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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLB. TO.MORROW (WEDNESDAY). VPPER HEBLANDS, BISHOPS' CASTLE. XMPORTANT SALE OP FARMING STOCK; X Hay (to go off), Fodder, Roots, and Grass Keep, Grain in the Stacks, &c., by order of Mr Robert ^MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE, f305 Auctioneers. PENYGELLY, 1t Cillea from Kerry Station, and 5 from Newtown. SALE OF VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, &c. MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE ARE instructed by Mr James Baoh, who is ltaviig, to Sell by Auction on the premises as above On FRIDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 20th, the whole of his Lire and Dead Farming Stoek, eom. prisin^ L an(j CROSS-BRED SHEEP, nm 17 HE^ ^ORD CATTLE, 10 CART and 1 C HORSES and COLTS, including several v !ul and promising anuna s. A collection of Agr.cu- Implements, Farm Toole. 5 capital Sets of Gea.; Nearly new), about Half an Acre of Potatoes, 1<> Pigs. <J!SA1N IN THE STACKS, the LProi*°« 28 acres, and the whole of the EXCi>LLENT FODDER, ROOTS, and GRASS KEEP, in conve- "Siif'a portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Dairy Vessels, Casks, &0. tST Two Months' Credit on approved Security fjoe given on the Grain and Winter Keep. Luncheon at 11-30 Sale to commence at One orelock. Catalogues masy be obtained from the Auctioneers, Chirbury, Shropshire, or at their Newtown Office on Xaooclays. Chi SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 21st, IVY HOUSE. NEWCASTLE. SALE OF 23 CLUN FOREST SHEEP; 11 HEREFORD CATTLE -r & HORSES and COLT8 Implements. Gears, Ac.; TWO STACKS of HAY and CLOVER (to go off); about 40 acres £ }rass Keep and 2 acrea of Roots, and a portion of 00 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Bj order of Mr William Gongh. MORRIS, MARSHALL, AND POOLE, aM Auctioneers. Or MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 23RD. LLWYNYBRAIN, CAERSWS, 1 mil" from Caersws Station and 5 from Newtown. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL A POOLE JLT& are instructed by the Representatives of the fete Mr W. Jones, to Sell by Auction on the premises 1M above the whole of the SUPERIOR FURNITURE BKD HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, including ex- cellent Kitchen Piece, Mahogany Telescopic Dining Table, Valuable Clocks in Oik and Mahogany Cases, ? SILVER CUPS and some capital PLATED iOODS, Oak Wardrobe, Oak Cheat of Drawers, Oak Linen Chests, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, 6 FEATHER BEDS, and a useful variety of the ssaul necessaries. Also, the Dairy Vessels, Casks, Ac., and a few OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, including about 50 BAGS OF WHEAT (an excellent sample). a quantity of Omring, several Iron Pig Troughs and Corn Coffers. About 30 couples of Fowls, 8 couples :of Ducks, 12 tfeese, and numerous Miscellaneous Effects. Catalogues on application. Sale at One o'clock. f3t)2. ABEBMULE MILL, Cim toabermule Station, and 4 miles from Newtown. Z USEFUL CART HORSES, A very promising Foal, MILLER'S WAGGONS AND CARTS, And a useful variety of TRADE REQUISITES About 7 TONS OF HAY (to go off) Whitechapel Dogcart, Harness and Saddlery, and Other Out-door items. Also the whole of the VALU- ABLE FURNITURE & HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. To be Sold by Auction by MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE on the premises as above, On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 1893, By order of the Trustees, under a deed of Assignment of the Estate of Mr Edward Embrey. Catalogues on application to the AUCTIONEERS, Chirbury, Shropshire, or at their Newtown Office, on Tuesdays. f303 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, 35 AcreB of Excellent GRASS KEEP, on the Cloddia Farm, Llandyssil, and 5 acres of Capital 23wedes and Turnips (to go off).—Apply to Morris, BffnrahftH and Poole, Chirbury, Shropshire. f280 MR T. S. PRYCE. MOUNT STREET, WELSHPOOL, VXGELLENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR SECURE INVESTMENTS ON DESIRABLE FREE- HOLD PROPERTY. A ArR. T. S. PRYCE will offer for SALE BY M AUCTION, at the DRAGON INN, WRLSHPOOL, THUBBDA Y, OCTOBER the 19th, 1893, at 6 in the evening. LOT I. All that fully-licensed Inn and PUBLIC HOUSE known as the Dragon Inn, being No. 10, Mount- street, containing Bar, Parlour, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Back-kitohen, and Four Bedrooms, Brew- house and commodious Stabling, and Large Room in the rear, measuring 54 feet x 18, and a good Garden, au in the occupation of Mr Preece as yearly tenant. LOT 2. All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE situated and being No. 40, Mount-street, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back.kitchen, and 3 Bedrooms, with large Yard, Garden, and Building formerly oaed as a Slaughterhouse, all in the occupation of M» Jones. a All those 7 COTTAGES adjoining Lot 2 situated and numbered 1 to 7 in Dragon-square, Mount-street aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr William Jones and others, with a stable at the rear. The above property is in a good state of repair. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, t, Brook-street, Welshpool, or to Messrs. WILLIAMS, GITTINS & TAYLOR, f259 Solicitors, Newtown. MESSRS. THEODORE AND SroBY. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. ALLTISSA, NEAR LLANFAIR. ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 1833, (Llanfair Pig-fair Day)- THE WHOLE OF THE LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, GRAIN, HAY, &o. Fnrther particulars will appear shortly. jjm&kt Welshpool. (255 SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. R. GILLART AND SONS. FELINGERRIG MILLS, Near Machynlleth. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD FLANNEL MILLS AND LAND. MESSRS. R. GILLART A SONS are instructed -iTJL to Sell by Public Auction, at the WYNNSTAY HOTBL, MACHYNLLETH, on SATURDAY, 21st day of OCTOBER, 1893, at Three o'clock in the After- noon, in one or more lots, and subject to conditions then and there to be produced, All that Valualle Freehold Property knotrn aa "FELINGERRIG FLANNEL MILLS," together with the Dwelling House and Gardens; also TWO FIELDS or Parcels of Land, containing altogether 4a. lr. 4p. or thereabouts. Plans and particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Howell, Evans and Gillart, Solicitors, MaohynUeth; or of the Auctioneers, Towyn, Merioneth, and, Machynlleth. f248 NORTH WALES. COUNTIES OF MONTGOMERY & MERIONETH. SALE OF HIGHLY IMPORTANT, ATTRAC- TIVE, AND VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS, HOUSES, BUILDINGS. AND AC- COMMODATION LANDS, ALSO VALUABLE FREEHOLD REVERSIONS OF IMPOR- TANT BUSINESS, AND OTHER PPEMISES. MESSRS. R. GILLART A SONS are instructed to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the BEAR'S HEAD HOTEL, NEWTOWN, ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31sT, 1893, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Pro- perties, viz. COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. PARISH OF LIIANLLWCHAIARN. of Tenant. Tenement. Quantities. Lot Lot 1 John Oakley » Cottages in Cres- and others oeZ* St., Newtown 162 sq. yds. 2 Eliz'bethLowe 5 Cottage* in Com- and others mercial Street Pump Court, New- town 209 sq. yds. And at the WYNNSTAY HOTEL, MACHYN- LLETH, ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST, 1893, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Pro- perties, viz.:— COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. PARISH OF MACHYNLLETH. No. of Tenant. Tenement. Quantities. Lot A. B. P. 3 David LloJd Hafodygarreg Farm 62 3 4 PARISH or CBIIXXS. 4 Hugh Williams Doltwymyn Farm 46 1 34 5 David Davies Peaygyrne Farm 47 1 7 6 John Evans 4 Cottages & Gardens and others and small piece of land at Cwmllinau 3,854 sq. yds 1, COUNTY OF MERIONETH. PARISH OF PENNAL. A. R. P. 7& 8 Rev Charles 4 Fields near the Price village of Pennal. 5 1 39 9 Richard Lewis 5 Cottages known as and others Rees Terrace at Pennal 1378 sq yda 10 Richard Jones 3 Cottages, Gardens, and others and Building at Pennal. 916 sq yda 11 Hugh Thomas Freehold reversion of and others and in a piece of Land together with 5 Dwelling-houses and Buildings erected thereon at Pennal. 1210 sq yds 12 David Morgan Freehold House and Garden at Pennal. 538 sq yds 13 Thomas Lewis Valuable Freehold Reversion of and in all that piece of Land,together with House and Shop erected thereon at Pennal. 418 sq yds PARISH OF TOWYN. A. B. P. 14 Humphrey Caeoeinach and Llan- Jones erchybleiddiau Farms. 298 3 1 15 Representa- Nantgwenlli Farm. 92 2 6 tives of late EdwardB Rowland 16 David Jones Breichie'rcaeau Farm. 71 1 6 17 John Morris Valuable Freehold and others Reversion of and in all that piece of Land, together with Dwelling. houses, Shops, and Buildings erected thereon, situate in Corbett Square and Church Street, Towyn. Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained at the Principal Hotels in the neighbour- hood; at the Estate's Office, Plas Machynlleth; from Messrs UPTON, ATKEY, and UPTON, solicitors, 14, Austin Friars London, E.C. or the AUCTIONEERS, Towyn (Merioneth) and Maehyn. lleth. fi65 MESSRS. LUCAS AND CO. WREXHAM. LUCAS'S SECOND GREAT NORTH WALES PRIZE HORSE SALE AND SHOW will take place in their New and Extensive Establishment at Wrexham (overlooking the two Railway Stations), on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, tuil following days, at 11-30 each day. Cash Prizes nearly J £ 50 in value. Eleven classes comprising Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Waggon and Light Lurry Horses, Shire Mares, Fillies, Geldings, and Foals. Entries close Saturday, November 4th, and should be made at once, enabling the Auctioneers to give early intimation to the numerous enquiries of intending purchasers. Entry forms and prize lists from LUCAS & CO., f246 HOTHAM STEEET, LIVERPOOL. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam. brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.—Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf- ren, Abermule, or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Gartbmyl, Mom. 0300 SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. ROYAL VICTORIA WAREHOUSE, SEVERN PLACE, NEWTOWN. MESSRS COOKE BROS. are favoured with in. D'l- structions from HARVEY PREEN. Esq., Chartered Accountant, Receiver to the Estate of Messrs Bar ring ton and Co. Limited (in liquidation), ta Sell by Auction cn the premises as above, on THURSDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 19TH, 1893, The whole of the Valuable WAREHOUSE FITTINGS, OFFICE FURNITURE, AND SUNDRY EFFECTS, in and upon the premises; Comprising: Nests of Shelving, suitable for Drapers and Warehousemen, various heighta and widths Deal Counter with platform, 46 feet long, three feet wide; Side and Centre Counters, fitted with drawers and shelves Well-made Deal Table, 10ft. 3in. x 2ft. Sin. Table with folding leaves and plat- form, 7ft. x 3ft. 7in.; Four Tables on trestles; Pitchpine Cupboard with double doors, 6ft. x 3ft. 4in., fitted with fifteen divisions Pattern-cutting table with roller, iron press, and knife; Six Benches; Eight day Clock; Two pairs of Wood Stepa; Counter Desk; Salter's spring balance; Tarpaulin. THE OFFICE FURNITURE AND FITTINGS include :-In Private Office-Pitcbpine Writing Table with leather top and fitted with four drawers; Doable Writing Slope Grained Oak Cupboard and Shelving; Oak Letter Rack; Two Inkstands; Brnsh and well; Iron Fender; Coal Vase; Corticine on floor; Hearthrug; Three Cocoa fibre Door Mats. In General Office—Double Office Desk in pitohpine with mahogany top and brass Book-rests and gas f pillar, fitted with 16 drawers and book divisions and glass screen; Four High Stools Five Foot- stools Paper Ba*ket; Pitcbpine Counter with mahogany top. 6ft. Sin. by 9in.. with shelves Deal Cupboard with two doors a quantity of stationery Wood and Stereo Blocks; Stamp perforating machine; Speaking tube with two mouthpiece; Sundries. The whole of the Gas Fittings through- out Offices and Warehouse. Sale to commence at Two o'clock prompt. For fnrther particulars apply to Messrs Harvey Green and Co., Chartered Acoountanta. Basing House, Basinghall-street, London, E.C. or to the Auctioneers, WAwtown. 1300 un r v THISTLE. Axle NEWTOWN HORSE SAt I Slat OCTOBER, 1893. MR. JOHN E. THISTLE respectfully soliCi.*8 further early entries. OJHoes: Montgomery. f285 I On MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 23rd, 1893. ( NEW INN, KERRY. v Three Miles from Newtown. Important sale of Household Furniture, Dairy Cattle, Pigs, Hay, and Out-door Effects. Pigs, Hay, and Out-door Effects. MR. JOHN E. THISTLE w favoured with in- J structions from Mrs Williams, who is leaving, f to Sell by Auction, on the premises as above, the i VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising the contents of Drawing Room, Front Parlour, Entrance Hall, Club Room, Bar Parlour, Kitchens, Bedrooms, and Cellar, viz.:—Mahogany DRAWING ROOM SUITE, stuffed and covered in hair, 16 Mahogany, Oak, and Deal Pembroke, Round and other tables, Mahogany Cheffonier, 40 Framed Engravings, Oleographs, and Portrait, 24 Windsor Chairs, Cast Umbrella Stand, Mahogany Secretaire with Bookcase Top, Quantity of Books, Grained Oak Kitchen Piece (neatly fitted), Cutlery, Ornaments, Dinner, Tea, and Deseert Services, Barometer in Mahogany Frame, Pedestal and Hanging Lamps, Fenders, Fire Irons and Coal Vases, Glass and China, 12 Cocoa Fibre Mats, 12 Baskets, Patent Wringer and Mangle, 8-day Clock in Inlaid Oak Case, Brass Preserving Pot, Brass Candlesticks, "Excelsior" Knife Cleaner, Bacon Chest, Flour Bin, Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, Birch Half-Tester Bedsteads, Hangings and Palliasses, Iron and Brass French Bedsteads, 4 Feather Beds, Linen, Blankets and Counterpanes, Birch and Stained Oak Toilet Tables, Swing Glasses in Birch and Mahogany Frames, Towel Rails, Japanned Hip Baths, Seta of Toilet Ware, Birch and Rosewood Cane-seated Chairs, Birch and other Chests of Drawers, Birch Night Commode, Wicker Ciothes Basket, Oak Linen Chest, Birch Window Poles, Cretonne and Damask Window Curtains, Kidderminster and other Carpets, Hearthrugs, Oilcloth, Large Oak Fermenting Vat, Oak Cooler, Four 100-Gallon Casks, 2 GRAND YOUNG DAIRY COWS (Shorthorns), and 1 Calf; 2 FEEDING PIGS, SOW and 10 SUCKLINGS, Poultry, about 2 Tons Magnum Bonum and Kidney Potatoes, Carrots, Garden Produce, &o. 5 TONS PRIME MEADOW BAY, Large Quantity of MANURE; Outdoor EFFECTS. SALE AT 12 O'CLOCK. In consequence of the large number of Lota an early attendance is specially requested. Offices, Montgomery. f284, PROPERTIES TO LET & FOR SALE, TO LET, No. 2, MILFORD COTTAGES (lately tenanted by Miss Morgan.)—Apply to COOKE BROS., House Agents, Newtown. f265 TO LET, House and Shop, situate in Gas Street. —Apply to the SECRETARY Gas Co., Newtown. TO LET, Whitehall Farm, LlandyBsil, about 220 Acres.—Apply to N. W. Fairies-Humphreys, Esq., Montgomery. f271 TO BE LET, a STABLE A COACH-HOUSE, situate in Old Church-Btreet.—Apply to Mra Nunn, Broad-street, Newtown. f274 TO LET, Dolguan Cottage, Milford Road, New- town, containing 6 Rooms, with small garden, etc.—Apply, W. F. Thomas, Newtown. f281 TO BE LET, and entered upon 1st of May next HOUSE AND GARDEN, pleasantly and conveniently situated; 4 rooms upstairs, 4 down, and two attics.—G. Hammond, Caersws. f258 TO BE LET, Wernddu Farm, situate near the village of Churchstoke, containing about 240 acres, possession 25th March, 1894.-For further particulars apply to Mr E. Lloyd, The Rectory, Berriew. f97 TO BE LET, and entered upon 1st of November next, that convenient DWELLING HOUSE, No. 26, Commercial-street, Newtown, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back-kitchen, Cellar, and Four Bedrooms.-Apply G. O. Edwards, 29, Commercial- street, Newtown. f294 TO LET (with possession at the end of present year's holding), a most desirable Farm known as BRYNBEDWEN and WENALLT, containing 227 acres of good sound land, with capital house and bdildings also large Cottage and Wainhouse at- tached, with plenty of shade and water, situate about 3 miles from Newtown, adjoining main road.-Apply to T. Rees, Glascoed, Dolfor. f244 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1893. Life in a Lunatic Asylum." A LECTURE Will be delivered on the above subject by the Rev. EVAN JENKINS, of Manafon. The Chair will be taken at Seven o'clock by Capt. B. PRYCE-JONES, J.P. A charge of Sixpence will be made for admission. Front Seats, One Shilling. Tickets at the Booksellers and Hotels. Further particulars next week. f308 ON Friday, November 17r 1893, THE RECHAEITES INTEND HOLDING A Conversazione. f367 BETTWS. <, me Annual Tea and Competitive Meeting Will be held On CHRISTMAS DAY, 1893. PROGRAMMES SHORTLY. f286 IMPORTANT NOTICE. LANIDLOES < SPECIAL HORSE FAIR, .I I Will be held on Thursday, October 19th, 1893, D's OWMB, EDWARD DAVIES. MATOB, OW For the future these Fairs will be held on MARCH 10th and OCTOBER 19th in each year. f286 7 ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. A BAZAAR In aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held is the First Week in December. Contributions will be thankfully received by the Hon. !sees. MRS. PRATT, Llwynon, Newtown, G. M. EYANS, 31, New Road, Newtown. ♦444 PRELIMINARY NOTIC& A GREAT RUMMAGE SALE WILL BB HBLD IN TJKX PUBLIC HALL, On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th. Contributions may be addressed to Lady Pryce-Jones, Dolerw. f298 LEGAL NOTICE. ARTHUR WITHERS, Deceased. PURSUANT to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict., c. 35, J. u Notice is Hereby Given that all Persons having any CLAIMS against the Estate of Arthur Withers, late of the Tan House, Llandyssil, in the County of Montgomery deceased (who died on the 19th day of March, 1893, and whose Will, with two codicils ther to, was proved in the Principal Registry of the Pro/ate Division of her Majesty's High Court of Jut -ice on the 3rd day of June, 1893, by William Owens. of Jamesford, and Franeis Langford, of Court Calmore, both in the parish of Montgomery, the executors therein named), are required to send particulars in writing of their Claims to me, the undersigned, before the 19th of October inst., when the Estate will be distributed, having regard only to the claims then sent in. Dated 2nd October, 1893. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, f273 Solicitor to the Executors. F. W. MARSHALL (LATE OF MONTGOMERY), ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR 8, BROAD.STREET, NEWTOWN. Public Companies, Partnership, Tradesmen's, Parochial and other Accounts written up, Balanced, and Adjusted. Periodical Attendance by Arrangement. Rents and Accounts collected. Terms- on Applicatfon. f309. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD New Year's Day, 1894. PRESIDENTS- R. E. JONES, ESQ., J.P. A. C. HUMPHREYS-OWEN, ESQ., J.P. LIST OF PHIZES. MUSIC: 1.—For the, best singing of the Chorus, Sing Unto God" (Handel's "Judas Maccabseis"), by Choirs not under 25, and not txcrediug 30 (the Solo parts to be taken by all the Voices of the part).-First prize, t8 second prize, £ 2. Open only to choirs outside Newtown. 2.—For the best singing of the Hymn-tune, No. Ill (Hymns Ancient and Modern). Unaccompanied. Choirs not under 12, and not to exceed 16 in number. First prize, Y-3; second prize, j £ l. Open to Villages and Country Districts enly. 3.—For the best singing of the Male Voice Glee, The Beleaguered," No. 2, Orpheus (Novello & Co). Accompanied. By Choirs not under 12, and not exceeding 16 in number.-Firat prize, second prize, &I. 4.—For the beat aingir.g by Quintette (S.AT.T.B.), "Blow, Gentle Gales" (Bishop), No. 259 Sol. fa Reporter and Novello. Accompanied.— Prize. ^1 58 01. 5.—For the best singing by Trio of the Humourous Catch, "Ah! How Sophia."—Prize, 10a 6d. 6.—For the best singing by Children of Mendel- ssohn's Two-part Song, The Passage Bird's Parting." Age not to exoeed 16. Choirs not under 16, and aot exceeding 24 in number.— Firat prize, £ 2; second prize, 10s. 7.—For the best singing by Soprano Voice, Oh Liberty" (Handel s "Judas Maooabaeos.") -Prize 108. 8.—For the beat singing by Coptralto Voice, Oh reat in the Lord (Mendelanobu).-Prize, lOa. 9.—For the best ainging by Tenor Voice, Tell me, Mary, how to woo thee" (Standard Bouga).- Prize, 10.. IO.-For the best singing by Bass Voice, Revenge, Timotheus cries" (Handel's "Alexander's Feast.")-Prize, 10s. 11.—For the best singing by a Child not under 10, and not over 13 years, No. M in the Temperance Vocalist. First prize, 5s.; second, 2s. 12.—Modulator Exercise, for children under 14 years of age. First prize, 5a.; second, 3«.; third, 2s. 13.—For the beat playing at first sight of a Pianoforte Solo (to be selected by the adjudicator). Open to ohildren not over 15 years of age. First prize, 10s.; seoond, 5s. 14.—Trio for 2 Violina and Piano, or for Violoncello and Piano, No. S. Op. 8, Pleyel. (Collection Litolff, No. 1581 or 1823, Enoch and Sme).- Firat prize, JS2; second, 10s. Violin Solo for children not over 15 years of age. L5.—. to be selected by competitor.-Jhizd. I$s. PiØ4. ^m Solo, Overture to Stephen's Statm < 18.-HarIDOIu.. of Tiberiaa. LITh. L7.—For the best Essay (Edu Small Agricultural Holding.. the most of them" (Man-dyddynoa: wneyd y goreu o honynt ")-First prize, W. second, 10s. 6d. 18.—For the best paper (English or Welsh), u Suggestions how to improve the Newtown Eisteddfod" ("Awgrymiadau pafodd i wella Eisteddfod y Drefnewydd.") Prize. 10a. 6d. 19.-For the beat translation from English to Welsh "Uncertainties of Fortune" (Lord Boline- broke).—Prize, 5s. 20.—For the best translation from Welsh to English S.R. ar "Amaethyddiaeth" (Agriculture.)— Prize, 5s. 21.-For the beat English Poem, not to exceed 32 lines, The Gossip. "-prize, 108. 22.-For the best Welsh Poem. not to exceed 32 lines, Drylliad y Victoria (The Victoria Disaster) —Prize, 10s. 23.—Recitation for Children under 15 years, Some Mother's Child."—First prize, 5s.; second, 24.-For the beat Recitation by persons over 15 years, "Cato on Immortality" (Addison).— Prize, 10s. 6d. 25.—For the best Speech (limited to five minutes) on Good Templary. "-Prize, 5a. 26.—For the best Impromptu Essay written in ten minutes. Subject to be given by the Adjudi- cators.-Prize, 5s. ART. 27.-For the beat Free-hand Drawing from the flat, executed in the presence of the adjudicators (confined to children under 16 years of age).— Firat prize, 10s. second, 5s. 28. For the best Model Drawing, executed in the presence of adjudicators. (Open to persons over 16 and under 21 years of age.)—First prize, 10a.; second, 5s. 29.-For the best Map of Wales, about = inches square. Confined to children under 14 years of age.-Prize, 5a. 30.—For the best Pair of Hand.painted Flower Pots, the bona-fide work of an amateur.— Prise, 10s. 6d. 31.—For the best Written and Neatest Copy-book, written by a girl under 14 years of age, during schoolJloure, in one of the Public Elementary Schools in Montgomeryshire (Teachers cer- tificate as to genuineness to accompany same.) —Prize, 5s. 32.-The same for boys under 14 years of age.- Prize, 5s. 33.—For the best made Bird-cage, the bona-fide work of the exhibitor.-First prize, 58.; second, 2s. 6d. 34.—For the best Pair of Fretwork Brackets, the bona-fide work of an amateur who has not previously won a prize for fretwork.—First pnze, 7s. 6d. second, 5s. 35.—For the best Set of 3 Mottoes, suitable for deco- rating the Eisteddfod Room.-Prize. 7s. 6d. NEEDLEWORK. 36. For the best Darned Hole in a Cotton Stocking. Open competition.—Prize, 28 6d. 37.-For the best Hand-made Flannel Petticoat. Open competition.—Prize, 2s. 6d. 33.—For the best Hand.made Pinafore for a child of two. Open competition.-Prizo, 5B. 39.-For the best Hand-made Night Dress. Open to girls under 16.-Prize, 5s. 40.—For the best Crewel-worked Cushion. Open competition.-Prize.5a. 41.-For the best Crochet Petticoat for a Child. Open ec)mpet:tion.-Prize, 2s 6d. 42.—For the best Crazy, work Tea Cosy. Open com- petition.—Prize, 3s. 43.-For the best Hand-sewn Man's Flannel Shirt. Open competition.—Prize, 5s. 44.-For the best Pair of Hand.knitted Stockings. Open to girls under 16.-Prize, 2a 6d. 45.-For the best Rag Doll (dressed). Open to girls under 16.—Prize, 5a. 46.-For the best Set of Button Holes, worked on linen. Open to girls under 15,—Prize, 2s 6d. e- Programmes containing the recitations con- ditions, and other information may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Price 2d, per post 2id. A. S. COOKE, Hon. Sec. f 195 W,&NTEDS.-The surest means to open em- W ployers who want trade and Domestic Servants, and Servants who want situations, is to advertise in the MONTGOMERYSHIBS EXPKISS Aim RADNOK TIMBS. the household Paper. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. IN AID OF THE Welshpool Dispensary A GRAND EVENING CONCERT WILL BK HELD AT TH8 Town Hall, Welshpool, ON THURSDAY, OCT. 19TH, 1893. Under the distinguished Patronage of The Right Honourab'e the Earl of Powis; Sir W. Williams Wynn (Lord Lieutenant); Sir Pryce Pryce- Jones, M.P.; J. C. Hilton, Et-q (High Sheriff); Ellis Owen Jones, Esq. (Mayor); aad others. THE FOLLOWING WILL TAJCC PAST: Soprani-Miøø MAGGIE OWEN and MiM MYFANWY JONES. Mezzo-Sopranc-Mieii STEWART BAINES. Contralto-Kias BESSIE BEVAN. Solo 'Cello-Mr. BENNETT WILLIAMS. Tenori-Mr. HUDSON PHILLIPS: and Mr. E. R. HUGHES. Base-Mr. W. JENKINS & Mr. B. WILLIAMS. Buffo Singer-Mr. WILLIE GALLAGER. The Bettws Quartette Party. AND THE POWIS COMPETITIVE CHOIR. Conductor—Mr. E. R. HUGHES. Acoompanist-Mr. WILLIE NUTTALL. Reserved Seats, 3s; First Seats, 8s: Second Seats Is Admission. 6d. Doors open at 7-30; Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets may be obtained from Members of the Powis Choir. Reserved Seat Tickets told at Messrs R. and M. Owen's, opposite the Town Hall, where a Plan of the Room may be seen, and Reserved Seats booked. J. H. DAVIBS, Broad St,) Horn A. H. JONES, Dolanog. ) Sees f223 NEWTOWN FOOTBALL CLUB. A GRAND EveningConcert (In aid of the funds of the above Club) Will be given in the PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN, 3, -1 E, R.A. TRZ Severn Hand-Bell fingers, THB NEWTOWN MALE VOICE PARTY, Messrs. E. Cleaton, W. Richards, Geo. M. Evans, H. H. Phillips, W. Jenkins, W. Nock, T. H. Downing and F. P. Keay. FRED. R. LLOYD, Hou. Sec. 097 PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN. Friday, November 3rd, MR. G. H. BELL'S GRAND EVENING CONCERT. ARTISTES: SOPRANO- MISS PRITCHARD From the Royal Academy of Mune. Winner First Prize National Eisteddfod, Wrexham). CONTRALTO- MRS. TANNER-FRANCIS. TBNOR -SVTA'I MR. C. E. CLARK. SOLO VIOLIN— MISS ELSIE BRAYNE. SOLO VIOLONCELLO— MR. WALTER HATTON (From Sir Charles Halle's Band.) SOLO FLUTB- MR. UNDERWOOD (Birmingham and Wolverhampton Concerts.) AT THE PIANOFORTE— MR. GEO. H. BELL. FULL ORCHESTRAL BAND OF 27 PERFORMERS, Leader—Mr. C. STEPHENSON. Conductor-Mr. W. S. STEPHENSON. Admission—Reserved Seats, 3s.; First Seats, 2a.; Balcony, Ie.; Back Seats, 6d. Doors open 7-30; Commence at 8 o'clock. Plan of the Room at Mr Owen, Chemist, Broad Street. Carriages at 10-30. fl96 XMAS DAY, A TEA MEETING AND CONCERT Will be held on the above day in connection with the BAPTIST CIITIUC-UL NEWTOWN. f277