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BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. NEWTOWN & LLANIDLOES,— WEDNESDAY. Present: Capt. Adams (chairman), Mr R. Bennett (vice-chairman), Messrs R. Pryce, R. Nutting, M. H. Davies, Ric-^ani Bvans, D. Jerman, William Jones, K PoweU, D. Higgs, U. Morgan, D. Davies, Evan Jones, and Miss Lit yd Mr R. Williams, cleik. STATISTICS. Oat-relief wai administered during the past fort- night as follows: Newtown district, per Mr R. H, Lloyd. first week, X36 6s 3d to 273 recipients, second weak, £ 31 12s 6d to 262 recipieits. LIBndl, ea liitl- trict, pt-it Mr R. Owen, first week i545 10a 31 to 394 recipients, second week £ il 17a 9d to 394 recipients. L!anwn<>g district, per Mr J. Hamer, first week .£21 12* to 1118 recipients, second week.220 18,¡ 6i to 168 recip ents. Number of vagrants relieved in the House 141, against 80 in tho corresponding period of last year. Paupers in the House 42, as against 63. J MASTER'S REPORT. Th° Master reported that the Rev Mnrg n Jones, Llaa.iinam. had bent a quantity of fruit for the use of the inmates. Thsnks were conveyed to Mr Jones for his kindness.—The Master also reported that the t vo years' guarant.-e of Mr Turner for the pump had nearly expired. BOARDED-OUT CHILDREN. The Medieal Officer's and Relieving Officer's re- ports of visits to homes of children boarded out were adopted. LLA,NFYLLIN,, -THURSDAY. Present: Messrs Evan Evans (chairman), John Jones, vice-chnirmon (Quilsfield), C. R. Jones, John Jones, J. Lomax, J. Marshall Dugdale, Captaia G. H. H, Hayhuit-France, Colonel Bounor, the Rev. S. Reed (ex-offivio). the Rev. R. Trevor Owen, Messrs J. Ryle, J. M. Jones, Thowaq Roberts, Richard Owen, Kdward V*ughan, R. Roberts (Llanfechan). Robert Roberts (Llanfechan), Charles Jones, John Williams, R. R. Evans, Robert Richards, John Hnghes, David Pryce, David Evans, John Ashford. Edward Humohreys, Thomas Jones, and Edwar,i Davies, with Mr W. A. Pugh. clerk. THE TRAMP QUESTION. The Local Government Board wrote asking what steps had been taken with regard to alteration* in the vazrant accommodation? Mr Ryle said he had prepared a plan in which Mr Bircnam made some alterations, and he could not get another made in less than a month. Mr J. Jones said the accommodation was not good enough for tramps, and disgraceful for honest way- farer", who were entitled to protection. He thought they should engage a professional man to prepare plans and specifications. If they once applied the law with regard to the work required from tramps he beiieved the invasion of tramps would be greatly reduced. Mr 0. R. Jones said if they gave tramps better ac- commodation they would be there in greater numbers. Tne Chairman said if the Local Government Board would allow them to apply some of the money the Guardians now had tied up in the funds in doing this work it w,,uld be a reiief. Mr D. Pryce proposed that application be made for leave to spend about X140 of the money now tied up. The work to be done was nothing occasional or inci- dental, and was sucn as the money could be applied. It wa-i decided to ask Mr Bremner Smith, of Oswes- trf, what his terms would be for making the neces- sary plans and specifications. THE BOARD AND THE CLKRX. The Chairman said he had received further com- munijations from the Local Government Board with reference to the little difference between the Board and the Clerk. One was a copy of a letter from the Clerk to the Local Government Board, and the otb'èr a copy of their reply to that letter. Both letters were then, at the Chairman's request, read by Mr Pughe's clerk. Mr Pugh's letter, dated Sept. 21st, stated that the excitement aider which he suffered wheu hq wrote his previous letter having passed away, he thought a mote ample apology could reasonably be expected of him, and it was in eutire accordance with t'lat feeling that he unreservediy offered the same. With regard to the unfortunate occurrence of August 3;-d, which he most deeply deplored, he had felt for a long time past that Mr John Jones had not been acting straightforwardly towards him, but he was now quite willing to believe that he was mis- taken, ana to express his regret to Mr Jcnes per- sonally, and to the Guardians generally. In days passed Mr Jones and he had been on most friendly terms, and that fact made Mr Jones's 001 daot to- wards him all the more bitter, and the apology lie HOW tendered an act more painful. He hoped the M ard would give him their most favourable consideration. —The reply. dated 22nd September, stated that the Board, having given their careful consideratitn to the matter, did not consider they would be justified in altering their decision. The Clerk then asked leave to take that opportunity to make a most humble apology to the Board. Thay had heard the letter, in which he stated that he had felt for a long time that there was a bitterness be. tween Mr John Jones aud himself. Since writing that letter ho had had correspondence with Mr John Jones, and Mr Jones had replied to all his letters in the most kindly, courteous, and generous manner. The result of the correspondence was that they had, he felt, bean perfectly reconciled. Mr Jones had treated him moat handsomely, far better than he had any right to expect, and far better than he deserved. He thought he had made to Mr Jones all ample an apology as possible, and he had done so because he knew he was wrong, and was endeavouring to put himself right with the Board. If there was anything further he ought to say or do to bring about the old terms he had been on with the Board for so many v o,rs, all her could say was that he was quite ready to do it. Mr John Jones said Mr Pughe had mentioned that he had had a correspondence with him, and it had onded, to his mind, satisfactorily. It was not so at the beginning, but subsequently Mr Pughe wrote a letter after receiving which he WM in possession of wha t he considered an unconditional and satisfactory? apology. With reference to what Mr Pnghe said that fur years he had been under the impression that he had entertained a bitter feeling towards him, Kf Pughe had been all along labouring under a miss- conception entirely. He accepted Mr Pnghe's ma- qualified apology, and as far as he was concsmMl tbere was an end of the matter. Capt. Hayhurst-Prance said he had great plemure in proposing that Mr Pughe's apology and txplaiMU tion be accepted in the spirit in which they wao offered. Mr Thomas Jones, speaking in Welsh, said tbey often spoke about saving money for the ratemor&- They now bad an opportunity to save a lot of money. The Clerk's salary was too high by far. He ssc» greeted that if there was to be any voting that d»J it should be by ballot. Mr C. R. Jones proposed, ThatthisBoardba heard Mr Pughe's apology both to the Board ana Mr John Jones, considers these apologieB are fail and ample, and begs to submit the same for the further consideration of the Local Government Board." Capt. Hayhurst-France seconded. Mr Thomas Jones Before putting the qnestico to the vote, what is the Clerk's salary ? Mr Pughe: X120. Mr Thomas Jones: I heard it was £ ,200. Well, 1 withdraw all I have said (laughter). The motion, on being put to the meeting, was oarried unanimously.