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j IMPERIAL LIQUID FISH GLUE ACKNOWLEDGED to be the STRONGEST -CjL ADHESIVE KNOWN.—Cannot be surpassed for Tenacity and Strength.- Always Ready for Immediate Use.—Requires No Heating.-Always Liquid.—cements Wood, Marble, Glass, Leather Crockery, Ornaments, &c., aud then becomes Hard as Adamant, Inseparable and Unbreakable. MENDS EVERYTHING. No Offioe, Household or Workshop should be without it. PRICE (with cap & brush), 1-oz. bottle 6d., do. 2-oz. 1 DISTRICT AGENTS- t PHILLIPS & SON, 19. Broad-street, Newtown. I A. E. BOND, Confectioner, 8, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL Manufacturer of WEDDING CAKES of the best Quality. A choice selection of ORNAMENTS and BOXES. CHRISTENING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES. Genoa, Currant, Sultana, Madeira, Almond, and Seed Cakes. School Treats and Tea Parties Supplied on the most moderate Terms. PURE WHOLEMEAL BREAD, Made as directed by Dr. Allintft*. See Testimonial a406 SPECIAL NOTICE. THE LION HOTEL, MACHYNLLETH. Having taken the above Hotel, I beg to announce that it has undergone a thorough cleaning and re-fur. nishing, and ie, therefore, open to all orders connected with this Old Established Hotel, and is now replete with every comfort as a Family and Commercial House. Coffee and Private Sitting Rooms. BILLIARDS. Posting in all its Branches. WINES, SPIRITS, AND MINERALS, Wholesale and Retail. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Special attention given to PiSw'nS' and Touring Parties. Parties. EDWARD JONES, Proprietor, EDWARD JONES, Proprietor, And Bull Hotel, Welshpool. e460 SLAG" FOR WHEAT ■ D- AGENT- C. MORGAN, BRYNHAFREN CRESCENT d297 NEWTOWN. MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON (.OF OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY). Assortment of Carriages of our own Manufacture always in Stock. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED; ESTIMATES FREE. c208 ENGLISH WATCHES. D. LLOYD, Watchmaker & Jeweller, BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS COME TO THE MOST FAVOURABLE TERMS WITH THE BEST AND THE Largest Steam Manuiacturers of English Maue Watches' Every Watch guaranteed to be of thorough English make and to give every satisfaction. £ d. In Silver Cases, Capped, Jewelled, Crystal Flat Glass 3 10 0 Hunting Cases 3 15 0 Extra Strong Cases 4 5 0 Also has a LARGE STOCK of all kinds of WATCHES, in all Sizes, ill GOLD SILVER and MKTAL CASES, by some of the Best AMERICAN and SWISS MAKERS. THE SPECIAL SILVER LEVER WATCIT, X2 10e Noted for its strength and time-keeping qualities. Every Watch Warranted and Guaranteed. MARBLE CLOCKS, VIENNA REGULATORS &c. A. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of the LATEST NOVELTIES IN LADIES' AND GENT'S JEWELLERY, BEST GOLD WEDDING RINGS ALWAYS IN STOCK. Half Dozen Splendid Venetian Tea Spoons to every Purchaser. ADDRESS- 9, Broad St., Welshpool, PHILLIPS & SON, Are now in a position to execute all Orders for FRAMING IN A VARIETY OF MOULDINGS. Don't let your Pictures go to waste but beautify your rlouse. 19, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN 56-GUINEAS -j SCHOOL 5HIP "CONWAY^ "V- k"' .LIVERPOOL. 4 • F0R TRAINING x' YOUNG OENTLEMEN BECOME OFFICERS THE MERCANTILE NAVY.r' -FOR PROSPECTUS APPLY 10 CAPT., A.T. M I LLF-R. R.N. THOMAS FARR. SON OF THE LATE JAMES PARR, SALOP ROAD, Coach Builder, SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. SAML. POWELL, EAGLE BREWERY, NEWTOWN SPECIAL HOME-BREWED HARVEST ALES IN ALL SIZE CASKS, 6d-> 8d., lOd., and LA. PES GALLON. DUBLIN STonT in all Size Casks; AT BREWERY PRICES. CHOI j* SELECTION OF WINKS AND SPIBITS. 010 THOMAS JEHU, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEALER, AGENT TO ALL NOTED MAKERS, FITTINGS KEPT IN STOCK AND REPAIRS ATTENDED TO, ALSO BUILDER OF DOG CARTS IN ALL SIZES, ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR REPAIRS & PAINTIN'Q LLANFAIR, WELSHPOOL. J. H. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, 26, Broad St., Welshpool (Established 1842) HOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Dining, Drawing & Bedroom Suites 13RASS & IRON BEDSTEADS, Spring, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, FEATHER BEDS, &c. Full-sized Iron B^dftead from 98. French do., with rails head and foot, only Palliasses 8s. per pair. Every other article in the Furnishing Department tt tjaually low pricep. I Efatimates given foi fivery description Cabinet Work. FUNERALS FURNISHED FURNITURE REMOVED AND STORED. ESTIMATES FREE. rmova) to r-il parts. The latest & best corstruct, FURNITURE VAN obtainable. 'torm Warehouse,—17, Hijjh Street, Welshpool. DAYIES'S CELEBRATED Cough Linctus The most Speedy and Effectual Remedy FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS, HOARSENESS, LO-6 OF VOICE, DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING, And all other affections of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs arising from cold. The following are Selected jrom many other Testimonial0 Wern, Pool Quay, Welehool, 20th December, 1887. Dear Sir,—I have used your Congh Lindus in my family for several years, and have never frund any otli-r preparation so effectual for Coughs. Difficulty of Bre-.thinc, and Chest Coo-plaints, and am pleased to add my testimony to its extraordina-y ffficaey.- Tours truly, THOS. D. DAVIES. Penygraig, Mochdre, Newtown September 2nd, 1899. Dpar Sir,—I have snffr-ve.l for three years with a Couuh and Shortness of Brhtb. Seeing an adver- tisement of your Cou<j Linctus it induced me to try a bottle, and I am v. ry i to inform you that I found great benefit from it.—Your.' truly, WILLIAM PRYCE. PREPARED OXLY BY G. E. DAVIES, CHEMIST Wb. LSH POOL. Sold in Newto vn by r>"R H. LAHEER, Cl emist. Sold in Bottles at Is. 1.Va. aId 2s. 9d. e'cl1. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. AURU:JN EXCURSIONS. ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, OCTOBER fit.h ai;d 7th, 1*:3. CHEAP kXCUESloN TICKETS will be iesa d to NKWPOHT (MON.). DOWLAIS, XEATH IdERTHYK. CARDIFF and SWANSEA, as under. Third e es- lares for the double journey. f starting and fares— Cardiff, Neath, Newport Mertbyr or or *Swansei. ,Iou). DowUis. Os'vesti'y 8 20~) Llynciy^ S 30 > 9s. 6J. Ss. 9s. Lldnymynech. 8 :J7 j Llanfyllin 7 :1 Liav.iV'chain 7 X) L ausaiiitftraid 7 -1"> n, j r. c r> u r "d. ys. 9^. Four Crosses. o Pool Quay 8 -2 Welshpool 9 J Forden P 37 j Montgomeiy 9 44 9s. 9s. >i Abermuie 9 56 j Newtown 10 I 1 7s. 6J. Moat Lane 10 4"> 7s. Llandinam 10 51 ys. 9s. V Gs. 6d. Dohven 10 59 0?. Dohven 10 59 | Llanidloes 11 15J J 6d. Pas=enfrers can return by ondetmer.ti.a."d Trains on any date Lip to and inclusive <;f Salur'ty, October 1-ith, except Sunday, Octobjr Sth. Fr^ol Newport (Hig-h Street) at 8 25 n.m. Svvinsea (St. Tbomasl, 11 0 a.m.; Cardilf (Taff Yale. If) 30 a.m. and Rbymnc-y, S 40 a m.); Neaih (N. ó: B. Railway;, 11 20 a.m. Merthyr. 12 10 noon Dowlais 12 5 n ,on. ^Passengers for Swansea travel via Talyilyii Brecon only, F it fuJ particulars a- t train L.. CE and fa os see bilii 1.0 le had at a. ",t..LCLS. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and Gereri "htrag?r# ) Ocwcstr/, Sept., 18J3.