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WELSHPOOL SHIRE AND HACKNEY noRSE SHOW. The position which the promoters of this annual show have earned for themselves is, in the opinion of those most competent to express a judgment, one which might well be envied by many districts in Eng- land which seek to establish an association which has for its object the improvement in the breed of shire horses. Such a branch of agriculture is regarded by many to be the most profitable, and whether this be true or not it is an undoubted fact that the existence of a Shire and Hackney Association in a county like Montgomeryshire which—although it has several industries marking out for the county a character of its own-is from a primary point of view an agricul- tural county, there can be no doubt that many promi- nent agriculturists are loud in their praises of the great benefits which in the past has been derived from such an association. It this be the history of the past, it must surely be admitted that with con- siderable improvements in the future, the day is not far distant when the show will have arrived at such a point of perfection, the result of which will be the conferring of an incalculable benefit upon the agri- cultural community in general. It has often been asserted, no doubt in many cases with an element of truth, that a multiplication of local shows tends materially to lessen the value of each individual show, but when it is understood that the Welshpool show is under the competent manage- ment of the Montgomeryshire District Entire Horse Association any doubt that may have previously existed with regard to the utility of establishing a show in the county whilst many other shows ot a similar character are held within a small and sparsely populated district must now be dispelled, for al- I though the Welshpool Association has now reached its filth exhibition, it has year after year made sub- stantial progress until last week, when the exhibition was by far the best which has been held within the history of the association. Last year, as is well known to many of our readers, the flourishing Shropshire and West Midland Agricultural Society e d au excellent show, by the kindness of Lord Powis, in his lordship's hisoric park, so that it was deemed inadvisable on the part of the committee of management to hold a show in connection with the local society. The wisdom of this decision wasamplv demonstrated by the result of Friday's show which was in all possible points most successful. Not on" from the point of view of the number of entries which the catalogue contained, but alio from the pre- eminent quality 01 the horses that were exhibited in the various elates. At the show held in 1891, 180 norses were exhibited; this year there were 225. In the leiping ar d turnout classes there was a slight in. crease of entries, whilst the sport provided in every particular compared favourably with previous years The morning was extreme.y unfavourable so far as t.10 weather was concerned, inasmuch as it was characterised by fitful storms of driving, pitiless rain. These showers more or less continued during the day, although perhaps their intensity rather i .creased and although in the opinion of some ol the officials the inclemency of the weather affected the attendatice at the Show, it must have been gratifying during the afternoon to see such a large and influential attendance at the leaping and turn- oil!. contests- The locus in quo of the exhibition was, as usual, the Smithfield, a spacious enclosure, aud some idea of the comprehensiveness of the Show may be gathered from the fict that two fields in close proAimity to the Smithfield were also utilised ii> o der thit the lighter horses could perambulate for the benefit of the judges and the entertainment of the public. The early morning trains from north aud south brought hundreds ot people to the s-how- yard, who were undeterred by the unpleasant and trying weather. In cla-b one, which was devoted to mares with fool at foot, the entries nnoibered 13, and some excellent auimals were exhibited. Mr E. Green, the M ors, 'ook premier honour with Weston Bioatom, a nice black mare, bred by James Weston, whilst the foal was by Potentate, 12,086. Mr M. Evans, of VVernllwyd, Berriew, came in second with a pretty browu mare, Gaiety. The unsucc ssful exhibits were of all-round first class character. Class II, which was also for mares which had the limitation that they were foaled either in or previously to 1889, did not succeed in attracting a large number of exhibits. Gaiety, which has already been mentioned, was awarded chief honour, whiist Mr J. Lewi, cf Great Weston, Montgomery, was successful in securing second and third prizes. Mr Richard Morgan, of Bahaillon, exhibited a very promising mare, Venture, which was marked reserved. Mr Thomas Green, The Bank, Pool Quay, Mr R. Williams, Lower Mellington, Churchstoke, and Mr John Lewis, were the chief prize winnt-rs in Class 111, consisting of fil ies foaled in the year 1890. For fillies foaled in the year 1891, there was keen com- petition between animals exhibited by Mr D. Richards, Royal Oak, Welshpool, and Mr Richard Morgan, who took first and second prizes respectively. For 1892 fillies, Mr Edward Green, The Moors, was awarded first out of a large number of substantial animals, whilst Mr T. G. Davies, of Knockin, Oswestry, came second. In class six, limited to stallions foaled in 1890 or previously, Mr John Lewis 3ecuied first and third places, Mr E. Green coming between with a first-class second. Revival, 13,508, a bay stallion, exhibited by Mr J. Richards, ot Llyn. clys, Oswestry, was marked reserved. Its sire was the well-known Carbon, 3 523. There was a splendid exhibition of 1891 foaled colts, although not large in point of numbers, were excellent in quality, the winner oeing Mr Pryce, een-treheulin, efurchstoke. Mr J. Richards, of Moreton Hall, Osvestry, was first prize winner iu the class allocated to colts foaled in 1892, Mr T. Green, Pool Quay, being second. There was a fairly good exhibition of colt foals, the chief place being assigned to Mr B. Green's brown foal, bred by himself, sire, Potentate, 12,086 In the filly foal class there were ten exhibits, Mr M. Evans, Wern- llwyd, being first, and Mr J. Lewis placed second. In the class for colt foals by Vulcan, 4,415, for which special prizes were given by the right hon. the Earl of Ellesmere, there were more than a dozen entries, an almost peifect colt foal bred and exhibited by Mr R. Wainwright, Sweeney, Oswestry, dam Lady Wynne, was awarded first place. His Lordship also gave special prizes for filly foals by Vulcan; and they were bred by Messrs M. Evans, Berriew, and H. Cambridge, Kinnersley, Oswestry; Mr A. C. Humphreys-Owen, chairman of the Montgomeryshire County Council, exhibited a brown filly, six months old, which gained a reserve mark. Mr Muntz, M.P., theownerof "Forest King," who was one of the judges of the Show, offered a prize of X3 for the best colt or filly foal by Forest King." and it is a matter of surprise that there were only three ex- hibits, Mr J. Lewis being the successful competitor. The President of the Show offered a prize of £ ,i for the best cart mare for breeding purposes, not less than three years old, the bona fide property of a tenant farmer, and out of 12 fairly representative competitors, Mr T. T. Green, The Bank, Pool Quay, was the victor. The show of hunters was rather small, and in Class 15 for a mare with her foal for hunting purposes, for whi -h two substantial prizes were offered, the Earl of Powis was the only exhibi. tor, and his Lordship waa awarded the first prize for the brown foal, "Leighton Jane." Mr Lomax, of Bodfach, Llantyllin, exhibited "Master John," a pretty and useful bay gelding five years old, which" seoured first prize, Mr Mi lton, of Montford, near Shrewsbury, making a goo 1 second. The Hackneys displayed were of unusual excellence, and formed one of the best departments of the Show. In the Hackney Stallion class, Messrs E. and T. Green, Pool Quay, were pre-eminently successful. In the classes for Hackney Mares with fna'.s, Messrs E. Green, J. A. Talbot, Newtowri, W. Forrester Addie, and Captain Hayhurst-France were the most successful. Dr Gill of Welshpool, exhibited a really useful and excellent hackney mare in Class 20, which in the opinion of I many was deserving of a better prize than second. Lord Powis was successful with an attractive chest- nut gelding in Class 21. taking first prize, whilst Dr U.wksworth, of Welshpool, gained the second with Lucy, her aire being Lord Roseberry's Swail. Other successful exhibitors in the gelding classes were Messrs Ashton, of Montgomery, J. M. Jones, of Mei- fod, G. Pryce, Forden, E. Jones, Forden, and Miss Lomax, Bodfach, Llanfvllin. Mr F. Addie exhibited Scorcher in Ciass 24, and won the first prize, although it may be mentioned there was only one exhibitor against him. In Class 22. for a mare and geiding. a,iy age, Mr E. Green was first, and Lord PO-HS second. Dr Gill again distinguished himself in the colt or filly foals class by B aze II, the prizes being iven by Messrs E. and T. Green. Mr J. M. Jones wa.a first in the class devoted to ponies, Mr T. A. O wen, of Garthmyl, being s-cond, whilst in the pony mare class Mr Richard Morgan, of Bahaillon, was first with a splendid bay pony mare bred by himself, Captain Hayhurst-France second, and Mr R. Prycej B rriew, third. Messrs G. Rogers and Son. coachbui ders, of Os- westry a ,d Welshpool, had a very nice andattraetive show of carriages. Amongst them were a medical gig, with patent spring head and fixed on C" springs, paitent attached lamps and staples a gentle. man's driving cart fixed on three springs a lady's driving phaeton in varnish wood, very light and stylish, and a lady's pony cart fixed on "duplex" spring and Warner patent nave in wheel. I THE LUNCREON. I A laree number attended the luncheon, which was presided over by Colonel Harrison. Mr Rudge was thtl caterer. The Chairman was supported by the Earl of Powis, Mr P. A. Muntz, M.P., Mr W. F. Addie, Mr R. J. Edmunds, Mr Macqueen, Mr R. Morgan, Mr E. H. Morris, Mr T. Williams (Stalloe), Dr Gill, Dr Marston. Mr Henry Moore (Hall), Mr John Evans (secretary), eto.