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NEWTOWN & LLANLLWCHAIARN SCHOOL BOARD. The quarterly meeting of the above Board was held at the Board room, New Churon Street, un Aiouaay evening, when there were present Messrp William Cooke, chairman, Alfred Ford, John Humphreys, T. fiees, W. F. Thomas, with Messrs Edward Powell, clerk, J. Williams, assistant clerk, and John Andrew, attendance officer. THE CONTINUATION SCHOOLS. The Chairman said that he had been iaforme )Y Mr Williams, H.M. Inspector, who was then engagsd in examining the scholars of the several schools, that it would be necessary for their Clerk to apply to the Education Der>artm«nt rosrwotinur the holding of the continuation schools, or at any rate to inform the Department that they were being held.—The Clerk said that the Education Department were always in- formed.—The Chairman said that there wail unnf.hur matter to which he desired to call their attention In a letter recently sent by Messrs Saer and Wall they asked that the Board would undertake the suparin- tenfience of the classes and visit them, so that they might know if the work was carried on as it ought te be.-IL was agreed to accede to the request. SCHOOL INSPECTION. Notices of inspection of schools were read by the Clerk, and at the conclusion the Chairman remarked th-At he had visited the schools that morning and also ■n the afternoon, whtn Mr Williams, the inspector, had expressed himself very pleased with the premises! Nit. HAYES. The Clerk said that amungst many other forms re-1 qaned to be filled up aunatDy for the information of the Education Department was one called Form 1J. which asked for particulars respecting each teacher, md contained the following question are the managers sa isfi d with such t acher's character, o induct and attention to duty, because dissatisf'ac! i,-)ii_if_any shouid oe stated." The Ulerk !l.rlclAcJ that he did not care to take the responsibility of answering tiiat quostioj with reference to Mr Hayes, before first consulting the Board.—After some discussion it was decided to insert the words moderately satis- fied." NOTICE OF AUDIT. The Clerk baid that he had received notice of audit which would take place upon the 2nd December at Jaersws, and the books would be open for inspection it No. 44, Broad Street, three c:ays before the aadit. RESIGNATION. A letter was read fiom Miss Morris, assistant at die Peoygloddfa tchool, giving three months' notice to leave the services of the Board.—The notice was iceepted, ?nd '.he Clerk aath. ri.-ed to give her the customary te-timonial. ATTENDANCE OFFICER'S REPORT. Mr John Andrew, attendance officer, reported that he number of visitt made by him curing the past tour weiks were 854, and the number of notices served 12. The number of chi dren upon the register vere 1,189, and the average attendance 985'9 or 82'8 per cent. There was a decrease of 22 on the register md the aveiag-f attendance was the same as the cor. responding perod last year. Daring the month 213 chi-dren had attended regulatly, and 110 children had ^ttenoed the whole of la,t quarter, 'ihe percentage for the year ending September 29rh was 80. The following was the average attunoance at the schools -New Church Street, boys, 119'4 or 85 4 per cent., airls 96 or 83 6 per cent., iniantt 127'3 or 79 per cent; Newtown National school, 203 5 or 77 per cent. Penygloddfa mixd 133'4 or 857 per canc., infants 77'2 or 79 8 per cent.; Llanllwehaiarn National school 200 or 74'7 per cent.—Mr Alfred Ford said that srie attendance Wts very satisfactory, but it was not what it ought to be, 80 per cent. was not a very high water mark in that particular. Still it was satis- factory to find that the attendance at the Board schools was much higher than the attendance at the National schools. During the month 213 children attended the whole time the 8chaols were open, and he begged to move that the attendance officer make out a tist of the children who attended every time iurimr the last two months for the use of the prase, l'll. first month in the quarter was a holiday, so that they would not have the three months. He thought chat the publication of the names of the children iu ihe pa-it had had a very good effect.—The Chairman seconded the proposition, and it was carried. FINANCE. The Clerk presented the financial statement for the year which was passed and sigaed, and cheques for several bills and the usual salaries were also signed. LIST OF REGULAR ATTENDANTS DURING THE QUARTER. The following is the list of names referred to by Mr Alfred Ford Arew Churchstreet Boys' School Geo. Morris, Green Tavern, New Church-street, Wm. Edwards, B.aok Hall, John C. Williams, High-street, Charles Davies, The Lot, Ernest Clark. Short Bridge- street, Alonza. Smith, Poo -road, James Wallace, Broad-street. Herbert Davits, Park-street, Charles Benbow, Lady well-street, Owen Brown, New Church- street, Alfred Parry, Kerry-road, Ernest Barnes, i v. rn-street, Hugh Jones, Park-street, William Hibbott, Frolic, George Davies, New Church-street, Osborne Morgan, Severn street, David Griffiths, The Lot, Walter Humphreys, Gas-street, George HlbbJtt, Skinner-street, Edward Smith, Pool-road, Wiiiiam Jenkins, Old Church-street, George Davies, Lady well street, George Parry, Kerry.road, Bertie Owen, Park- street, George Hibbott, Frolic, Fred Evans, Crown- street, Escoit Hunter, New-road.—New Chnrch-street Girl*' Jennie Wallace, Broad-street, Annie J. Watkin. Cambrian Villa, Bessie Williams, Park- street, Maggie Wallace, Broad-street, Cassie Jones, Dolfor-road, Jennie Morgan, Ladywell-street, Maggie Owen, Park-street, Elsie Bird, Ladywel^treet, Louisa Morgan, Lady well-street, Henrietta Smith, Pool-road, Annie Hibbott, Skinner-street, Alice Hamer, Castell-y-dail, Emily Pugh, New Church- street, Norah Davies, Ladywell-etreet, Kate Parry, Lady well-street, Nellie Morris, Ladywell-atreet, Edith Morgan, Canal, Jessie Mclnres, Cambrian Cottage, Annie Arrol, Parker'a-lane, Bessie Arrol, Parker's-lane, Lily Edwards, Broad-street, Mary Edwards, Black Hall, Martha Thomas, Park-street, Annie Williams, Park-street, Ethel Lewis, Canal, Agnes Wallace, Brood-street.-New ChvrcA.»treet In- fants' Hilda Evans, Back-lane, Norah Smith, Poo:- road, Cissie Whittaker, Frolic, Cissie Pugh, Frolic, Maggie Richards, Ladywell-street, Amelia Morgan, Canal, Myfanwy Ashton, Old Church-street, Lizzie WattB, Park-street, Reginald Smith, Pool-road, John Wallace, Broad-street, Arohie Williams, Ladywell- street, David William Davies, Park-street, Seymour Williams, Park-street, John H. Matthews, Frolic, Pryce Davies, Ladywell-street, Harold Hibbott, Frolic, George Morgan, Frolic, Albert Parry, Frolic, William Edwards, Park-street, William Morris, Albion-yard, Charles Williams, Frolic, John R. Evans, Skinner-street, William W. Matthews, Frolic. —Penygloddfa Mixed Ernest Francis, Bryn-street, Bertie Williams, School-lane, Samuel Meredith, Cres- oent-street, David Evans, Bryn-street, Willie Wil- liams, Sohool-lsne, James Barrett, Gullet-cojrt, Maggie Francis, Bryn-street, John Clayton, Union- street, William JoneB, Frank well, Robert Rawson, Crescent-street, Edwd. Garnett, Union-street, Richd. Roberts, Crescent-street, Nellie Evans, Bryn-street, Alfred Owen, Bryn-street, David Edmunds, Severn Side, Sarah E. Williams, .Bryn-street, Mary Meredith, Crescent-street, John Breese, Old Chnroh-street, Lily Davies, Chapel-street.—Penygloddfa Injants': Harry Gentle, Commercial-street, Bertie Meredith, Cres- oent-street, Tom Breese, Old Church-street, Wilfred Ashley, Canal, Maggie Evans, Bryn-street, Norman Jones, Frankwell, Annie Rowlands, Bryn-street, Mary Elizabeth Gittins, Crescent-street, Catherine Meredith, Crescent-street, Cissie Rowlands, Bryn. street, Meredith Williams, Vaynor Court, Albert O. Beedles, Union-street, Albert Francis, Bryn.street, Richard Gittins, Crescent-street, Lizzie Williams, flommercial.atreet.