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— — RENT AUDITS OF THE GREGYNOG ESTATE. TBEGTNON.-On Wednesday last, the half-yearly rent audit of this part of the Gie^jnog Estate was held at the w! ance Hotel, when an abatement of 20 per cent, on year s rents due at Lady-day last, was made. At the cW of the audit about 50 tenants gat down to an eieelWt dinner, to which ample justice was done. Mr W. Scott Owm (the respected agent) occupied the chair, and Mr Tk™ Phillips Cefnllydan, the /ce-chair. On th" e^a?of tte cloth, the nsnal loyal and patriotic toasts were «ren from the chair, and duly honoured.-The Vice-Chairman, in a feeling speech, proposed the health of Lord Sndelev and referred to his many a^ts of kindness to them, and hfe'irooS qualities as a andlord, and expressed his deep sjTOMiSS with his lordship and family nnder the present eironmatin^f The toast was drnnk with musical honoura.->irh« 'Suf* Chairman, next proposed the health of their Meit ¥. w' < Scott Owen, and said that he hoped he would lOnjfcofl^ amongst themThis toast W<VU ftear*i>- Yf Vl3,Be accorded with mnsical hononrs.-Sr Owen' acknowledged the toast, and proposed the health vice-chairman, which was duly honoured were given by Messrs R. Jones, John Willi^f field, &c., and an enjoyable evening spent NEWTOWN.-On Thursday last the hfdf-Yftrly rent audit of the Gregynog estate was held at the B^ Ci 2** abatement of 20 per cent, on the half-year's rents !?- t Lady-day, 1898, was made. At the cW dne about fifty sat down to an excellpnt Air, a5ilt chairman wf. Mr W, Scot? t™* J Prjce, Highgate.After the uraiU K and patriotic toasts had been given, the Vice-Chairman posed the health of Lord Sudeley, referring to his 2ener'a lathe past, and expressing their deep and hearltdt'Z^ pathy with his Lordship and family nnder the cumstances. He hoped he would toon & anL £ stX £ again. The toa*t was reewved with Jond cheers j with musical honours, as was also the health of thp pw man, Mr W. S. Owen. Poring the JL.! Ci^%T' by Mr R. Bennett, Mr J. H. /(me,, and otwt gm" CAIIESWS.—On Friday last the rent audit f«» district of the Gregynog estate was hold at D i S™ 20 per cent abatement of the haZS r,nf ^B°cli day last bting allowed. AffflrZl l d#n*at. partook of a sumptuous dinner, laid htZtrh*1? well-known style, and to which amnio Thoiass • W. Scott-Owen, tC^nragainSsiirf ^r do.De-r was taken by Mr T. Francif, Tymawr-Or. lh^ yusc'c^*lr. the cloth loyal and patriotic tSSTWw £ ITTSS'\ £ chair, after which Mr Francis, vice.chair ? tjf of Lord Sudeley, and iaid that they all w?eh2d kf • •ympathy with their generous landlord h\/twiwV» this occasion, and to express their jrratitnri^«». lordship for his kindness and thonghtfnlness farbi"! m the past, and they all hoped he^VonldC l^h tSi17 again ^cheers).—The company recJredthlZ.S h and prolonged applause, and drank it with m* 1*1 The following toast, were al £ *"veB ^d^nl.T The Chairman," by the VictOhI W?. ^?he man and "Host and Hostefs tkJ ni. • songs wore sung during the evenin/bv Mcssii Davie% R. Suiting, ,G. Beobow, Jd 'I'