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LLANIDLOES TOWN COUNCIL. THURSDAY. The usual monthly meeting of the Council was held at the Town Hall, when the following were present—the Mayor (Alderman Edward Davies) pre- siding, Aldermen Edward Bowen and D. Daviee; Councillors Richard Morgan, George M. Benbow, George Hercomb, Elias Dakin, William Ashton, Richard George, William George, J. Kinsey Jones, and John Sibbald with Messrs J. D. Davies, clerk, and T. Jerman, deputy clerk, and Mr J. E. Jones, rate collector. SCAVENGING COMMITTEE. The report of the Scavenging Committee was read, and was as follows: Your committee recommend payment of the bill of Mr Edward Meredith, for re- guttering in New.street, Bethel-street, and Great Oak-street, and by the London and Provincial Bank. They aleo recommend that a six inch pipe be placed in the water table under the path in front of Dyfnant- terrace, and that Mr Bennett Rowlands, the agent of the property, be asked to supply same. They have inspected the manholes at the top of Great Oak-street, and recommend same to be repaved. The above committee held a special meeting to en- qnire into the application of Mr John Humphreys, confectioner, to connect a drain from the back of his premises at the top of Great Oak-street with the main sewer. The application was granted.-Coun. cillor Benbow proposed, and Councillor George Hercomb secorf)i, that the report be adopted, which was agreed to. FINANCE. The report of the Finance Committee was read, and was as follows Amount of tolls collected during the past month was 19s 9d, paid to treasurer 17& 8d borough rate collected J280 138 2d; half. year's rent of the Sewerage farm lees ten per cent. discount R22 7a 6d; balance in hands of treasurer .£127 15s 2d. Bills were passed for payment amounting to .£77 8s 9d. Bill of costs re prosecution of persons for non-payment of borough rates was referred to Council for explanation. The estimated expenditure for the ensuing six months is as follows —Repayment of loan, J8237 16-1 lld; education, XISO; highway, £ 65; incidental, R60 3s Id; total, £ 513. Approximate receips, balance at Bank, .£55; balance of rates uncollected, £ 40 rents, £ 22 from County Council, £ 88; total, £ 215 leaving a deficiency of .£298 to be provided, to meet which they recom- mended a rate of la 4d in the X. The old lock-up is now vacant.-With regard to the bill of costs alluded to in the report, the Town Clerk said his duty was simply to collect the fees from the parties. If the complainant was successful he had to look to the de- fendant for the money, and vice-versa.—The report was adopted. CASH ON DELIVERY SYSTEM. Councillor J. K. Jones said that he thought the above scheme was unjust, impracticable, and tended to the centralisation of trade. He proposed a reso. fution in opposition to the scheme.—Alderman Daniel Davies seconded.-Councillor William George supported the scheme.—The direct negative was proposed by Councillor R. George, and was seoonded by Councillor Hercomb, and supported by Councillor Ashton.-An amendment was drawn up, but it was lost.—The direct negative was then put, and was carried by 5 votes to 4. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr. J. V. Owen tent in his report which was read, and was as follows: The health of the borough is excellent, and for the last quarter has been exception- ally good. It is now free from epidemics and fevers. There were two cases of scarlet fever and one of typhoid, but there has been no spread of these obnox. ious diseases. I have made various visits to the bakehouses, jalaughter-houtses, lodging-houses and cow.housea and find that every attention has been paid to my instructions and endeavours to keep them in healthy state. Most of the refuse accumulation has been removed recently or is in progress of removal Deaths during the quarter number nine, as compared with 14 for the corresponding period last year. Births number 23. as compared with 18. One inqueet was held during the quarter. No death from violence was registered. I am exceedingly pleased to preeent such a good health report.—The report was adopted. ALDKRMANIC VACANCY. Councillor J. K. Jones asked whether it would be advisable to have a special meeting before November in order to fill up the aldermanic vacancy, caused by the death of Alderman W. Thomas.—The Mayor supported it. It was decided to hold a special meeting on Tuesday at 6 p.m.















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