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SALES BY AUCTION. J MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. ON FRIDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 27th, ABERMULE MILL, Close to Abermnle Station, and 4 miles from Newtown. Z USEFUL CART HORSES, A Promising FOAL, MILLER'S WAGGONS AND CARTS, And a useful variety of TRADE REQUISITES; About 7 TONS OF HAY (to go off) TVhitechapel Dogcart, Harness and Saddlery, and other Out-door items. Also the whole of the VALU- ABLE FURNITURE, comprising the contents of joining Room, Drawing Room, Kitchens, Dairy, and Wife Bedrooms, and a large quantity of Useful Miscellaneous Items. & HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS To be Sold by Auction by MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE on the premises aa above, JJ7 order of the Trustees, under a deed of Assignment of the Estate of Mr Edward Embrey. 8ALE at 12-30. An early attendance is particularly requested. Catalogues on application to the AUCTIONEEBS, Chirbury, Shropshire, or at their Newtown Office, on Tuesdays. f303 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, 35 Acres of Excellent GRASS KEEP, on the Cloddia Farm, Llandyssil, and 5 aores of Capital Swedes and Turnips (to go off).—Apply to Morris, Jlarshall and Poole, Chirbury, Shropshire. i280 IlB. J. B. THISTLE. TUESDAY NEXT, OCTOBER, 31st, 1898 NEWTOWN HORSE SALE. -m/TB. JOHN E. THISTLE will Sell by Auction J!wP in the Paddock, opposite the SPORTSMAN INK, sa DRAUGHT &. HACK HORSES & FOALS. SALE AT 10-30 A.M. JPurther Entries at The Bear Hotel, this day, will .øn.re. f285 40* TUESDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 31sT, 1893. (Newtown Fair Day). SALE OF SPORTING DOGS. ME. JOHN E THISTLE is favoured with instructions from A. D. DAWSON, Est* to SELL BY AUCTION, in the Bear Hotel Yard, Newtown, his Kennel of registered > PEDIGREE POINTERS, SETTERS, Ac., Including POINTERSBlack Dog, DARKEY (June 4th. 1891), Sire Bell's Tell, Dam Juno Liver and White Dog, DEXTER (July, 1891) Sire Duke of Gorphwysfa, G.S. Beau Rep, G.G.S. Nasso, 4am Hafren Sally, G.D. Tenny; Liver and White ~"EVCTEA," Bister to above (Prize winner A*iU>h, Ju i and Portmadoc); Liver and White at Llanfvili-. I Dog, GROIJSE 14 months old, Sire Darkry, 'Dam Dorothy of Gorphwysfa (warranted over AWemper); Black and White Dog, "GOVERNORS tirother to above (do.); Black and White Bitch, "GOSSAMER," sister to nbove (do.); Black and "White Dog, "ARTFUL" (May, 1892), Sire Issard's Sambo, G.S. Tell, Dam Naylor's Magic, G.D. Juno; Liver Bitch, Dot," sire Duke, dam Jtmo, shot over two seasons. ,SBTrERS-Beiit Black and White Laverack dogs glay 1892), "JELF" and "Jock," by Charlie ontgomery, dam Pilkington's Juno (warranted over distemper); Black and Tan Gordon DON Jshot over two seasons) Laverack bitch BLUE SEE (14 months old); ditto dog PRINCE XLEWELYN," shot over three seasons, prize winner; ditto do. CHARLIE MONTGOMERY," shot over two seasons. 4DREAT DANE-Brindle dog "PRESIDENT OF JTEWTOWN" (29th October, 1891), sire Prince Jumbo, dam Lady Lander; Kennel Requisites, &c. Sale at 2-30 p.m. TO BE SOLD at the PADDOCK, opposite THE SMBTIBXAM INN," at 12 o'clock, after the horse Sale, the GRASS KEEP on 10 ACRES till 25th March Next. Chaff Cutter, Root Pulper, Sheep Sack, Sheep Troughs, Iron Hurdles, Iron Pillars, Caps, and other effects. Offices, Montgomery. MESSRS. THEODORE AND STORY. ALLTISSA, 3 Miles from Llanfair on Llanerfyl road. MESSRS. THEODORE & STORY are instructed by MrB. Bebb to conduct this important JSole by Auction ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 1893, (Llanfair Pig-fair Day). 38 CROSS-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, Comprising 10 Grand Milch Cows, 2! year-old Jgeifers,&c., 11 HORSES, including Powerful Cart Horses, Promising Fillies, Colts, &c. Z5 CROSS-BRED SHEEP. f FIGS, 2 Sows with litters, 8 Store Pigs, &c., Large quantity of GRAIN, HAY, SWEDES, POTATOES, &c. Grand Assortment of J^UORICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, &c Luncheon at 11-30 Sale to commence at 12-30 — f255 "A WATCH IS A NECESSITY OF CIVILISED LIFE." Give your old watches to the youngsters, and have an Up to date Watch I FROM E. H. MORGAN 18, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, in Metal Cases from 10/6 to 30/- In Government Hall Marked Silver Cases from 18/6 tO E5 5s. In Government Hall Marked Gold Cases from 35/- to 920 EVERY WATCH GUARANTEED. tOWhat is here? Gold, yellow, glittering precious gold."— Timon nf Athens, iv., 3. Pure Guinea Gold Wedding Rings (A present of Half-a-dozen Tea Spoona-good quality— jrhen to each purchaser), el4 v • I SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. B. GILLART AND SONS. NORTH WALES. COUNTIES OF MONTGOMERY & MERIONETH. SALE OF HIGHLY IMPORTANT, ATTRAC- TIVE, AND VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS, HOUSES, BUILDINGS. AND AC- COMMODATION LANDS, ALSO VALUABLE FREEHOLD REVERSIONS OF IMPOR- TANT BUSINESS, AND OTHER PPEMISES. MESSRS. R. GILLART & SONS are instructed to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the BEAR'S HEAD HOTEL, NEWTOWN, ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31ST, 1893, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Pro- perties, viz.:— COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. PAB1SH OF LLANLIWCHAIA RN. of Tenant. Tenement. Quantities. Lot 1 John Oakley 4 Cottages in Cres- and others cent St., Newtown 162 eq. yds. 2 Eliz'bethLowe 5 Cottages in Com- and others mercial Street and Pump Court, New- town 209 Bq. yds. And at the WYNNSTAY HOTEL, MACHYN. LLETH, ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST. 1893, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Pro- perties, viz.:— COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. PARISH OF MACHTNLIJOTH. < No. of Tenant. Tenement. Quantities. Lot A. B. P. 3 David Lloyd Hafodygarreg Farm 62 3 4 PARISH OF CIMHES. 4 HughWilliams Doltwymyn Farm 46 1 34 5 David Davies Penygyrne Farm 47 1 7 6 John Evans 4 Cottages & Gardens and others and small pieoe of land at Cwmllinau 3,854sq. yds COUNTY OF MERIONETH. PARISH OF PZNNAL. A. U. P. 8 Rev Charles 4 Fields near the Price village of Pennal. 5 1 39 9 Richard Lewis 5 Cottages known as and others Bees Terrace at Pennal 1378 sqyds 10 Richard Jones 3 Cottages, Gardens, and others and Building at Pennal. 916 sq yds 11 Hugh Thomas Freehold reversionof and others and in a piece of Land together with 5 Dwelling-houses and Buildings erected thereon at Pennal. (1210 sq yds 12 David Morgan Freeheld .House and Garden at Pennal. 538 sqyds T T„l- M IP-pel, 13 Thomas V .4Ú/t,1J4b .LA. -¿.u" Reversion of and in all that piece of Land,together with House and Shop erected thereon at Pennal. 418 sq yds PARISH OF TOWYN. A. B. P. 14 Humphrey Caeopinach and Llan. Jones erchybleiddiau Farms. 298 3 1 15 Representa. Nantgwenlli Farm. 92 2 6 tives of late Rowland Edwards 16 David Jones Breichie'rcaeau Farm. 71 1 6 17 John Morris Valuable Freehold and others Reversion of and in all that piece of Land, together with Dwelling. houses, Shops, and Buildings erected thereon, situate in Corbett Square and Church Street, Towyn. Planp, Particulars, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained at the Principal Hotels in the neighbour- hood at the Estate's Office. Plas Machynlleth; from Messrs UPTON. ATKEY, and UPTON, solicitors. 14, Austin Friars, London, E.C. or the AUCTIONEERS, Towyn (Merioneth) and Machyn. lleth. fl65 MESSRS. LUCAS AND CO. WREXHAM. LUCAS'S SECOND GREAT NORTH WALES J-J PRIZE HORSE SALE AND SHOW will take place in their New and Extensive Establishment at Wrexham (overlooking the two Railway Stations), on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, and following days, at 11-30 each day. Cash Prizes nearly £ 50 in value. Eleven classes comprising Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Waggon and Light Lurry Horses, Shire Mares. Fillies4 Geldings, and Foals. Entries close Saturday, November 4th, and should be made at once, enabling the Auctioneers to give early intimation to the numerous enquiries of intending purchasers. Entry forms and prize lists from LUCAS & CO., f246 HOTHAM STEEET, LIVERPOOL. WILFRID BURDEN (Successor to the late James S. Allan), STEAM SAW MILLS, MONTGOMERY. Estimates given for all kinds of English t and Foreign Timber. Dealer in BRICKS, PIPES, SLATES, CEMENT, & Builders' Materials of every description. QUANTITY OF FiBEWOOD, sm » j. ) SCHOLASTIC. HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOB YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principalø-The MISSES BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate oost, a sound and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. a3m NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), 'ATE Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EVINS, V. N., London I Late Cyuddelw Scholar at U.C.W.'s; First Class English Honours at B.A.; Second on M.A. list. Pupils prepared for Scholarships at the University Colleges-Matriculation, Civil Service, Theological Colleges, &c., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES :-Principal Edwards, Bala; Princi. pal Roberts, DrHerford, and Prof. Angus, U.C.W.; Revs J. A. Miles, A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Aberystwyth. Prospectus, &0., on application to Headiraster, fl08 I PROPERTIES TO LET & FOR SALE. J TO LET, NO. 2, MILFORD COTTAGES (LATELY TENANTED BY MIES MORGAN.)—APPLY TO COOKE BROs., House Agents, Newtown. f265 TO LET, HOUSE AND SHOP, SITUATE IN GAS STREET. —APPLY TO THE SECRETARY GAS CO., NEWTOWN. TO LET, WHITEHALL FARM, LLANDYSSIL, ABOUT 220 ACRES.—APPLY TO N. W. FAIRIES-HUMPHREYS, Eøq., Montgomery. f271 TO BE LET, A STABLE & COACH-HOUSE, BITUATE IN OLD CHURCH-BTREET.—APPLY TO MRS Nunn, Broad.street, Newtown. f274 I TO LET, DOLGUAN COTTAGE, MILFORD ROAD, NEW- TOWN, CONTAINING 6 ROOMS, WITH SMALL GARDEN, etc.-Apply, W. F. Thomas, Newtown. F281, TO BE LET, and entered upon 1st of May next F' HOUSE AND GARDEN, pleasantly and conveniently situated 4 rooms upstairs, 4 down, and two attics.—G. Hammond, Caersws. f258 I LET, Wernddu Farm, situate near TO BE of Churchstoke, containing a' TJ,E villagt ;°P 25th March, 1894.— F OOUT 240 teres, possess* to Mr E. Lloyd OR FNRTHER »articular a appij The Rectory, teres, possess. to Mr E. Lloyd or further »articular a appij The Rectory, Serriew. m TO LET (with possession at the end of present year's holding), a most desirable Farm known is BRYNBEDWEN and WENALLT, containing 227 teres of good sound land, with capital house and buildings; also large Cottage and Wainhouse at. :ached, with plenty of shade and wa.ter, situate about I miles from Newtown, adjoining main road.—Apply ;0 T. Rees, Glascoed, Dolfor. f244 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, md with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 teres of meadow land in front of house may be had if lesired.-Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf. ren, Abermule, or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Eatate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c390 WANTEDS, ETC. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS.—Mrs. Rider, 2, Waterloo Place, Welshpool. e554 WANTED, A STRONG LAD AS APPRENTICE TO THE WHEELWRIGHT TRADE.—APPLY TO D. R. GETHIN, BETTWS. fl68 WANTED, DISCARDED MAGIC LANTERN, APPLIANCES, WITHOUT SLIDES — INEXPENSIVE.— Apply, Davies, Workhouse, Forden. f315 WANTED, JAM POTS, ANY QUANTITY, 1 AND 2 LBS. GOOD PRICE GIVEN. APPLY, HIBBOTTS'S CONFEC- tionery'Works, Newtown. fl78 WANTED, to hire a level field (within a k-mile 4 YT of Newtown) suitable for Football and Cricket.—State amount required per annum to Ludus," Express Office. f301 TO BE LET. TO LET—Front Sitting Room and Bedroom.— 17, New-road, Newtown. f224 LOST, STRA YED, ETC. LOST in Berriew, Friday, October 13th, Black and Tan DOG, answers to Tan."—Anyone returning same to Lion, Berriew, rewarded. 1317 STOLEN, or Strayed, from Tynyreithin, near S Newtown, a SHEEP-BITCH, about six months old, black and tan, white on the breast and on the end of the tail, answering to the name of Bonnie." Anyone detaining her after this notice will be prosecuted. Richard Bliss, Tynyreithin, near, Newtown. f322 NOTICE. UNLESS the BLACK GELDING left at the LJ Elephant and Castle Hotel Stables, Newtown, m the 26th September (Fair Day) be removed fithin one week frcm this date, he will be sold to pay ixpenses. Dated, 21st October, 1893, f327 E. TURNER, Proprietress. SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. FOR SALE OR HIRE, a Brace of perfectly broken SETTERS.—For price and particulars apply to if. R. Jones, Newtown. £101 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, several convenient Lots of TIMBER, in the neigir bourhood of Newtown.—Apply to Bennett Rowlands Eetate Agent, Newtown, f292 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS IMPORTANT ANNOUNOEMENT. The LECTURE by the Rev. E, JENKINS (Manafon), advertised to take place on the 25th inst., is POSTPONED, owing to the Hall being previously engaged, until further notice. 330 PARISH CHURCH, NEWTOWN Mr. J. Macrone Begs to announce an ORGAN RECITAL In the above Church (by kind permission ef the Rector and ChurcbwardensX on Thursday Evening, Oct. 26th, 1893. VOCALISTS- MISS THOMAS & MR FRANK JONES To commence at 8 o'clock. A Colleotion will be made at the close. PROVIDENCE WESLEYAN CHAPEL, GARTHMYL. ■ An Evening Concert, IN AID OF THE FUNDS OF TH19 MONTOOMSKTSHIBS INJIRMAEY, WILL. BK GIVKN ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2sd, 1893. Chairman-Mr. E- Jones, Newtown. To commence at 7 o'clock. TICKWB,-ONZ SHILLING EACH. For full particulars see programmes. f318 I Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD; POWYS PROVINCIAL EISTEDDFOD LLANFAIR-CAERIENION, JUNE 8, 1894. I POETRY- CHAIR SUBJECT, Poem, "Ar hwn yr edrychaf." Prize, and a Carved Oak Chair. MUSIC- CHIEF CHORAL COMPETITION, Byw yw y Arfflwvdd" (PraiRe ye the Lord), by D. Eml-y ')01\ I Evans. Prize, anu a Two-Guinea Mecial for the Conductor. A Complete List of Subjects, Adjudicators, and Conditions, Price Id., per post lid. E. DRYHURST ROBERTS, Secretary, f321 Llanfair, Welshpool. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. #1- SALE OF WORK AND Rummage Sale [n aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held in the VICTORIA HALL, ON '< Thursday & Friday, Dec. 7th & 8th. Contributions. will be thankfully received by the Hon. bees. MRS. PRATT, Llwynon, Newtown, G. M. EVANS, 31, New Road, Newtown. o444 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A GREAT RUMMAGE SALE WILL BE HELD IN THE FTTJBTjTG HALL, On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th. Contributions may be addressed to Lady Pryce-Jones, Dolerw. f298 BEEEIEW. X-MAS DAY. THE ANNUAL TEA MEETING, AND CONCERT Will be held on the above day in the Presbyterian Chapel, EfTel Fach. Further particulars will duly appear. f315 F. W. MARSHALL (LATE OF MONTGOMERY), ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR, 8, BROAD-STREET, NEWTOWN. Public Companies, Partnership, Tradesmen's, Parochial and other Accounts written up. Balanced, md Adjusted. Periodical Attendance by Arrangement. Bents nd Accounts collected. Terms on Application. f309 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD New Year's Day, 1894. PRESIDENTS- R. E. JONES, ESQ., J.P. A. C. HUMPHREYS-OWEN, ESQ., J.P. LIST OF PEIZES. MUSIC: 1.—For the best singing of the Chorus, Sing Unto God" (Handel's "Judas Maccabaeas"), by Choirs not under 25, and not exceeding 30 (the Solo parts to be taken by all the Voices of the part).-First prize, £8; second piize, £ 2. Open only to choirs outside Newtown. 2.—For the best singing of the Hymn-tane, No. Ill (Hymns Ancient and Modern). Unaccompanied. Choirs not under J2. and not to exceed 16 in number. Firat prize, X3; second prize, £ 1. Open to Villages and Oonotry Districts only. 3.—For the best tinginsr of the Male Voice Glee, The Beleaguered," No. 2, Orpheus (Novello & Co). Accompanied. By Choirs not under 12, and not exceeding 16 in number.—First prize, ..£4; second prize, 4?1. 4.—For the best singirg by Quintette (S.AT.T.B.), "Blow, Gentle Gales" (Bishop), No. 259 Sol- fa Reporter and Novello. Aawmpanied.- Prize, XI 5a Od. 5.—For the beat singing by Trio of the Humourous Catch, Ah! Ho..sopbia.Prize, 10a 6d. 6.—For the: best singing by Children of Mendel- sohn's Two-part Song, The Paeaage Bird's Parting." Age not to exceed 16. Choirs not under 16, and not exceeding 24 in number.- First prize. £ 2; second prize, 10s. 7.—For the best singing by Soprano Voice, Oh Liberty" (Handel's "Judas Maocabseus.") —Prize, 10s. 8.—For the beat singing by Contralto Voice, Oh i. .1. T ff /\€ J _1 i no • .1'10.. rest iu iA<iu iJueDueiSfcoonj.—jrrize, lire. 9.—For the best ringing by Tenor Voice. Tell v Mary, how to woo thee" (Standard Sone Prize, 10. IO.-For the best singing by Baes Voice- Timotheus cries" (Handel" Feast.")-Pirize, 10s. 11.—For the best singing by a, not over 13 years, No Vocalist. First p 12.—Modulator Exercr of age. }i'j. 13.—For the b; Sol- t- 16.-H-armoniu Solo. Overture to Stephen's "Storm of Tiberias."—Prize, 10A. LITERATURE. 17.-For the best Essay (English or Welsh) on Small Agricultural Holdings how to make the most of them" (Man-dyddynod; pa fodd i wneyd y goreu o honynt ")-Fiis; prize, 218.; second, 103. 6d. 18.—For the best paper (English or Welsh), Suggestions how to improve the Newtown Eisteadfod" ("Awgrymiadan pa fodd i wella Eisteddfod y Drefnewydd.") Prize, 10A. 6d. 19.—For the best translation from English to Welsh "Uncertainties of Fortune" (Lord Boiing- broke).-Prize, 5s. 20.—For the best translation from Weleh to English S.R. ar Amaethyddiaeth (Agriculture.)— Prize, 5A. 21.-For the best English Poem, not to exceed 32 lines, The Gossip. "-Prize, 10s. 22.-For the best Welsh Poem. not to exceed 32 lines, Drylliady Victoria (The Victoria Disaster) —Prize, 10a. a3.-Recitation for Cbildren under 15 years, Some Mother's Child."—First prize, 5a.; second, 2s. 6d. 24.-For the best Recitation by persons over 15 years, "Cato on Immortality" (Addison) — Prize, 10s. 6d. 25.-For the beet Speech (limited to five minutes) on Good Templary."—Prize, 5s. 26.-For the best Impromptu Essay written in ten minutes Subject to be given by the Adjudi- cators.-Prize, 5s. ART. 7.-For the best Free-hand Drawing from the flat, executed in the presence of the adjudicators (confined to children under 16 years of age).- First prize, 10s.; second, 5S. 28. -For the best Model Drawing, executed in the presence of adjudicators. (Open to persons over 16 and under 21 years of age.)-First prize, 10s.; second, 5s. 29.—For the best Map of Wales, about 12 inches square. Confined to children under 14 years of age.—Prize, 5s. 30.—For the best Pair of Hand-painted Flower Pots, the bona-fide work of an amateur.— Prize, 10S. 6d. 31.-For the best Written and Neatest Copy-book, written by a girl under 14 years of age, during school hours, in one of the Public Elementary Schools in Montgomeryshire (Teachers cer- tificate as to genuineness to accompany same ) —Prize, 5s. 32.-The same for boys under 14 years of age — Prize, 5s. 33.-For the best made Bird-cage, the bona-fide work of the exhibitor.—First prize, 5s.; second, 2S. 6d. W,For the best Pair of Fretwork Brackets, the bona-fide work of an amateur who has not previously won a prize for fretwork.—First prize, 7. 6d.; second, 5S. 5.-For the best Set of 3 Mottoes, suitable for deco- rating the Eisteddfod Room.-Prize, 7e. 6d. NEEDLEWORK. 6. -For the best Darned Hole in a Cotton Stocking. Open competition.—Prize, 2s 6d. 7.-For the best Hand-made Flannel Petticoat. Open competition.—Prize, 2s. 6d. IS.-For the best Hand-made Pinafore for a child of two. Open competition.—Prize, 5s. 39.-For the best Hand-made Night Dress. Open to girls under 16.—Prize, 5S. tO.-For the best Crewei-worked Cushion. Open competition.—Prize, 5s. tl.-For the best Crochet Petticoat for a Child. Open competition.—Prize, 2s 6d. t2.-For the best Crazy-work Tea Cosy. Open com- petition.—Prize, 3s. .-For the best Hand-sewn Man's Flannel Shirt. Open competition.—Prize, 5s. 14. For the best Pair of Hand-knitted Stockirgs. Open to girls under 16.-Prize, 23 6d. 15. For the best Rag Doll (dressed). Open to girls under 16.-Prize, 5S. t6.-For the best Set of Button Holes, worked on linen. Open to girls under 15,-Prize, 2s 6d. IGG" Programmes containing the recitations con- SitioEB, and other information may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Price 2d, per post 2d. f 195 A. S. COOKE, Hon. Sec. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. ASSEMBLY ROOM, EFEL FACH. A GRAND CONCERT WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY NEXT, OCT. 27th, 1893. CHAIRMAN- CLEMENT MAGUIRE KERSHAW, ESQ., NEWTOWN. Part Songs, Trios, Duets, Solos, &c., will be ren. dered by the following Artistes Miss MAGGIE EVANS, Mrs TANNER-FRANCIS, Miss A. BARRATT. Mr EVAN 0. JONES, Miss K. PRITCHARD, Mr G. G. TROW, Mr. T. H. Downing. Conductor:—Mr WM. FRANCIS. Accompanist :-Mrs KERSHAW. Doors open at 7 To commence at 7-30 Admission :—Reserved Seats (Numbered), 2-, Seats, Is. Proceeds in aid of Renovation Fund. may be had from Mr WM. PRITCHAT VICTORIA HALL, > At the request of Several ?' and Neighb- Mr. HUG" WIT TONIC Sr Darin TUESD Elemc- Intr Fic- LVtmrcu uunbtm. ARTISTES: SOPRANO- MISS JENNIE PRITCHARD From the Royal Academy of ftiuaic :Winner First Prize National Eisteddfod, Wrexham). CONTRALTO- MRS. TANNER-FRANCIS. TENOR— MR. C. E. CLARK. SOLO VIOLIN- MISS ELSIE BRAYNE. SOLO VIOLONCELLO— MR. WALTER HATTON (Of Sir Charles Halle's Baud.) SoLO FLUTE- MR. UNDERWOOD (Birmingham and Wolverhampton Concerts.) AT THR PIANOFORTE— MR. GEO. H. BELL. TilE FOLLOWING WILL PLAY IN THK ORCHESTRAL BAND: VIOLINS, 1sT AND 2ND.-Mr C. Stephei son (leader) Wrexham; Miss Brayne, Oswestry: Miss Nina Hutchins, Miss Taylor, Miss Whifctingham, Welshpool; Mr Ward, Welshpool; Mr Williams, Oswestry; Mr W. Roberts, Llangollen Mr W. Poole, Birmingham; Mr Claude Williams, Mr Frank Jones, Mr Clement Jones, Mr C. Roberts. VIOLA.—Mr G. H. Bell. VMI°HCMSW.MR Walter Hatton, Liverpool; Mr H. Matthews. DM,BE™8TSE7"RJ- Whittingham, Weighpool; Mr Ernest Roberts. f CLARIONETTES.—Mr W. G. Cannon, Mr H Taylor. FLUTE.—Mr Underwood, Wolverhampton COBPTETTI-Messrs T. Reynolds and G. Owen. EUPHONIUM.—Mr 3. Hudson TROMBONE.—Mr W. Gamble. HARP—Mr W. Roberts. ORGAN.—Mr A. Evans. Conductor-Mr. W. S. STEPHENSON (Wrexham). Admission Reserved Seats, 3S.; First Seats, 2S. • Balcony, Is.; Back Seats, 6d. Doors open 7-30; Commence at 8 o'clock. stSS E- 0"•ctemi"' CW The 9.45 train will leave at 10 o'clock, and stop at all Stations between here and Welshpool. £196 XMAS DAY. A TEA MEETING AND CONCERT Will be held on the above day in connection with the BAPTIST CHURCH NEWTOWN. fmi. BETTWS. THE Annual Tea and Competitive Meeting Will be held On CHRISTMAS DAY, 1893. PROGRAMMES SHORTLY. m*