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THE WEEKS NEWS. The Burnley magistrates have refused more than a hundred applications for music and danc- jag licences. William Haynes, who has been wandering About the country penniless, surrendered to tht; Northampton police, admitting that he murdered Florence Clifford at Aston a fortnight ago. Å passenger express train from Edinburgh to .Aberdeen collided with a goods train. The brakes of the express failed to act effectively. Great damage was done to rolling stock and the perma- Sieut way. The passengers and drivers had miraculous escapes. CA.DBUP. T'S COCOA has, in a remarkable degree, those natural elements of sustenance which give the system endurance and hardihood, building up muscle and bodily vigour, with a steady action that renders it a most acceptable and reliable bevera.ge." -Health. A shocking accident happened to a girl named Clara Campbell, aged four, daughter of John Campbell, a labourer, Ashton-under-Lyne. Whilst crossing Church-street she was knocked down by A hansom cab, and one of the wheels passed over her head, inflicting injuries from which she died in the District Infirmary. A sensation was created in Chester by the arrest of Constance Phelan and her husband, residing at Upton Park, on a charge of cruelly ill-treating their two children, three and two years old. It is alleged that the paren s beat the children in a brutal manuer both prisoners were brought be- fore the magistrates and remanded. Fou imen described as Anarchists, were ar- rested causing an obstruction at Ardwick Green, Manchester, by holding an outdoor meet- ing, and were brought before the Stipendiary. They maiutaiDed a defiant attitude, and so dis- orderly were their friends that the police cleared the gaiL-ry. The prisoners were fined. DR. POLLARD SAYS OF SHFRMAN RUPTURE TREATMENT:—He thanks GOlf and every otht r iufluen •• that determiaed him to try it. All wh want t. get rid of Rupture and Tru'ses should send t- J. A. Sherman, Hernia Speciali t, tit, (hano ry Lane, London, for his book with English endors<UH!Ut., post free, 7d A sfA mi whaler from San Francisco has pene- trated t,) ch k- 84th degree of noith latitude—higher than J;irk ham or Nares or Greeley attai ed in their ait- pts to reach the Pole. "It is believed that h M • vessel been supplied with dogs and aledget i i- Pole could easily have > een reached overth •»; but those t rrible last six degrees ate noi be easily conquered. At tl or the Win-al Board of Guar- dians <*>- etter was received from a Bromborough reaidec bating that a surprise visit was paid to his dau ter at the Upton Asylum, Chester, and tnat sh w is found in an apparently mgiected 41onditi, —hungry, wretched, and starving, and mrithou- -per underclothing. It was decided to irwar( e complaint to the County Council. At Cr .01 twenty boys, whose ages varied from twelve i.ieen, were charged with several bur- glaries. >>e boys broke into a pawnshop and j £ ole a ver, twenty-seven watc es, and various j other j llery. They afterwards broke into a| #onfect ff's shop and stole wine and biscuits, A third ^rge of burglary was alleged a,ainst them. e prisoners were remanded in custody. I A bit or'H fell from the roof of a pit at Clay- fan, kil two young men. One of the unto; tu jmto m. George Stephenson, aged about 20, was lburied eath the stone, which nad to be broken before 1 >: > Id be got at. An hour or more was occupie iu the operation, but when extracted Stephei u was dead. He, too, had his skull tmdSy fi ured, and one of his arms was brok n. On S ay nig-ht a large congregation at Si. George' at.hedral, South wark, was listening to An eloq, t sermon by a Franciscan father, when AL terrifl. report was heard in the eastern side Stole. 11" friiir instantly implored all to keep their st ts, and thus averted what might have jbeen a Uf.il stampede. It was foun afterwards that soL. person had thrown an explosive into the church and then decimped. A fire broke out in Leeds at the bedding and mattress warehouse of Messrs Langley, close to the Centra) Market, which was destroyed a week Ago. About fifteen minutes after the discovery of the* outbreak the upper story of an hotel near took fire The firemen broke in, and the inmates .c.;n. re-cued by the back door. The hotel fire was got unitr. The damage to tile mattress warehouse amounts to nearly £ 20,000. An outbreak of fire at a special iron small-pox Iiospital i t Bradford resulted in the destruction of the w ir,t in which the most dangerous cases were hcw-ed. Twenty-nine patients had to be carried out in the adjoining fields wrapp- d in blankets aud they re-mained there until a suffi- cient number of cabs could be obtained to convey them to the Fever Hospital. The extraordinary procession passed through the heart of the town. The folly of searching for an escape of g: » with a lighted taper was again illustrated at Beech road, Higher Tranmere. Mr Henderson, the oc- capa'nt ut he house, perceiving, about eight; o'clock in the evening a strong smell of gusin the front parlour, straightway went to look for it with A light. A severe explcsion was the result. Both mr and Mrs Henderson were knocked down in- jsensible, some of the furniture took fire, and the window was blown out. At Dublin Bankruptcy Court Mr Carton, Q.C., applied on behalf of Mr Michael Davitt for a cer- tificate, though the debtor had not paid ten shil- lings in the pound. Mr Davitt had been made tankrupt, because of his failure to pay the expen- ses of the North Meath election petition. Mr Carton said that t is cli nt became a candidate on the understanding that he should be free from pecuniary responsibility, and that the bankruptcy had been brought about through no act of hi3 own The case was adjourned.. The case against the Rev James Littman and Mr Alexander Zamek, money lender, for, alleged cruelty to animals, was called in Aberdeen police rt. The prosecution arose out of the slaughter of a bullock after the Hebrew manner in connec- tion with the recent celebrations in the opening of a new synagogue in the city. The accused did not appear, and they were represented by Mr W. Sim, solicitor, who requested an adjournment of the ca&e. This was agreed to and the case was accordingly adjourned until the 13th inst. Mr James Tilly, jun., solicitor, of Lancaster, lias met with a tragic death. After a chat with a chemist, of Morecambe, he rose to leave that tradesman's shop, when he fell to the floor uncon- scious. On examination it was found that. he had been shot. A bullet had entered the back of his liead, and it caused such a serious wound that he niied a few hours afterwards. A revolver was found on the shop floor, but the police have not been able to fix the blame on anyone, and at the inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned A RACE FOR LIFE is taking place in our midst -every day, and too often, alas, the result ends in death* People, as a rule, are apt to look upon some slight tilment which may overtake them with contempt, and they thus ignore the simple remedies which wbiild" speedily restore them to health. When too late they see their error, and bitterly bewail the folly which brings them to a premature grave. Holloway's Pills, if taken in Jc°«lar doses according to directions, enrich and puiily the blood. Disease is thus prevented from weakening the system, and the blessing of a sound constitution is enjoyed. At this season, when fevers, djsentery, and stomach disorders are oommou, this wonderful medicine is specially useful. The village of Urmston has been startled by a tragical occurrence. A man, described as of the labouring class, named Sidney Cookson, paid a surprise visit to his sister-in-law, a young married woman, named Mary Ann Hudson. He enquired as to the whereabouts of his wife (Mrs Hudson's aister), who had left him, and after telling him that she knew nothing of her Mrs Hudson went on preparing him something to eat. She went in- to the kitchen, and was returning into the room where Cookson was seated, when the man pulled A revolver out of bis pocket and fired in her face. She ran out of the house screaming, and he fol- lowed and fired another shot, the bullet this time striking her on the hand. Still continuing to run, Mrs Hudson reached the surgery. About JfchisTtime another report was heard, and the as- sailant was subsequently found lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen of Mrs Hudson's house, hav- Stag apparently shot himself in the mouth. The JIPA died shortly afterwards,