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NEWTOWN,—TUESDAY. Betore Hugh Lewis, Esq. THE BURGLARY AT THE R. W. W.-Richard Archibald Dougle, of Bradford, was brought up on remand, and charged with breaking into the Boyal Welsh Warehouse on the 4th August.-P.S. Tanner asked for a remand for eight days to enable them ta apprehend the brother, and then they would be able to go on with the case.—Prisoner objected to a remand. He said that he had been remanded on two occasions, one for eight days and the other for fiv6 days. The man they were seeking was not in Eng- land, but had gone to America. He wished the trial over, as it would be far better for him. They may be eight years before they caught the other man.- Mr Edward Powell was sent for to explain the reason for asking for a further remand. He said that in this case there was a joint offence. The prisoner and his brother were implicated in the case, and the brother was still at large. Immediately the brother was apprehended they would be quite prepared to go on with the case. Until the brother was apprehended it was not desirable in the interests of justice that the whole of the evidence should be gone into. The whole of the evidence against the prisoner and his brother was based upon admissions and expressions of intentions. A man who knew the prisoner was assisting the police in their endeavours to apprehend his brother.—P.S. Tanner said that they had very strong reasons for asking for a remand, and before the end of next week they hoped to have the brother in oustody.-Prisoner said that his brother had not been seen in Liverpool for many a week. They had his photograph to go by, and if he bad been in Liver- pool they ought to have had him by now.—The magistrate said that he would grant a remand of eight days, but if they did not apprehend the brother before then or tender some evidence they would have to release tLe prisoner;