-breds 5s. 12-stone Lincobs 4s 8d and 20-stone ewes 3s lOd to 48 per 81b. Calves sold slowly at late rates. Pigs were dull and weak. BIP.lHNGHA.M, THURSDAY.-Beef 5d to 7d mut. ton, 6d to 8d, Supply of sheep fair. Supply „f beasts small. Trade slow. Y DEAD MEAT. LONDON, MONDAY.—The supply of all descrip- tions of meat greatly exceeded the requirements of the buyers, and the trade ruled very bad all round. Top quotations were realised in some i I stances, but lower rates prevailed generally For middling and inferior qualities quotations are quite nominal, and for that class and for stale meats of all kinds buyers could not be found even at very low prices, and a consider- able quantity was left unsold. The pric-s were as underInferior beef, 28 Od to 2s 4d. middling ditto, 2s 8d to 3s 2d.; prime ditto 3s 4d to 4s Od.; Scotch ditto, 3s lOd to 4s 2d; Ameri- can Liverpool killed, best, 3s 3d to 3s 4d ditto second, 2s lOd to 3s Od; ditto hind-quarters, 3s Od to 3s 6d; ditto forequarters, Is lOd to 2s Od. English veal 3s 4d to 4s 4d; Dutch ditto 28 8d to 4s Od; inferior mutton, 2s Od to 2s 8d; middling ;1';4- 0.] .L.- n- n_' UU¡W os uu i/o os oa prime ditto, 49 2d to 4s 4; Scotchditto ^s 4d to 4s 8d New Zealand ditto' 2s 2d to 2s 4d; English lambs 4s Od to 4s 4d • New Zealand ditto, 2s 4d to 2s 8d; large pork 3s 8d t< 4s 4d small ditto, 4s 6d to 5s. Od; juutch ditto 48 to is Gd per 81b. by the carcase. WOOL. BRADFORD, MONDAY.—The wool market contin- ues to show a healtuy and iwrovin,, tone. SDin. ners are coming more Ireely into the market and jsaies are more easily effected when st piers art- content to accept old rates. Fractional advances are asked for lustre wools, the demand for which is brisker, but so far a general increase in value- cannot be reported. For botany tops, strong cross-breds especially, there is a fair inquiry, and medium merinos are also in fair reouest. Value- of tops as a whole may be quoted^ at about h' above the whole level of prices, and this advance- is only partially satisfactory as compared wif-.h public sale prices of wool in London. Mohair i not active, but stocks have been to dearly brought to permit of a rebate ia prices. Alpaca shows'ar improving tendency. LEICESTER, MONDAY.—The turnover in th I locsl wool market is still very small indeed, bu the continued firmness in prices tends to Cleat, eonnance. it the miners generally get to worl k again this week we may fairly hope for a bettc condition of hade. In the yarn market tl::e loc consumption has been down to about a minimua but Rpinners are not anxious to contract themsel ves into heavy enga oem ints, preferring to tak. just what orders can be arranged to covtr currem requirements,, and a great deal of spinning mach mery usually working for this market is absol utely idle. BRADFORD, THURSDAY -No notable change i th« market from last Monday. Prices and deman xemam the flame. Dealers prefer to look with hope BRADFORD, THURSDAY -No notable change i tbA market from last Monday. Prices and deman remain the same. Dealers prefer to look with hope f ,Aieaa.W brisker trad More the end Of nott Luau,