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SALES BY AUCTION. — MESSRS, UOBRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. — ON THURSDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 12TH. FRIESLAND, Near Cwmgwyn, 3 miles from Felindre. tS3 RADNOR FOREST SHEEP, IS Hereford CATTLE, Useful Cart MARES, Implements, Tools, and Gearing, Pigs, Poultry, GRAIN IN THE STACKS, and about 9 TONS of HAY (to no off), 3 Aoree of Turnips, aud 50 Acres of Oram Keep. To SB SOLD BT AUCTJOM, on the premises, by MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL A POOLE by JML ocder of Mr Edward Williams. Sale at Two o'clock. f266 BEUDYHIR, near Cefn Coch Inn, Llanllugan. ESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL, and POOLE JrI have received instructions from Mr R. Totnlinson, who-e lease of the farm expires at Lady Hwg, to Sell by Auction, without reserve, on FRIDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 13TH, whole of his Live and Dead Fanning Stock, com- foiifig 17 CROSS-BRED CATTLE, 10 HORSES AND PONIES, 3 Shcnp, Pig, Poultry, Potatoes, a good Two-wheel Doe Cart. Farm Implements, Gears, and other S^u. Effects. f267 UPPER BOLBEO, One Mile from Abermule Station. HESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE are instructed by Mr R. Humphreys to Sell by Auction on SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 14TH, whole of bis Lire and Dead Farming Stock, comprising- 11 HEREFORD CATTLE VMfal half-bred Gelding, rising 4- Roan Colt, rising 2 MATS old; Farm Implements &nd Tools; 30 BAQti ÐF OATS AND BARLEY; and a good lot of WINTER KEEP .Soduding about 6 Tons of Hay; Whfat, Oat, and jtukr Straw off 17 acres; 4 acres of Swedes and f ud 65 acres of Sound Grass Keep. SALE AT 2 O'CLOCK. f278 PENYGELLY, KERRY. SALE OF 7. KERRY-HILL SHEEP, S7 HEREFORD CATTLE, 10 CART A HACK HORSES AND COLTS. Vmim Implements, a capital lot of Gearing, the ex- cellent GRAIN AND WINTER KEEP, in eon- wvuiant lots; a portion of the HOUSEHOLD jfUBNITURE, Ac. On FRIDAY, OCTOBER .20th, 1893, W,cr&r of Mr James Bach. MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE, ftAuctioneers. IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, Romm Morris, I(arsall & Poole Have the honour to announoe the following IMPORTANT SALES- «UCKNELL HOUSE, BUCKNELL.—Winter Keep bf order of the Representatives of the late Mr BrowÐ. THIS DAY (TUESDAY). GLE FARM, BUTTINGTON.-Farming Stock, THURSDAY NEXT. JHEBLANDS, BISHOP'S CASTLE-Farming Stock, fey order of Mr Robert Davies, on WZD N RSDAY. OCTOSBK 18th. JfEWCASTLE, ASTON ON CLUN. Farming Stock and Effects, by order of Mr William Gough, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19th. TJiWYNYBRAIN, CAERSWS. Furniture and Household Effects. MONDAY, OCTOBER 23rd. CATALOGUES 0/f HK above and other Sales may be obtained^ on Application to the Auctioneers, Chirbury, Shropshire, oc at tfceir Newtown Office on Tuesdays. f!08 w mo BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, 35 B Acres of Excellent GRASS KEEP, on the Oloddia Farm, Llandyssil, and 5 acres of Capital jgwodes and Turnips (to go ott).-Apply to Morris, aaøhall and Poole, Chirbury, Shropshire. f280 MR. J. E. THISTLE. NEW INN, KERRY. MR. JOHN E. THISTLE i« favoured with in- structions fiom Mrs Williams, to Sell by Aectton. on the premisell, the whole of her Valuable JUHJSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, On MONDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1893. Further particulars in next week's paper, or on application to the AUCTIONSBR, Montgomery. f284 NEWTOWN HORSE SALE, 31st OCTOBER, 1893. MR. JOHN E. THISTLE respectfully solicits further early entries. Offices: Montgomery. f285 LEGAL NOTICE. Be EDWARD HUMPHREYS, Deceased. ALL PERSONS having CLAIMS against the Estate of Edward Humphreys, late of 8, Wesley Place, Newtown, in the County of Mont- gomery, retired weaver, deceased, are requested to een1. particulars thereof to me, the undersigned, on .ør before the 31st day of October next, after which time the Executors will proceed to administer the Estate, having regard only to the Claims of which they shall then have received notice. Dated the 28th day of September, 1893. MARTIN WOOSNAM, Bank Chambers, Newtown, (254 Solicitor to the Executors. ARTHUR WITHERS, Deceased. PURSUANT to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict., c. 35, Notice is Hereby Given that all Persons having Smy CLAIMS against cne estate 01 .annur witners, late of the Tan House, Llandyssil, in the County of Montgomery deceased (who died on the 19th day f Marcb, 1893, and whose Will, with two codicils thereto, was proved in the Principal Registry of the jProbate Division of her Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 3rd day of June, 1893, by William Qwei a, of Jamesford, and Francis Langford, of Court Calmore, both in the parish of Montgomery, the executors therein named), are required to send particulars in writing of their Claims to me, the undersigned. before the 19th of October met., when the Bntate will be distributed, having regard only to the claims then sent in Dated 2nd October, 1893. (CABLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, paa Solicitor to the Executors. J SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. Messrs. Cooke Bros.' I First Quarterly Sale of Property. —- COUNT R OF MONTGOMERY. NEWTOWN. IMPORTANT SALE of FRHEXOLO DWELLING HOUSES, PUBLIC HOUSB, and OTHER PROPSHTY, situate in Newtown and SurroundiDg Parishes. MESSRS COOKE BROS. have received instruc- -iJUL tions to offer for Sale by Auction it the BIAS HOTKL, NEWTOWN, ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11TH, 1893, At THREE o'clock in the afternoou preoiselv, subject to conditions which can be inspected at the respective Vendors' Solicitors' Offices three days prior to the date of the Sale, and which will then be produoed, the following Valuable Properties, Tiz. Lot 1. ALL that Valuable FREEHOLD INN or PUBLIC HOUSE called the STATION INN, situate in Kerry- road, Newtown, in the occupation of Mr Edwin King. This Lot is within haif-a-minute's walk of the Railway Station, and is exceedingly convenient for Dealers and others attending the Fairs and Markets. It comprises Bar, Smoke-room, Parlour, and Kitchen on ground floor, 3 Bedrooms and Sitting-room on first floor, and 4 Bedrooms on second floor it also has a large Club or Dining-room with 3 Bedrooms above adjoining. There are also oonveueot outbuildings and stabling. LOT 2. ALL those 4 DWELLING HOUSES with the Appurtenanoes thereto, being Noe. 9 and 10 in KERRY-ROAD, NEWTOWN, with 2 hoaxes in the Adjoining Court, situate within one minute's walk of the Railway Station, and now in the occupation of Mrs Mary Wilson, Messrs Pryoe Parry aadChailes Gardner, and Mrs Kitto. LOT 3. ALL that very valuable Plot of Land and BUILDING SITE, containing 1,600 square yards, or thereabouts, situate on the South side of the NEW ROAD, NEWTOWN, aforesaid (between the Resi- dence of J. A. Talbot, Esq., and St. David's Church), in the occupation of Mrs Mary Stephens, and now used as a field and prdeD. "LoT 4. ALL those Three Substantially Built DWELLING HOUSES situate on the West side, and being Nos. 6, 7, and 8, BRYN-STREET, NEWTOWN, in the occupation of Messrs Edward Bevan, Thomas Kvana, and Thomas Williams, with three Dwelling Houses in tie rear thereof at present unoccupied, with yard and appurtenances. LOT 5. ALL THOSE Two Substantially built Freehold Messuages or Dwelling-houses, ealled MYRTLE COTTAGES," with the convenient Gardens and Appurtenances thereto, situate in the pleasant Vil. lage of CAERSWS, and now in the occupation of Mrs Norton and Mr James Pryce. LOT 6. ALL THOSE Three Convenient Freehold COT- TAG ES, situate and known as Nos. 6, 7, and 8, The Lot, Park Street, in the parish of Newtown, in the occupation of Messrs Richard Pugh, Robert jftudell, and Edward Williams respectively. LOT 7. ALL THOSE Eidlt. Freehold DWELLING- HOUSES, Nos. 14; 15, and 16, Crescent Street, and Nos. 7 to 11, Union Court, Newtown, in the occupa- tion of Messrs Thomas Jones, John Pryoe. Richard Evans, Thomas Leach, James Jones, W. H. Evans, J. O. Whittaker, and Thomas Meredith. LOT 8. ALL THAT DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, No 41, CRESCENT STREET, NEWTOWN, together with 12 Dwelling Houses in the rear Nos. 3 to 14 GULLET COURT, with Factory over a portion thereof in the occupation of Mra Humphreys, George, Mary Pugh, Jane Evans, Jane Jarman, Reuben Roberts, Seal Barrett, Elizabeth Sayers, Evan Davies, Jane Owen, and John Da vies. LOT 9. ALL THAT valuable Property, comprising HOUSE WITH SHOP, and DWELLING HOUSE, situate and known as Nos. 23 and 24, PARK STREET, NEWTOWN, and tenanted by Mrs Llywarch and Mrs Stewart respectively, with all thoee THREE COTTAGES in the rear tenanted by Riohard Williams, Mrs Davies, and Miss Williams respectively, together with that large and convenient YARD, containing about 588 square yards, and with the neoeissary-outbaildiiap. For further particulars as to Lots 1 to 6 apply to MESSRS. WILLIAMS, GITTINS and TAYLOR, Solicitors, Newtown; as to Lots 7 and 8 to MR. EDWARD POWELL, solicitor, Newtown; as to Lot 9 to MR. MARTIN WOOSNAM, Solicitor, Newtown and as to all lots to the AUCTIONEERS, Newtown f243 MESSRS. LUCAS AND.0,CO. WREXHAM. LUCAS'S SECOND GREAT NORTH WALES JU PRIZE HORSE SALE AND SHOW will take plitce in their New and Extensive Establishment at Wrexham (overlooking the two Railway Stations), on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, and following days, at 11-30 each day. Cash Prizes nearly .£50 in value. Eleven classes comprising Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Waggon and Light Lurry Horses, Shire Mares, Fillies, Geldings, and Foals. Entries close Saturday, November 4th, and should be made at once, enabling the Auctioneers to give early intimation to the numerous enquiries of intending purchasers. Entry forms and prize lists from LUCAS & CO., f246 HOTHAM STEEET, LIVERPOOL. HR. T. S. PRYCE. MOUNT STREET, WELSHPOOL, EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR SECURE INVESTMENTS ON DESIRABLE FREE- HOLD PROPERTY. MR. T. S. PRYCE will offer for SALE BY AUCTION, at the DRAGON INN, WELSHPOOL, THURSDAY, OCTOBER the 19th, 1893, at 6 o'elock in the evening. LOT 1. All that fully-licensed Inn and PUBLIC HOUSE known as the Dragon Inn, being No. 10, Mount- street, containing Bar, Parlour, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Back-kitchen, and Four Bedrooms, Brew- houpe and commodious Stabling, and Large Room in the rear, measuring 54 feet x 18, and a good Garden, all in the occupation of Mr Preece as yearly tenant. LIOT a. All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE situated and being No. 40, Mount-sfreet, containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back-kitchen, and 3 Bedrooms, with large Yard, Garden, and Building formerly used as a Slaughterhouse, all in the occupation of Mrs Jones. LOT 3. All those 7 COTTAGES adjoining Lot 2 situated and numbered 1 to 7 in Dragon-square, Mount-street aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr William Jones and others, with a stable at the rear. The above property is in a good state of repair. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 1, Brook-street, Welshpooi, or to Messrs. WILLIAMS, GITTINS & TAYLOR, f259 Solicitors, Newtown. BALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. R. GILLART AND SONS. I NORTH WALES. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTIES OF MONTGOMERY & MERIONETH. Highlv Important Sale of Valuable Freehold FARMS and other PROPERTIES. MESSRS. R. GILLART A SONS have received -iM- instructions to offer FOR SALE by Public Auction, in OCTOBER NEXT, The following very valuable Freehold Properties, viz: MONTOOHERYSHIRE— PARISH OF MACHYNLLETH: Hafodygarreg Farm, Lime Kiln, Cottage, and Garden. PARISH OF CEMMES: Doltwymyn, and Peny- gyrne, Farms and Cottages, Gardens, and Lands at Cwmllyne. PARISH OF LLANLLWCHAIARN (Newtown): Nine substantially and well-built Dwelling Houses and Premites si in ate in Crescent-street and Com- mercial-street, Newtown. MERIONETHSHIRE— PARISH OF PENNAL: Houses, Buildings, Gardens, and Accommodation Lande, situate in or near the Village of Pennal, about three miles from MAAW..M)lA»k 4Kayu.C'tu. PARISH OF TOWYN: Nantygwenlli, Caeceinaoh, and Llanerchybleiddie, and Breicbiercaeau Farms. Also the Freehold reversion of Houses and Premises situate in Corbett-square, and Church-street, Towyn. The above Properties are let to suitable tenants. Further particulars will appear in fnture adver. tisements, and plana and particulars, which are in eourse of preparation, may be obtained in due oourse at the Estate Offioe, Plan Machynlleth, from Messrs. Upton, Atkey and Upton, Solicitors, 14, Austin Friars, London, E.C., or the Auctioneers, Towyn, Merioneth, and Machynlleth. fl65 MESSRS. THEODORE AND STORY. OERFFRWD. In the Parish of Llanwnog, 3 miles from Carno Station, and li from Pontdolgooh. MESSRS. THEODORE AND STORY have been instructed by the Representatives of the late Mr E. Ingram to Sell by Auction, as above, On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 1893, The whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock. I comprising— 30 HEREFORD CATTLE. Viz. 10 Young Miloh Cows (to calve early); 4 21-year-old Bullocks; 4 ditto Heifers; Two 1l.year- old Ballocko 4 ditto Heifers; 5 Calves; 1 Fat Bull. 10S CROSS-BRED SHEEP, Viz., 50 Ewes, 40 Fat Wethera, 3 Raw, 10 Hogs. 5 HORSES, Viz., 1 Powerful Cart Mare, in-foal to "Blangdon Bangup"; 1 ditto 3-year-old, in-foal to 44 Country Fashion 1 Draught Colt; 1 Smart Cob, 5-year- old, quiet to ride and drive; 1 ditto rising 3, quiet to ride. 5 STORJ PIGS, 1 FAT SOW. 2 STACKS OF OATS (about 80 bags); 4 TONS OF HAY, Quantity of BOWTEN STRAW; about 6 TONS OF LIT fER. The Hay and Straw to go off, by kind permission of the Landlord (T. O. Kinsey, Esq). 3A- Acres SWDES and TURNIPS, i Acre Magnuu. Bonum POTATOES (the whole to be sold in suitable lots.) PART OF AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Twe months' credit given on the Grain and Fodder on approved security. Luncheon at 11-30. Sale to commence at 1 o'olook punctually. Llanfair, Mont. f236 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. ALLTISSA, NEAR LLANFAIR, ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 1893, (Llanfair Pig-fair Day). THE WHOLE OF THE LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, GRAIN, HAY, Ac. Farther particulars will appear shortly. Llanfair, Welshpool. f255 PROPERTIES TO LET & FOR SALE. TO LET, No. 2, MILFORD COTTAGES (lately tenanted by Miss Morgan.)—Apply to COOKE BRos., House Agents, Newtown. f265 TO LET, House and Shop, situate in Gas Street. —Apply to the SECRETARY Gas Co., Newtown. TO LET, Whitehall Farm, Llandyssil, about 220 Acres.—Apply to N. W. Fairies-Humphreys, Esq., Montgomery. f271 TO BE LET, a STABLE & COACH-HOUSE, situate in Old Church-street.—Apply to Mrs Nunn, Broad-street, Newtown. f274 1 TO LET, Dolguan Cottage, Milford Road, New- town, containing 6 Rooms, with small garden, etc.-Apply, W. F. Thomas, Newtown. f281 TO BE LET, and entered upon 1st of May next HOUSE AND GARDEN, pleasantly and conveniently situated 4 rooms upstairs, 4 down, and two attics.—G. Hammond, Caersws. f258 TO BE LET, Wernddu Farm, situate near the village of Churchstoke, containing about 240 acres, possession 25th March, 1894.-For further particulars apply to Mr E. Lloyd, The Rect-ry, Bernew. f97 TO LET (with possession at the end of present year's holding), a most desirable Farm known as BRYNBEDWEN and WENALLT, containing 227 acres of good sound land, with capital house and buildings; also large Cottage and Wainhouse at- tached, with plenty of shade and water, situate about 3 miles from Newtown, adjoining main road.—Apply to T. Rees, Glascoed, Dolfor. f244 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.-Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf- ren. Abermule. or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c390 — ——— TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, a very desirable and attractive Freehold Farm called the "DINNANT," comprising 176*. Or., 15p., now in the occupation of Mr John Lloyd as yearly tenant, situate in the parishes of BERRIEW and Manafon, and being one mile from the Village of Manafon, and four miles from Berriew, and four miles from the market town of Llanfair. This is an excellent farm, and a superior Sporting Property, and is bounded for a distance of rearly one mile by the River Rhiew, celebrated for its trout fishing. For further particulars, and t) treat, apply to Messrs. Morris, Marshall and Poole, Auctioneers, Chirbury; or to Messrs. HARRISON & WINNALL, f249 Solicitors, Welshpool. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN ANNUAL EISfEDDFOD New Year's Day,. 1894. PRESIDENTS- R. E. JONES, ESQ., J.P. A. C. HUMPHREYS-OWEN, ESQ., J.P. LIST OF PHIZES. MUMC T I.-For the best singing of the Chorus, Sing Unto God" (Handel's Judah &laccabaaus"), by Choirs not under 25, and not exceeding 30 (the Solo parts to be takeii by ail the Voices of the part).-First prize, Jtti «• oond piize, £ 2. Open only to choir. out..il.1t1 Newtown. 2.—For the best singing of the Hynm-tune, No. 111 (Hymns Ancient and Modern). Unaccompanied. Choirs not utider 12, and not to exceed JG in nnmber. First prize, £ %• seoond prize, .£1. Open to Villages andCountrv Districts finlv- 8.—For the beat singing of th* Male Voice Glee, The Beleaguered," No. 2, Orpheus (Notellu & Co). Accompanied. By Choira not under 12, and uot exceeding 16 in number.—Firat prize, .£4; second prize, XI. 4.-For the best siogir g by Quintette (S.AT.T.B.), Blow, Gentle GaLles (Bishop), No. 259 Sol- fa Reporter and Novello. Acoompa.Lied.- Prize. Xl 58 Od. 5.-For the best singing by Trio of the Humou- rona Catch, ""Ah How Sophia. "-Prize, lOa 6d. 6.—For the beat aingiog-by Children of Moudel- ssohn s 1 wo-part Song, "The Pat-sage Bird's Parting." Age not to exceed 16. Choirs not under 16, and not exceeding 24 in number.— First prize. X2; second prize, 10. 7.—For the best singing by Soprano Voice, "Oh Liberty" (Handel's "Judas Maoootaos.") —Prize, 10s. 8.—For the best singing by Contralto Voice, Oh rest in the Lord" (MendeWeobn).-Priae, 10.. 9.—For the best singing by Tenor Voice, Tell me, Mary, how to woo thee" (Standard Songs).- Prise, 10.. 10.—For the best singing by Bass Voice, Revenge. Timotheus onee" (Handel's -'Aloz"d,;r,; .east.H)-Prise, 10s. 11.—For the beat singing by a Child not under 10, and not over 13 years, No. 00 in the Temperance Vooalist. Firat prize, 5s. r second, 2s. 12.-Modulator Exercise, tor children under 14 years of age. First prize, 5s.; second, a.'7 third, 2s. 13.—For the best playiag at first sight of a Pianoforte Solo (to be selected by the adjudicator). Opn to children not over 1& years of age. Fizat prize, los.; second, 5e. 14.-Trio for 2 Violins and Piano, or for Violoncello and Piano, No. 3., Op. 8, Pleyel. (Collection Litolff, No. 1581 or 1823, Enoch and Sons).— First prize, £ 2; aeeond, KM. 15.—Violin Solo for children not over 15 years of age. Piece to be selected by competitor.—Prize, 15s. IS.-Harmouium Solo, Overture to Stephen's "Storm of Tiberias. "-Prize, 10s. LITERATURE. 17.—For the beat Essay (English or Welsh) on "Small Agricultural Holdings = how to make the most of them" (M&o-dychiyaod; pa foddi wnoyd y goreu o honjnt ")r-Fitss prise, 21s. t second, 10s. 6d. 18.—For the best paper (English or Welsh), lit Sugge.tious how to improve the Newtown Eisteddfod (" Awgrymiadau pa fodd i wella Eisteddfod y Drefuewydd.") Prise, 10s. 6d. 19.—For the best translation from English to Welsh "Uncertainties of Fortune" (Lord Boling- broke).—Prize, 5a. 20.—For the best translation from Welsh to Engliah S.R. ar Amaethyddiaeth (Agrieolturo.)— Prize,. 5e. 21.-For the beat English Poem, not to exceed 32 lines," The Gossip."—Priae, 10B. 22.-For the best Welsh Poem not to exceed 32 lines, Dry Iliad y Victoria (The Victoria Disaster) —Prize, 10s. 23.-Recitatien for Children under 15 years, Some Mother's Child.Fir-st prize, 5a.; second, 28. 6d. 24.—For the best Recitation by persons over 15 years, Cato on Immortality (Addi.%on).- Prize, 10s. 6d. 25.—For the best Speech (limited to five minutes) on Good Templary."—Prize, 5s. 2b.—> or the beat Impromptu Essay written in ten minutes. Subject to be given by the Adjudi- cators.—Prize, 5s. ART. 27.-For the best Free-hand Drawing from the flat, executed in the presence of the adjudicators (confined to children under 16 years of age).- First prize, 10, second, 5s. 28. -For the best Model Drawing, executed in the presence of adjudicators. (Open to persona over 16 and under 21 years of age.)—First prize, 10s.; second, Sa. 29.-For the best Map of Wales, about 12 inches square. Confined to children under 14 years of age.-Prize, 5s. j 30.—For the best Pair of Hand-painted Flower Pots, the bona-fide work of an amateur.— Prize, 10s. 6d. 31.-For the best Written and Neatest Copy-book, written by a girl under 14 years of age, duricg school hours, in one of the Public Elementary Schools in Montgomeryshire (Teachers cer. tificate as to genuineness to accompany same.) —Prize, 5s. 32.—The same for boys under 14 years of age.- Prize, 5i. 33.-For the best made Bird-cage, the bona-fide work of the exhibitor.—First prize, 5s.; second, 2s. 6d. 34.-For the best Pair of Fretwork Brackets, the bona-fide work of an amateur who has not previously won a prize for fretwork.—First prize, 7s. 6d.; second, 5a. 35.-For the best Set of 3 Mottoes, suitable for deco- rating the Eisteddfod Room.-Prixe, 7s. 6d. NEEDLEWORK. 36.-For the best Darned Hole in a Cotton Stocking. Open competition.—Prize, 28 6d. 37.-For the best Hand-ma.de Flannel Petticoat. Open competition-Prize, 2s. 6d. 38.-For the best Hand-made Pinafore for a child of two. Open competition.-Prize, 5s. 39.-For the best Hand-made Night Dress. Onen toO girls under 16.-Prize, 5a. 40.-For the beat Crewel-worked Cushion. Open competition.—Prize, 58. 41.—For the best Crochet Petticoat for a Child. Open oompet.tioH.—Prize, 2s 6d. 42.-For the best Crazy. work Tea Cosy. Open com. petition.—Prize, 3a. 43.-For the best Hand-sewn Man's Flannel Shirt. Open competition.—Prize, 5s. 44.-For the. best Pair of Hand-knitted Stockings. Open to girls under 16.-Prize. 28 6d. 45.-For the best Rag Doll (dressed). Open to girls under 16.-Prize, 5s, 46.-For the best Set of Button Holes, worked on linen. Open to girls under 15,—Prize, 28 6d. dW Programmes contaiiing the recitations con- ditions, and othar information may be obtained from the Hon.. Secretary, Price 2d, per post 21d. 45.—For the best Rag Doll (dressed). Open to girls under 16.—Prize, 5s, 46.—For the best Set of Button Holes, worked on linen. Open to girls under 15,—Prize, 2s 6d. Programmes contaiiing the recitations con- ditions, and othar information may be obtained from the Hon.. Secretary, Prioe 2d, per post 2 £ d. A. S. COOKE, Hon. Sec. f 195 WAKTEDS.-j-The surest means to open em. ployers who want trade and Domestic Servants, pd Servants who want situations, is to advertise in the MONTGOMERYSHIRE EXPRESS AND RADNOR TIKIS, the household t Paper. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. T rll POWIS COMPETITIVE CHOIR. UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE A GRAND EVENING CONCERT WILL BE lIWLD AT THE Town Hall, Welshpool, ON THURSDAY, OCT. 19TH, 1893, IN AID OF THE WEL8HPOOL DISPENSARY. The Competitive Choir, several well-known Pro. fessional and Amateur Vocalists, Violin (and other instrumental) Soloists, etc., have beet engaged for this Concert. A Programme of the Music will shortly be pub lished. J. H DAVIES, Broad St,) Hon. A. H. JONES, Dolanog. < Soci f233 NEWTOWN FOOTBALL CLUB. A GRAND I EveningConcertl (In aid of the funds of the above Club) I Will be given in Lhe PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1893, I FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1893, Programme under the direction "f Tbe Severn Hand-Bell fingers, (who have kindly consented to give their services). I Other first-class artistes will also take part. Full particulars next week. FRED. R. LLOYD, Hon. See. fl97 IPXJJBXJIO HALL, NEWTOWN. Friday, November 3rd, MR. G. H. BELL'S GRAND EVENING CONCERT, ——— 1 ARTISTES: I SOPUA-IWO- I MISS PRITCHARD j From the Royal Academy of Muaio. | Winner First Prize National Eisteddfod, Wrexham). t CONTRALTO— I KBS. TANNER-FRANCIS. TKNOB- MR. C. E. CLARK. SOLO VIOLIN— MISS ELSIE BRAYNE. SOLO VIOLONCELLO— I MR. WALTER HATTON (From Sir Charles Halle's Band.) SOLO FLUTE- MIL UNDERWOOD (Birmingham and Wolverhampton Concerts.) AT THE PIANOFORTE— MR. GEO. H. BELL. FULL ORCHESTRAL BAND OF 27 PERFORMERS, Leader-Mr. C. STEPHENSON. Conductor-Mr. W. S. STEPHENSON. Admission-Reserved Seats, 38. Firat Stoats, 28.; Balcony, la.; Back Seats, 6d. Doors open 7-30; Commence at 8 o'clock. Plan of the Room at Mr Owen, Chemist, Broad Street. Carriages at 10-30. fl96 ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. A BAZAAR In aid of the Building Debt of the above Church wil be held in the First Week in December. Contributions will be thankfully reeeived by the Hon. bees.:— MRS. PRATT, Llwynon, Newtown, G. M- EVANS, 31, New Road, Newtown. XMAS DAY. A TEA MEETING AND CONCERT Will be held on the above day in connection with the BAPTIST CHIJECH, NEWTOWN. f277 PUBLIC ROOMS, NEWTOWN THE FIRST OF A SERIES or DANCES Will be held in the above Hall, On Wednesday Next, 11th inst., Commencing at 8 o'clock. R. M. BROWN'S QUADRILLE BAND. f2asi GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS PRESENTATION I TO SIR PRYCE PRYCE-JONES, I(.P. THE ABOVE PRESENTATION WILL BE MADE IN THE TOWX HALL, WELSHPOOL, ON THURSDAY, the 12th of OCTOBER NEXT, BY THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF POWIS. Occasion will be tak en to hold a GREAT Conservative and Unionist MEETING I WHICH WILL BE ADDRESSED BY THE MARQUIS OF LONDONDERRY, K.G., and OTHCBS. I Irma OHAIB WILL BE TAKIN BY T— Right Hon. THE EARL OFAPOWIS I AT tmvur o'clom I ON THIS DATE PJHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will V^b9 issued to WELSHPOOL, as under. Third Clam fare for the double journey. Starting froat— Machynlleth 4 15 Cemmefi Road 4 25 ) 6d L'anbrynmair 4 35 2s 3d Carno 4 55 1- oj Pontdolgooh 5 5) Caersws 5 10 C Llanidloes 440 18" Doiwen Llandinam 4 50 i 1m 69 Moat Lane 5 15) 5 257 5 35f Is Ser7 4 10) Montgomery 5 45 M Fordeim 550 64 sayr eetcen d*y Tickets will also be issued as follows:- Oswestry 5 0 u Uyclys. 515 Llanymyneoh 5 40 18 Llansaintffraid 5 20) Llanfechain 5 141 1* 31 50 ia«* ?-rAr<-e* 5 50 9d LI&Dfyllin 50 11 fa ?-rAr<-e* 5 50 9d Pool Quay 6 0 M Uuttington 6 5 4d Adnumon by Tickets, which may be obtained frou. thefolJowinif r-W^lslipocl. Messrs J. Paddock. H. fcmrth; Newtown, at tbe Conservative Clubs L1°y'i Jones; Llanidloes, lb John Williwis; Montgomery, Mr Maurioe Davies; ^deraigned Joi'ee' or on aPP^tion the W. FORRESTTR-ADDJE, Wplshpool, ") „ DUGDALE, Llanfyllin. JOSEPH EVANS, Machynlleth, J Sees. f245 THOS. J. PUGH, Newtown, See BAPTIST CHTJRCH, NEWTOWN. PASTOR: Rev. T. E. WILLIAMS, Brynllys. TREASURER: Mr T. PARRY JONES, J.P., Park House. SECRETARY: Mr E. WOOLLEY, High Street. THE Officers and Members of the above Church J- earnestly invite your patronage and support in oonnection with A SALE OF WORK AND RUMMAGE SALE To be held in THE VICTORIA HALL, NEWTOWN, ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 13th and 14th October, 1893. In aid of the Baptist Church Funds. The Sale will be Opened at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, by MISS LEWIS, Mount Severn, Llanidloes. A Large and Varied Collection of NEW AND SECOND-HAND GOuDS, will displayed upon the Stalls under tho superintendence of Ladies conneoted with the Church. STALL No 1-Geineral. STALL No. 2—Grocery and Provisions. STALL No. 3—Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables. STALL No. 4—Poultry and Dairy Produce. STALL No. 5—Fine Arts and Books. STALL No. 6-Refreshments. Each Evfring there will be an ATTRACTTVP PROGRAMME OF VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC and MISCELLANEOUS ENTERTAINMENTS. Sale opens each day at 3 o'clock. ADMISSION—First day, 6d. Second, 3d. Donations of Money or Goods will be thankfully received by any Ladies of the Church, or the under- signed Officers of the Sale Committee, Chairman-Mr GEO. MORGAN, The Fran. Treasurer-Mrs BENNi T, Oak Villa. H°»- { ME AESPTOO^Si^ 1 tm