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IT TOUCHES THE SPOT. Aye. that is i-hat "Ifoinocea does. And does it quickly, too—whether it's a toothache or neu- rvilgia with ,.Il their shooting pains, or eczema with its painfal and distressing irritation—or piles that make thousands of lives wretched. rheumatism in the joints or muscles has been cured even of years' standing-while for cuts, burns and bruises, its far, very far ahead of any ointment that lias ever been put before the public. HOMOCEA VERSUS RINGWORM CURED. Hoy lake, August 10, 1893. Dear Sirs,-I want to thank you for that won. tierful preparation—Homocea, which we use for aoout everything; but lately my little girt had a bad ringworm on the head, and my doctor said her hair would have to be cut close. But I pre- ierred using the Homocea, and in four days it was quite well, and the doctor said I ought to give you a testimonial, and I think so too, and send you this, hoping it may aid you in making i^omocea better known.—Yours truly, M. ALDRED. HOMOCEA VERSUS PILES. The Rectory, Kilcullen, Ncwbridge, n—n 25111 Ju!y.1893- Gentlemen —Kmdly send me a box of Homocea Ointment. I find the box you sent me has almost cured me of bleeding piles, for which I am grate- ful to you and thankful to tiod for such a dis- covery, -Y ours, &c., W. H. HARBISON. HOMOCEA VERSUS RHEUMATISM. Glendalough, Ratlidrum, County Wicklow, T August, 2, 1893. Gentlemen,—I enclose Is. stamps. Please send me one box of Homocea. I have never got anything to give relief for rheumatism until I tried Homocea. Mrs. ESTHER DOLAN. HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, BRUISES, &c. 143, Queen's-road, Liverpool, TV,™ c- T August 8th, 1898. Sirs>~I am very glad to be able to testify to the great value of Homocea in very severe ueaaacnes and for toothache, also for bruises and cats-in fact it is such a wonderful medicine one can hardly say what it is not good for. I recommend it wherever I go. I should add it <. is cured a friend of piles. I wish you all success in a remedy that benefits all.—Yours respectfully Barge Belt* Captain COPPER. Homocea is sold by most chemists at Is. Ild and 2s. 9d. per box, or will be sent post free 05 receipt of stamps to ua; 21, HAMILTON SQUARE, BIRKENHEAD.

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