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WELSH SINGERS AT CHICAGO. If Taffy was Welshman then ten to one he was a singer, a de»mu.ie citizen and altogether worthy any begr tdged marrowbone in the country Mother Goose, too, is the last myth who should take it upon herself to hand along down the ages the ungracious record of Taffy's historical beef episode. Out of the tangled legend of Wales come most of the fantastic characters which have made the revered dame famous. In fact, there are reasons to believe the kindly old lady herself belonged to the Isle of Man if not to the peninsula of double consonants. The dress with pointed cap and cape- sleeves is Welsh, the sharp chin and encouraging nose are Welsh and it is established that not to the Netherlands nor Holland not to Vienna nor Thuringen, but to Wales goes the credit of pro- ducing that flighty witch who in cheering rhymes rides over the moon on a broomstick when the nights are dark who chatters with owls and bats keeps tab on naughty boys and croons scary cantos with frog responses. Likewise does Wales own the comfortable hexe who is responsible for that alarming couplet with spidery pictorial suggestions: Old woman, old woman whither so high ? To sweep the cobwebs from the sky." Down in the most sequestered haunts of Wales are just such odd old ladies as the mother Goose witches. They still wear quaint pointed caps, carry crutches, boil aspen leaves and cultivate mysterious demeanors and,. however old, they are co bo full of alliterative melody and tuneful song. Wnat other people in quiet content modestiy cling to sacred beliefs, i ujient customs, a dead language aud any honourable flag which protects ? Tne Wales countryman is staunch, unpretend- ing, sturdy, and law-abuliug wherever he may iive. Cultivation of the arts and sweetest harmoni s, preservation of classic ceremonies, simple amusements and elevating pastimes bind tiiem ill truthful clan sympathy and they are the happiest fraction of humanity on earth. Their uuptowed language in all its rugged prim- itiveness is protected from the civilized vandals of fashion and improvement but it is enriched by reverential effort-* in folk literature and poetic contributions which are sanctified by ceremonial acceptance and honest adjudication. The Columbian Exposition is indebted to the Welsh for the first and only sensational success in music which has blazed out upon her b ighted record of harmony. The gates swung open with i1. bla.st of discordant squabbling where most exa:- ted soul was anticipated, and never until tiJe Druid chorals of these humble people rung through the festival halls and forests at mid-day did the Fair know real, earnest, beiutiful music. The ocean of song flooding these ha lowed noons when h yn ngwyneb haul llygad goleuni," the glorious bardic gorsedd filled the autumn air, shall roar harmoniously above the swimmin melodies of li other nations. The Eisteddfod created a profund impression and multitudes of Americana who had never felt urged to visit either Music or Festival hall went to hear the contests, applauded and vociferously approved of the W, Ish, their bonnie grey-eye t girls and clever boys. New South Wales since the very first of the Fair has astonished the world by its wonderful evidence of great natural resour cos, and now the old mother country, with her aggresive alphabet whetted for the occasion, her anti-conversational triads and her vocal. chords tuned to pleasantness, will in memori. s of the Fair shine out peerlessly trom oak-leaf wreathes like a forgotten priestess of neglected antiquity and present worth.-Amy Leslie in Chigago NewlI. «